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Rita2013 01-23-2013 07:17 PM

hopeless and lost of answers. gum recession
I would like to give you a general run down of dental info. Bottom 4 teeth are crooked. I went to an orthodontist when I was 13 he said no need for braces. Which today don't know why he didn't recommended it. Maybe cuz I was on Medicaid I think. I am unsure. I had a tongue ring for five years took it out 2yrz ago. About a yr ago I notice bottom tooth receding on the front side. So went to a periodontist he suggested gum graft top fang teeth both side a little recession from over brushing hard. So he recommended brush in circular motion wit soft tooth brush.I don't have any dental insurance so braces is out of the question right now. I've been brushing twice a day flossing maybe 3x a day and using Listerine mouth wash and natrual mouth wash g
for gums called dentist something got it at rite aid. Salt water rinse too. I a
Take co q10 Tablet and multi vitamin daily. My day consists of my teeth to stop any further recession or new recession. I have noticed new recession on bottom row the 4 teeth that are crooked on the side where my Tongue is not the front. Now I don't know if because I use to have a tongue e
Ring or crooked teeth. I feel hopeless cuz number 1 I have read that gum grafts are not done on that side. I have searched everywhere online the treatment for recession on backside of teeth. Can any body help me wit what options for saving my teeth. I can feel the knot on one tooth now the. Other three I've noticed are receding not as bad but they are. When I talk you can't see bottom recession I don't want to get a gum graft if the back wont be covered and fall out eventually.
Hope that makes sence. I could see ya my upper teeth that don't have really recession in back. What are my k
Options for back side tooth recession if any ?? Please anybody that can give me any extra information will help and gives me a path since I don't have insurance and can't go to different periodontist for consultation. Thanks

NikkiSp 02-23-2013 05:57 PM

Re: hopeless and lost of answers. gum recession
I am not sure why you can't do a gum graft there? I have heard that in most cases gum grafts take well and can be very helpful. I am not sure why you couldn't go to another periodontist for a consult. Most will do a free consult for a second opinion. Wait, let me rephrase that. Most GOOD periodontist have no problems giving a free second opinion. Not sure what you have done since you posted, but I hope you found the solution you needed.

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