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Nirvana91 HB User
Unhappy Major Complications 4 weeks after wisdom teeth extraction

Hi all,

I was hoping for a little advice as to what I can do here. I'll give you my story, I'm sorry for the length.

On 12/21/12 I had both my lower wisdom teeth extracted. One was impacted, and the other was also removed at the recommendation of both my regular dentist and the oral surgeon that I met with. The extraction itself was rather difficult. I had IV sedation (although I was totally aware, awake, and responsive, but there was no pain during the procedure). The surgeon commented that my bones were very hard and that both of them had to be cut into pieces instead of being yanked out. He has been doing this for 40 years and said it was a very difficult extraction.

Anyway, the recovery was hard but I was progressing. I was doing everything by the book, and did not miss any antibiotics or do anything out of line (I do not smoke, and I did not drink out of a straw, swish vigorously, etc). Unfortunately I still got an infection on the left side. I went back to the surgeon in early January and he reopened the area, cleaned all the pus and gunk out, and scraped the socket to remove the infection. Despite shooting me all over the place with novacaine, this was the worst and most traumatic experience of my life. I felt everything, and it was like a horror movie. I am a 30 year old male and I was crying like a baby both during and after. The surgeon was expecting to find something in the hole, like a piece of bone, food, or something. Unfortunately he didn't find ANYTHING. We're hoping that something was actually in there and got sucked up in the suction without them seeing it. Otherwise, there is no explanation for why there was an infection. However, I was glad to at least have it over, and be back on track to recovery. I went through 10 days of 2x 875mg Amoxicillin.

In the weeks that followed, I continued to irrigate both holes to get the food and crud out that built up. The right hole (the one that did NOT get infected) was actually much bigger and much deeper, so it was a little harder to clean. While I was at work on Friday 1/18/13, I was irrigating the right hole like normal (with an irrigation syringe), when I felt a huge shot of pain all the way from my socket to my ear drum. After the pain subsided, I was left with my cheek feeling "full." It is a very hard sensation to describe. I felt like my cheek, the back of my mouth, and my gums (both upper and lower) were full of something. I know this is not what actually happened, but it felt like the water I shot into the socket flew all the way up my face and remained stuck in there, all the way up near my ear. Although there was some pain, it was mainly a major discomfort. Also FYI, although I had all these feelings on the inside I did not notice any actual swelling or anything on noticeable on the outside. It apparently was all the inside.

The extreme discomfort continued but thankfully I was able to get some sleep. In the morning, the pain and discomfort seemed to be mostly gone, but then as the day went on it came back again, in the same way (feels full in my cheek, gums, rear mouth, etc), and it almost feels like somebody is pulling on my gums. Over the next couple days the same thing kept happening: feels somewhat ok (not 100%, but decent) in the morning, worse as the day wears on. I wouldn't describe it as total pain, but definitely major discomfort.

Thankfully I had another follow-up appointment with the surgeon already scheduled for 1/21/13. I explained to the surgeon what happened, and he took a Panorex, and examined the site. He said everything seems to be healing well, and there is no swelling or other signs of the infection returning. He did not discount my symptoms, but from what he could see there was nothing that should be causing this. He even sent me upstairs to my regular dentist (they are in the same building) and they took some other x-rays and examined me as well, with the same result.

I'm at a big loss here. I am terrified of the original infection returning on my left side (since they didn't find anything in there the first time), and now I've got this extreme discomfort in the right side of my face for most of the day. I find myself twitching the right side of my jaw trying to get this discomfort to go away, but of course nothing seems to be working.

Does anybody have any ideas as to what the heck is going on here? This has been a total nightmare from start to finish, and I really just want this to be over

Sorry for the long message, and thanks for reading.

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Manilam HB User
Re: Major Complications 4 weeks after wisdom teeth extraction

Hi Nirvana - Read my story , hope it helps :
I am 31 years old female in Canada, and wanted to share my horrible experience in order to help other people who might have a similar case as me. I had an x-ray taken last year at the dentists. I have been told for years to get my wisdom teeth taken out. I had been avoiding this for years since my teeth are asymptomatic. I have all 4 wisdom teeth, and the bottom 2 are impacted but like I said, painless. I have never had any issues with ANY of my teeth, not even a cavity. So when I recently became unemployed, my dentist said this is a perfect time to take them out since I have the time to recover and I am covered still under my insurance until the end of the month. I guess I just said to myself, after 10 years of being bugged, I might was well listen to him. Boy do I regret that. I went for a consult with an oral surgeon shortly after and he was wondering why I was referred if I was asymptomatic, but he concurred with the dentist and arranged a date to have all 4 of my teeth out. On the day of the surgery, I chickened out of having the top ones removed, as they were healthy. I was under the impression however, that I HAD to get the impacted ones out. One of them I was told by my friend who I showed my xray to, (who is a dental student) said one is close to the nerve so tell them to be careful. I brought it up on the day of my surgery to my surgeon, and he chuckled, saying I have nothing to worry about.

After my surgery, I didn't worry much at first, because pain and swelling are common and I knew it would take a few days to go down. But after a week, I started to have this intense pain on the right. I went in for a check up, and he said it was a dry socket, common among women and that he'd put a packing of clove dressing to help it heal. It did provide some relief, but when he said it he wouldn't take it out, I was surprised. Five days later the pain was worse than ever, and I had to get the packing out myself. It stunk.

I am now on week 6. Let me tell you about week 2-6. I have been to numerous appointments at the oral surgeon, who is so clueless. He is supposed to be the best in Toronto, and I have had the Worst Experience! I basically have what I call "punched face syndrome". My right cheek, jaw and temple/ear feel like i've been in a brawl with a burly guy. It's not TMJ, since I went to see a TMJ specialist who said it was not the case. I have reduced sensation in the lips, tounge and cheek, presumably from a damaged nerve, that wont go away. The surgeon denies that he even went near my nerve. I have not slept more than 2 hrs at a time since my surgery. I can open my mouth and eat for sure, but the pain is something else. Random symptoms pop up time to time, like a shooting pain, or major pressure in my head. The whole thing was horrific. I am still on tylenol and sometimes T3's. Oh did I mention I now have an ulcer because the prescribed NSAIDS for 4 weeks? I was SO HEALTHY before this surgery, and I strongly advise anyone who isn't experiencing pain NOT TO GET THEIR WISDOM TEETH TAKEN OUT!!!!!

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Old 04-20-2013, 09:17 AM   #3
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Laye HB UserLaye HB UserLaye HB User
Re: Major Complications 4 weeks after wisdom teeth extraction

Wow..I'm really surprised he left the clove packet in your mouth. I had that same thing but had it removed within 3 days..they said it had to be removed otherwise it would become infected. I can't believe he said it was OK to leave in. What did he think would happen to it? It doesn't just disolve. That seems really strange to me. I still have strange pains that come and go in my extractions were about a month ago. Some days are worse than others..I am attributing it to the bone healing. I don't know. All my xrays look good..but I do get the fullness in the cheek some times. It comes and goes. I had two cavities filled and I still feel some pain from that as well..I just think everything is really sensitve and my hormones are in play too. Interesting.

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Grandpa111 HB User
Re: Major Complications 4 weeks after wisdom teeth extraction

Sorry to hear you are hurting.

I'm 62 and had gross impacked lower removed Nov. from reading I've been lucky.... but did go through several weeks of discomfort... here is what worked for me...

I do not smoke or drink.
Took my regular vitamins all the time. Took antibotics for 10 days.

then went off the 800mg mortrin,/ 8 hrs.

I found relief using, tooth paste for sensitive teeth, often and hot compresses to help the blood flow which is required for healing to take place. So anything which helps thin the blood and get better blood flow is going to help the healing process.

Like everyone, I think it is a crime to not tell people before this that they are going to have a giant hole in their mouth for MONTHS in which you have to clean and keep clean OR ELSE...

Now it's been two months for me and I still have a tiny hole the side of the period here.................. Just one of them. So I'm worried about food getting caught up in there, if you see what I mean.

at this point I have NO PAIN and eat anything and everything. WELL, not everything yet, but plan to again as soon as the hole is totally closed. the danger of infection...

LEMON JUICE, squeeze one lemon a day in the morning and chase it with hot water you can stand, that will balance your body's PH and help healing as well.

good luck,


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MountainReader HB UserMountainReader HB UserMountainReader HB UserMountainReader HB UserMountainReader HB UserMountainReader HB UserMountainReader HB UserMountainReader HB UserMountainReader HB UserMountainReader HB UserMountainReader HB User
Re: Major Complications 4 weeks after wisdom teeth extraction

I know this is an old posting, but for those interested it might be worth researching Cavitations. They can be tested for using a Cavitat machine. It is still new technology and not commonly studied in the dental field, but is absolutely worth considering if you have had a tooth removed at any time.
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