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Straggler HB User
Unhealthy Eating Habits [No Escape Help]

Sorry if the title was a bit dramatic, but, I'm currently stuck at home with little income while sloughing through college. All my life I've been thin at some point I actually had meat on my bones, sometime in High school, but I got burned in a relationship. I got depressed, very depressed, barely ate anything for weeks until I lost a lot of weight. I became underweight and ever since I've not be able to gain it.

Well, I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll try to start from the beginning. Since I was young my parents spoiled my eating habits. If I didn't want to eat my greens, I didn't have to. (Something I wish they would have enforced.) If I didn't want eat broccoli, I didn't have to. My father was the worst, because what he wanted, we pretty much ate. Which was three steaks a week, I loved it then, but now just saying "steak" or reading it turns my stomach. As it goes I don't have a fear of trying new foods, but I am allergic to fish and have had allergic reactions to poultry when I was young (very sore throat from the poultry.) I haven't tried since then, but once bitten, twice shy (or something like that). I had problems sleeping when I was young too, this I believe was due to drinking 3-6 Dr. Pepper's or cokes a day. .. I'll stop, but thats pretty much my childhood nutrition. As a young adult it's changed due to my health consciousness that was born late in high school.

I am underweight or so my research has led me to believe, 120LBS at 5'9ish. (may 5'11.. I'm not entirely sure, my driver's license says 5'11.. but I think 5'9, lol). My arms are twigs and my wrists are pathetic. Fortunately, I have a high self-esteem because my friends keep me cheery but sometimes it gets to me. The main thing is, I feel unhealthy at times too. My current diet, I try to drink a Boost High Protein drink once a day (I do always, actually) and a Centrium ULTRA MEN'S (stopped recently because I was afraid i was taking too many supplements). I take those to counter-act my bad eating habits, but my habits aren't the same eat whatever I want. I try to eat healthy. A usual day goes something like this, Breakfast - Honey Bunches of Oates + Boost + Glass of Water (and usually the Centrum but not lately due to my concern) then my snack is an 8 OZ glass of Orange Juice (minute maid). After this I won't eat until lunch. Which will be Chunky's Sirloin Vegatable Soup. Then back to work I'll drink a powerade or two till lights out. I get home and I can't figure out what to eat, so this could be anything and usually the most unhealthy ranging from a hamburger to pizza.

I should note that my job I am fairly active, walking for about an hour at a time, at least twice daily. And monday, wed, friday I usually make it to the gym to work my upper body (arms). I don't know what to do and its hard to eat right when my parents just buy seemingly unhealthy dinner items and lunch items. Like I said I try to eat vegatables but i have no taste for them and hate most of them. I have no idea how to acquire a taste or if its the texture that sets me off. Fruit is a mixed bag as well, I hate a lot of fruit, when I shouldn't. Also, I have been told that I under eat as well and should be trying to hit 2,700 calories a day. Also, I am constantly hungry but I've been constantly hungry for so long it's like its not a big deal, but I'm sure it is.

Sorry for the giant post and comma splices and other grammatical errors, please help!

EDIT: Any advice on making fruits/vegatables tolerable please let me know. Thanks

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niknak77 HB User
Re: Unhealthy Eating Habits [No Escape Help]

First off I want to say that you deserve some recognition simply for wanting to be healthier. It's not easy to change, so keep that in mind and don't get discouraged or give up. As far as learning what you like, well, feel free to experiment and try new things. As long as you aren't afraid of trying something and not liking it, you'll do just fine. Say you decide that you would like to try broccoli. Try it as many different ways as you can, just to see what you like. If you need to take notes, jot down how it was prepared and whether or not you liked it. Try things raw, steamed, roasted, mixed into other things, seasoned with herbs or sauces; or however you wish. The possibilities are endless.
Now, for after work, a little effort beforehand will pay off later when you are tired. Try to have things ready to either just grab and eat (like trail mix) or ready to heat and eat. Make a sandwich and wrap it. Throw together a salad and put in tupperware. Chop up fresh fruit and veggies and keep them in the fridge. Cottage cheese and fruit, Pita bread with hummus, yogurt, string cheese, sliced meat with crackers and cheese. Or if all else fails a bowl of cereal-just make sure it's healthy. Oatmeal, grits, or other hot cereals are quick easy and can be flavored however you like. Sweet or Savory.
You may want to consider going to a doctor for allergy testing, just so you know the exact nature and extent of your food allergies. I'd hate for you to become ill.
My this is really getting long, sorry, I love to cook and am slightly obsessed with health. IF I didn't babble on too long and you would like some more ideas, just post it. Again sorry I was so long winded. Good luck and happy eating!

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Straggler HB User
Re: Unhealthy Eating Habits [No Escape Help]

Thank you very much!

No, there is no such thing as too much feedback for me. I should also note that I have tried getting my parents health conscious or at least getting me a few items at the grocer that are healthy but have come back negative. Its hard for me have to money between getting to school and work and paying for school fees. So I usually don't have much money left. Any ideas?

Old 01-14-2010, 08:15 PM   #4
Join Date: Oct 2007
Location: midwest, US
Posts: 494
niknak77 HB User
Re: Unhealthy Eating Habits [No Escape Help]

Sure. Try to buy what's on sale, lot's of things freeze well so if it is more than you need at once you have the option of wrapping it up and freezing it. (think things like chicken breasts) Also buying fruits and veggies that are in season will mean lower prices. This time of year oranges, grapefruit and kiwi are usually on sale regularly. Fruits like apples are usually pretty cheap and so are carrots.
Don't worry about trying to convince your parents to change their ways, right now concentrate on you. Maybe your good example will eventually rub off on them. I know how hard it is to be in school/working and still find time to eat healthy but the longer you stick with it, the easier it gets.
If you don't want to shop much stick with easy basic things, like fresh fruit & veggies, sandwiches, cereal. There are some decent microwave meals out there, just watch the sodium-it can get pretty high. I would try Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine, Kashi or even Weight Watchers. I know you are not trying to lose weight, so these meals might need to be supplement with some sides.
Oh yeah, I almost forgot potatoes and sweet potatoes are great to have on hand, just throw one in the microwave for a few minutes and top it. Very filling and healthy-as long you don't load up on butter, sour cream and cheese. Plus they are super cheap too.
If you like soup try the new Campbell's Select Harvest soups. Cheap and easy.
Hope that helps you get started. Let me know if you have any questions.

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