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Do People With Diabetes Usually Get Ssdi ?

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Old 01-22-2006, 02:37 AM   #1
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happyhome HB User
Do People With Diabetes Usually Get Ssdi ?

Hello, new on the DIABETES, section, since I have so many other "categories" I fall into............I hear diabetes has to affect my job, and after an insulin shot in the bathroom at the office, sometimes, I would "stare", or completely loose where I was in a boss fired me finally for time off work for many doctor appts and not being able to count change to a customer of mine at State Farm...he fired me !

That helped me then, and I got 36 months of disaibility, but after weighting 8 months, as a single mom of 20 years...I was bankurupt by then........and at $600 a month, actually lost money waiting for it, if I will have it only 3 years....Ruined my credit forever...........

I have now unfortunately, been diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy of the left foot, causing a drop in the foot, but that has only put me on a walker, and wheelchair, if I want to buy groceries or sustain life, which I try not to go out at all.........but try to get my daughter to do my errands, further burdening her...but I can't see it would affect my work, unless I was there
which you usually are 8 hours, because it swells diabetic neuropath is in the back they say ? Is this possible diabetic neuropathy in the back, causing spasms and such in the toes ?

I had 15 years of documentation the first time, for ulcers, anxiety, have a pshyciatrisy, internal medicine man etc. thryroid thing seem to lead to another ? Now I am considered "mobidly obese ", and broke two office chairs, before I knew I was going to get fired........After an insulin shot, I would kind of "stare" awhile or loose my concentration on what I was doing....and one day I could not count change to a State Farm customer, and was fired.....that was fine to win then ? And of course not enough to live on..but grateful for anything...I heard I had too much doctor documentation the first time, but they KNOW YOU WONT HAVE IT THE SECOND TIME, if you HAVE NO INSURANCE, AND SINCE THEY ASK FOR ONLY 2 YEARS BACK........MY OLD INFO WONT BE LOOKED AT THEY SAID....THEY WANT all new evidence ? And I am barely getting my insulin, and strips ?
This happened to my mother they gave her a 36 month approval, and stopped her dead from lack of documentation, from continuing to see a physician for the 2 year waiting period before medicare, so I am scared of this ?..........Is that the plan, 36 months, and I am 48 and look 68...and the back always in pain...

I received only 36 months, I Hear which saves them the fighting the first time around, and the reveiw starts in 2 yrs which is 11 months ? And I am scared already. I was told they want only the last 2 years of doctor documentation, and if you dont have insurance ! and barely paying for medicine you can't have all that documentation can you ?? My mother has this, and fought for money, no doctor and you get by as best you can....until you get to Medicare which is the two YEAR DOCUMENTATION they will be wanting...then only the rich with insurance could afford insurance with no job ? I would think...I am alone, so I aint got it...

I have many conditions, but I feel diabetes and my weight from 130 to 274 is my most significant problems and trying to control diabetes every 4 hours ......

Do diabetics, usually get SSI, from diabetes only ? I was just wondering, isn't it debiliatating as it is ? AND EMPLOYERS, DONT WANT DIABETICS ON THEIR HEALTH PLAN !....I KNOW BECAUSE I SOLD INSURANCE, AND WE DIDN'T NOT APPROVE THEM..........SAD HUH ?....Has anyone won on diabetes alone?, and have certain circumstances ? State Farm has started putting on their car application something I did not think was ethical or legal ? Do you have diabetes ? I worked there 20 years, so I know ?

They knew diabetics sometimes went into " brain dead state" or something somtimes, (because they pay accidents from it ) and have actually started discriminating against diabetes for car insurance ? That alone should tell SSDI how dangerous diabetes can be, and now I went to get my new driver's license and they asked if I had diabetes ? So it IS BECOMING A DISABILITY, it seems whether they want to pay or not ...

Thanks for any response.

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desertdiabetic HB User
Re: Do People With Diabetes Usually Get Ssdi ?

I think you will find diabetes is considered more of a liability than a disability. I know in California if you have had an accident caused by diabetes you probably will lose your lisc. Yes, diabetes is dangerous, but is it disability? I don't think diabetes in itself is a disability - the complications surely are. Loss of vision for sure. And it would make a big difference if you would type 1 or type 2.

Before I made any appearances with the SSDI people I would reserch the history of how they handle this. Yes, I know that is what you are doing right now. If nobody answers your question then ask it again, it is that important. You might consider consulting an attorney that specializes in SSDI claims. They should know right off the top of their head.

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SamQKitty HB UserSamQKitty HB UserSamQKitty HB UserSamQKitty HB UserSamQKitty HB UserSamQKitty HB UserSamQKitty HB UserSamQKitty HB UserSamQKitty HB UserSamQKitty HB UserSamQKitty HB User
Re: Do People With Diabetes Usually Get Ssdi ?


Diabetes is not, in and of itself, a reason for disability, as DesertDiabetic pointed out. If, however, you have complications from it (such as neuropathy, inability to stand, difficulty feeling things, etc.), then the complications could be considered reasons for disability.

Also, I wouldn't worry just yet about the "3-year" thing. If you are getting SSDI, they may "review" you in three years, but that does not necessarily mean that they won't continue your disability at that time. Also, even though they say they'll review it in three years, they are notoriously backed up on reviews and it may be much longer before they get around to you.


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ImTheLucky1 HB User
Re: Do People With Diabetes Usually Get Ssdi ?

I filed for SSDI for my diabetes. I got it..... But......

I wasn't approved b/c I had diabetes. whe you apply you have to list all health problems. I was previously diagnosed as bi-polar and schizo. (They have since decided that I'm not schizo). Well, the SS folks saw that on my paper work and sent me to their shrink. He decided that I was more than a few chips a way from a whole cookie. (Did I mention I also hallucinate? ) Point is- drag up every diagnosis you've ever had. Every thing combined might get you the help you need.

Note: Due to getting approved I was able to get the health support I needed. I am now a working, (but currently laid off) productive member of society.

Old 01-23-2006, 08:52 AM   #5
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desertdiabetic HB User
Re: Do People With Diabetes Usually Get Ssdi ?

Let me add this... You would find things go much better if you were to consult with a disability advocate. Not from the Social Security! Someone that helps people when they have been turned down and have to appeal. I believe more people are turned down the first time, automatically maybe - maybe just a very tight screening process that would rather approve people on appeal than approve the people that should not get it in the first round. How you fill out the forms is critical with them. ImTheLuck1 brings up something we don't think of when first filling out the application. Consider this just like you were applying for college or a job(livetime job)... Prepare, prepare and rehearse. It is so much better to get it the first round then to get in on appeal - yes it does apply retroactive - after a lot of stress and doubt.

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ImTheLucky1 HB User
Re: Do People With Diabetes Usually Get Ssdi ?

Actually, desertdiabetic, when I applied the lady at the SS office flat told me "you will be turned down the first time- don't worry- apply again". They do that b/c they think if you don't really need it you'll give up on it.

I was approved after the 3rd application. I kept trying b/c I had lost my job due to passing out from low sugars. (This was early in my diagnosis and I figured I was going to spend the rest of my life that way). I wasn't real impressed when I found out they had approved me b/c they thought I was a danger to society but it got me the help I needed and I took advantage of it. I lived in a low-income government housing project (which I never would've been able to get into if I just worked at a minimum wage job), I got only $500 a mth. from SS plus food stamps for myself and my son. but I took advantage of every thing that was offered to me. I went to school to learn to do something less physical (and less likely to mess with my sugars). As soon as I was able to find a job that I knew I could do, I stopped the SSDI. Some people just flat out take advantage of the system but if you have helpful tings available to you- use it! It just might be what you need to get back out there.

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desertdiabetic HB User
Re: Do People With Diabetes Usually Get Ssdi ?

I am glad to hear that you stuck it out and applied again, and again. I had a friend that had to apply three or four times also. He would always fill out the application right in the office after being told he did not qualify. He had some good advice from people working there also. i forgot about that. One person told him to be sure and get the complete package of papers when he first applied. They would give him some forms and not tell him that there were more forms to be filled out in the first interview. He was told that they have to give you everything if you insist. They do their best to talk you out of it because they want you to answer the question in front of them and not have time to think the answers out. He would have to go to the person in charge and insist on the complete package - and he got it each time.

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lane413 HB User
Re: Do People With Diabetes Usually Get Ssdi ?

My mom worked for many yrs with diabetes. Then she started having problems with hbp and cholesterol, the meds for these caused her vision problems. I think she may have been over-medicated, but she received disability.

After quitting some of her 24 pills, she started feeling better. Diabetes is not a total disability, but like the others stated, complications can be a disability. My mom had to wait about three yrs, but she did get it. Good luck!

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