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Old 01-25-2010, 08:31 PM   #1
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Dental Patient HB User
Root Canal Treatment Gone Bad (Please help urgently)

I had a root canal on #21, which I believe is the first molar from the middle lower jaw on the left hand side. As soon as the anesthetic wore off, the pain "returned". In fact there was no pain (for at least 2 months) before root canal treatment! The abcess is still present (a little narrower, but "taller" bumpier and harder) and the pain on and almost off sometimes. Had a headache, but now that's almost gone. My throat has been really "swollen" the last few months and I suspect it may be cause by the dental abscess, yet both the dentist and the endodontist did not pay attention when I said I have something narrowing my throat and hard to swallow and even breathe sometimes. My question is why did the dentist not prescribe any antibiotic to treat the infection? I asked the dentist, but he said it is not needed, but at the endodontist's place they gave me a questionnaire where it asked a question whether my dentist prescribed me antibiotics and I answered "NO". Also do I need to return again to get this abscess and root canal redone again? Should I be referred to a Dental Surgeon? I paid a lot of money - should the Endodontist redo everything at no extra charge or should they refund in full and send me to a Dental Surgeon? They both seem very nice, but the result is not good so far - what should I do?

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Old 01-26-2010, 10:36 AM   #2
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Dental Patient HB User
Re: Root Canal Treatment Gone Bad (Please help urgently)

I called the endodontist today and he said that he did not place any medicine inside of the tooth root canal such as CALCIUM HYDROXIDE HEALING PASTE to get rid of the infection. He says he thought it was gone (he did not check whether infection was gone and whether there still was a bump from the tooth abscess). He says he flushed and cleaned everything and he says there shouldn't be anything left there, but THERE IS!

Before my tooth abscess was draining, which was safer than now, because now the abscess is still there and is bigger and harder than before, but now as the endodontist says it is SEALED and it is not draining anymore (good news, huh?) yet he mentions (for some strange reason) LUDWIG's ANGINA, which I was going to ask him about, which can cause throat swelling and swelling of the floor of the mouth suffocating me (the patient) by constricting the trachea (windpipe). The endodontist says just wait a few weeks, yet he stated that I should get the permanent filling soon within a few days as he says the temporary filling is made with the soft material that will last only up to 2 weeks. After I told him I still have an abscess he said the body will fight it off and it will be gone just in a day or two (I don't really think so, but let's wait and see) and he says he can give me antibiotics right away, bt isn't it the wrong things to do to give antibiotics after the abscess has been sealed? And will the antibiotics reach deep into the abscess? Shouldn't he instead have placed the calcium hydroxide or whatever is used inside the tooth before sealing it?

Please advise - should I go back to the endodontist for him to redo the root canal properly (cost a huge amount of money using most of my 10 year old savings) ro should I ask for a refund and go see another specialist (endodontist) or should I see a dentist who can do root canal and filling at the same practice?

Thank you very much for your advise, opinions and experiences and I appreciate that very much. Hope to hear from you soon.

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Dental Patient HB User
I have now a Sealed Root Canal that is not draining...a Bomb

DentalMommy, I thank you for your comforting. I feel your past pain too. Before yesterday I had a DRAINING ABSCESS; now, after almost $800 and one hour's work done, I have a SEALED ABSCESS, untreated by medicine, just flushed, that's not draining anymore, that may become fatal by going down my throat and even into my my healthy heart and blodstream, yet the dentist says to wait. It's a BOMB waiting to explode now. Pulling the tooth is not an option as it is the frontal mollar and the pulling it would admit I lost the $800 invested into this tooth (and cost another $100+). I hate to say but I feel very angry now.

I found a dental clinic in North Europe (EU country), who does root canals and filling for just ~$80 total. They give 1 year warranty on abscess. Free repair/treatment if it goes bad within a year! They have all the latest equipment and I used to do my teeth there 20 years ago. I still have some of the root canals and fillings intact that were done 20+ years ago overthere. Yet the airfare is around $1000. I don't want to go, I want to have my teeth done here, in the US (South-East), if I can find a dentist who can do the root canal endodontic treatment properly. I believe money should stay and be spent where you live, without spending it overseas. That helps the local economy. Yet the local economy must help us in return as well.

If there is a really professional dentist in Columbia, SC area, who is sure s/he can do a root canal properly, please post here. I called many, but they refuse to treat root canal, referring to a specialist, but the specialist wants cash upfront and no guarantees.

I'm out of money actually, but I promise to pay you every month until it is paid off. I'm not old and still wanna live. Otherwise I will have no choice and to go to the ER and they will probably not get paid and the ER's dental treatment quality, is it good? Do they do root canals in ER?

I know I can go visit all kinds of dentists live, but they all charge fees to inspect my mouth and I'm afraid I'm out of money paying those fees and failed treatments.

Sorry, if I sound too selfish by writing so much about myself but I hope this also helps educate dental patients somehow. I'm glad some or many of you imagine yourselves being in my place and you know how that feels. So I appreciate your comments and attention.

P.S. DentalMommy, your post is gone somewhere, I have no idea what's going on on this board?

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Old 01-26-2010, 12:18 PM   #4
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Dental Patient HB User
Re: Root Canal Treatment Gone Bad (Please help urgently)

This was the post of DentalMommy that was deleted for some reason, so if the moderator does not mind I will post her text again, since my above post is responding to her post and I don't want to sound like a fool talking to myself, so here it goes:

Posted by DentalMommy on 01-26-2010, 01:56 PM. Location: Loganville, Ga

Re: Root Canal Treatment Gone Bad (Please help urgently)
Wow I'm sorry. Sounds like you have gone through a lot for that poor tooth. I feel your pain, I had to get work done while I was pregnant so they couldn't prescribe me a strong pain med because I was pregnant. I hope you get everything taken care of and feeling better real soon!! Good Luck :-)
Christina Dennis

Old 02-04-2010, 01:32 PM   #5
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Alex Samuels HB User
Re: I have now a Sealed Root Canal that is not draining...a Bomb

Dental patient, there is no such thing as a free ride. RCT for $80.00 in Europe is either a typo or carried out under appaling conditions. One of the main factors for success of RCT is good magnification. A dental operatory microscope can cost up to $20,000.00. Do you think a competent and proficient endodontist is going to charge $80.00? Here's some food for thought...

Old 02-04-2010, 02:50 PM   #6
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Dental Patient HB User
Re: I have now a Sealed Root Canal that is not draining...a Bomb

Alex, in the USA my root canal was "completed" in 1 hour at a cost of $780 (failed). No microscope was used. I'm going back to redo it cause no medication was placed inside of the root canal. They forgot. In Eastern Europe one hour's work by a dentist at $80 is very realistic. I can provide you with their website and pricing online. From my experience the dentist in EE are very good, precise and professional. If I pay extra $20 (totals to $100 for a root canal), although not necessary, they will be extra friendly, but not necessarily more professional, because they are always professional even with free patients. So what's the point paying $800 in USA for a failed root canal? Antibiotics prescribed were too weak, now they are going to give me stronger antibiotics. I've been to USA dentists many times and I've been in Europe at a dentist as well and I can with confidence say that US dentists for such high cost are really not creating any miracles. The times in EE when they were drilling and pulling teeth without anestesia are long gone. EE always had superb, caring and very professional doctors even during the times of crappy equipment (before 1990). Almost every time I went to a doctor n USA there were problems, problems and problems. There was blood and urine test that was held for too long, there were mistaken tests, there was neglect, there were lies and doctors wearing coats telling me they are in a hurry to the airport etc. I've experienced little professionalism apart from bragging and low standards. There were fake cholesterol tests, there were mysterious multiple (9) chest x-rays at the Marine hospital, there were x-rays without protection, etc. etc. I could write a book about my experiences with Us doctors, yet I met two US dentists that were good and honest. There ARE good doctors in USA, but yet very few.

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