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Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

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Old 07-26-2006, 06:19 PM   #1
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danielm HB Userdanielm HB User
Unhappy Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

Hello there everyone. First time for me posting on these forums and I'm hoping to get some advice on a problem I'm facing at the moment.

On the 29th of June this year I came down terribly sick at work with stomach cramping, difficulty breathing and nausea and was taken to hospital after which some bloods and testing revealed a high white cell count (around 15000) but not other obvious abnormalties. I was discharged several hours later and told I was probably in the early stages of a viral infection.

Approx 1 week later I went back to see a GP as my stomach was continually gassy and nauseas and I had lost my appetite almost completely. At that time I was given 24 hours on Gastrolyte and after which if that didn't work I was to start a course of Flagyl with Maxalon prescribed to ease any nasea.

Approx 1 week after this I was up in the middle of the night vomiting and noticed blood in it. I was taken to hospital again where more bloods were taken and a urine sample obtained for further analysis. They noticed my white cells were still a touch high but nothing else in my bloods. Again I was discharged and asked to follow up with a GP in 3 days to provide a stool sample for further analysis.

3 Days later I'm back at the GP. Still have constant nausea and stomach upsets, no appetite and now head spins because of a lack of food intake.

He puts me on Nexium, takes me off the Flagyl and continues the Maxalon for Nausea (which I feel is largely ineffective anyway - but it does stop vomiting) and sends off the sample.

2 days later I call for test results which come back negative again, yet the symptoms are persisting. He books me to see a specialist and I go down the very same day. The specialist decides to give me an Endoscopy as he can't see what's wrong initially either.

5 Days later I'm back at the Surgery for my Endoscopy and after the horrible ordeal it revealed no physical abnormalties in my stomach at all, although he did notice a lot of mucus in the stomach and has sent off biopsies for testing. That was yesterday and 28 days since my first symptoms appeared.

The specialist has told me not to bother with the Maxolon for the moment and has instead put me on Motilium along with the Nexium. The Motilium is to help with digestion and bile flow whilst the Nexium keeps the stomach acid in check.

Today I have a sore throat (anyone who's had an endoscopy will know what I'm saying) and still have persistant symptoms. I hardly eat anything (maybe a couple pieces of fruit and a breadroll per day with water and the occasional juice) - which is forced. I have no appetite at all to speak of. I have lost a fair amount of weight as a result and have regular head spins (again most likely due to not eating). I am still gassy and when I do burb, it accompanies an often metallic taste in the back of my throat like bile (except when the specialist did the exam he said I didn't have really any bile in the stomach to speak of). My stomach constantly feels 'heavy' and I generally feel ill to the stomach.

I am still going to the bathroom on the little that I do take in, but it's most often diorreah (sp?).

The biopsy results are going to take 2 weeks to come back and now I'm starting to suffer a lot of emotional strain to accompany the clinical symptoms. I only get away from this when I sleep and lately, I hardly sleep at all. I often feel tired and irritable, but I'm also very frightened and have even felt suicidal on occasion it gets that bad.

Today I'm back at work because I've already used all my sick leave and most of my annual leave being off sick and I feel absolutely terrible. Both medically and emotionally.

I am just at a loss on what I can do. My doctor is away until next Monday at the earliest, but until my results come back I guess there is nothing he will be able to advise. His earliest impression (upon not seeing anything physical) is that it could be a bacterial infection, but naturally can't say anything until he gets back some results.

Half of me is frightened because no one can tell me what's wrong. So far I've seen 3 GPs, been in hospital twice and seen my specialist twice all without result. I am scared these latest Biopsy results will also reveal nothing and essentially put me back at square 1.

What could be causing my problems and is there anything I can do other than 'grin and bear it' until the results come back to make me feel better?

If I'm eating so little, what sort of food should I focus on to at least maintain the status quo? I'm worried because I've lost a lot of weight lately and I know it's contributing to my overall health. I'm very tired and have trouble even walking short distances where a month ago I'd have no problems at all.

I'm only 32, male and have no other medical issues.

I'm a non smoker, don't drink and have a decently balanced diet. I DID have my gall bladder out last year in March, but haven't had any problems post operation until now. I can generally eat anything fine and not have an issue with it.

If anyone can please provide some feedback or advice, please let me know. I'm thoroughly scared out of my mind at the moment and in need of some support. I have a wife and two small children at home who depend on me and it's because of them I'm fighting on with this when mostly I just feel like lying down and letting this thing take me out.



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truckertwotimes (02-05-2012)
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Old 07-26-2006, 07:02 PM   #2
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mswcdm HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

have they checked you to see if your pancreas and ducts are alright. Pancreatitis can cause all kinds of proiblems and if you've had your GB out there might be a duct probelm. Just a suggestion. Hope you feel better soon.

Old 07-30-2006, 03:06 PM   #3
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danielm HB Userdanielm HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

No, that was not checked. It's been 5 days since the Endoscopy now and I'm still having issues.

I can eat small amounts okay generally, but any kind of 'meal' sized intake leads to excessive nausea, burping and discomfort in the stomach for many hours afterwards - even if I take Maxalon and Motilium.

I do take Centrum and Inner Health plus in the morning and Magnesium Supplement twice a day too, but I'm still having issues.

I still have some 10 days until I get back my Endoscopy results and I honestly wonder how the hell I'm going to get by with this... god it's terrible.

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sunshine123 HB Usersunshine123 HB Usersunshine123 HB Usersunshine123 HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

I feel so bad for you. Be careful with magnesium supplements though as they can cause diarrhea. Maybe you should see another Dr. for his/her opinion. I take ginger pills or eat candied ginger when I'm nauseous and it works well. Also, enteric coated peppermint pills reduce the amount of gas and nausea. I hope something I said will help you. :-(

Old 08-12-2006, 07:35 PM   #5
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danielm HB Userdanielm HB User
Lightbulb *** UPDATE 13th August 2006 ***

Cheers for that feedback. What I'd like to do is update people on the latest as it may give other people some clues as to what's going on with them.

After the Endocscopy, I called the specialist to find out about my results as the symptoms were still giving me grief. My bloodwork came back okay along with the biopsy results - indeed, everything was NORMAL except for some raised activity with my liver and thyroid. At a loss as to what this could be (as he was a gastro specialist) I went back to see a GP close to work who sat down and began puzzling out what the symptoms could possibly mean.

Over the next 2 weeks I had another blood test done, along with an ultrasound and eventually an Abdominal CT scan.

The results of this showed my kidney, aorta and other vital organs all completely normal with one exception - my liver.

Turns out, I have a condition called Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) for short which is basically a fatty infiltration of the liver causing chronic hepatitis (basically inflamation of the liver). Exactly what causes this condition in the first place is unknown - but can include things like genetics, diet and even infections. Basically what it does is have fat infiltrate the cells of the liver, reducing it's ability to process what I eat.

That's why I am having symptoms which are mostly noticable with my stomach and digestion, because the liver basically can't handle the input I give it with my standard diet and it's basically rejecting the food I'm eating!

For those wondering, these are the symptoms I've had most recently :

* nausea
* malaise (general 'unwell feeling')
* a dull ache under the rib cage on the right side
* tiredness
* loss of libido
* gassy feeling

Which are fairly atypical symptoms unto themselves, and easily shared with many digestive issues.

I am booked in to see a specialist for this condition next week in Sydney (to confirm the CT findings) but in the interem, I've been taken off all other medication except for B1 (Thiamin) supplement twice a day and put onto a zero fat diet. I have to say that whilst I still don't feel fantastic, the symptoms have improved a LOT since a few weeks ago.

The condition is not terminal, but there is no antibiotic or medical treatment you can really take for it, other than managing your dietry intake carefully and reducing body fat. Over time, the liver will fix itself (usually 3 to 6 months)

Be aware that I'm a few kilo's overweight (but certainly not obese), don't smoke or drink and had a decent diet in the past. But because I've had my gall bladder out in the last year (forcing my liver to step up), the focus on my diet has never been stronger.

People may also be interested to note that NAFLD actually affects one in FIVE adults!

So whilst I am still feeling pretty icky, I at least have found why I am sick and I can now focus on a course of action to get better. Considering a lot of my early symptoms were very similar to a lot of digestive disorders (and considering how common NAFLD actually is) I think it would definitely be worth anyone out there who have similar symptoms to chat with their GP about the possibility of having this condition as well.

I'll update everyone after I've been to see the specialist next week.

I hope this info might help some of your other peeps here that might also be wondering what's going on with your health if you might be experiencing similar symptoms.


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Sharon76 HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

Hi Daniel

What you are going through is exactly what i went through for 10 months and after being rushed to hospital several times i was diagnosed with crohn's disease.

The pain on your right side is very common with crohn's and can sometimes get mistaken for appendicitis due tot he location. The nausea is due to the crohn's and the weight loss is due to the crohn's as well.

I will tell you what i went through and see if you can relate to any of them...........

I started feeling generally unwell, tired all the time, headaches, stomach pain, stomach feeling heavy, stomach sore to touch and very depressed. After this i then started to be sick a few times a week. then i started to get the most horrible severe cramping pains in my abdomen, pains so bad worse than childbirth!!! My stomach was severly distended. It would make very loud runbling noises and my stomach would move. Eventually i was rushed to hopsital with a twisted small bowel. The y did not operate, and discharged me 9 days later without any follow up treatment.

Eventually, 6 months late after still being in horrendous pain and being diagnosed as anorexic due t the wieght loss i had a barium meal of the small bowel and it confirmed i had crohn's. Since then i have tried endless meds, but now i am waiting to have surgery done.

I know exactly how you are feeling and i wouldnt wish it on anyone!!!!

I am no doctor but it really does sound like what i went through.

There is something you can try in the mean time till you get some answers..................go on a low residue diet. Eat very little fibre, avoid any fruit and veg with the peel on, avoid nuts, brown bread, minimise your fruit and veg intake and drink pelnty of water. The reason i say a low residue diet is because the small bowel is responsible for absorbing all the nutrients from food and if the small bowel is inflammed it cannot do this and causes narrowing which causes pain and vomiting. You need to put very little stress on your small bowel as possible. For the next few days just eat clear soup and take 3 spoonfuls of sugar daily to keep your blood sugar levels up. This will help to stop the dizziness and headaches.

This is just my opinion and advice and hopefully if you choose to follow some of it then i hope it helps and no doubt it will.

Please feel free to ask anything you like i will do my best to answer.

I really hope you feel better soon, but in reality you need meds to help get in under control if it is crohns.

Also to help with any stomach cramps take peppermint tablets three times a day these are excellent and really do help.

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danielm HB Userdanielm HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

Cheers for the feedback Sharon but I don't think it's crohn's. I went for a CT Scan only last week which was for a full abdominal scan and my liver showed up clearly with inflamation and fatty deposits. All my other organs looked normal.

That's why it's taken so long to get to this diagnosis for me, because the symptoms are fairly common and shared with many other conditions.

Strange thing is I can even 'feel' my liver enlarged and notice a raised area under the scar from my gall bladder surgery. Some days I'm terribly sick, other days it's just a dull ache and often dependant on what I eat. It's a horrid condition because it can't be fixed by surgery or medicine, but with dietary changes and an exercise regime.

As with all things like this, is always best to see your doctor and get yourself looked at, this is just what I experienced and thought it would give people something to consider if they're going through the same thing.

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Durso HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

Im having alot of these symptoms...Daniel are you still about???

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dixiepeep HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

I hope so cause I need answers too. I had the Hida Scan, normal, I had the Endoscopy and I am awaiting the results. They took a biopsy to look for cholesterol crystals. I don't know what that means. I don't think I have Chrohns cause even though I don't eat much I have not lost that much weight. I have diahrrea after I eat anything fatty especially sweets. I have nausea too and pain on upper right side which is now worse due to the biopsy.

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katkatdd HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

OMGosh this story sounds exactly like what I have been going thru for the past year!!!

I have had numerous testings CT scans, etc, etc. The endoscope w/biopsy, cardiac workups. And did have my gallbladder removed also in Dec of 06. I also was treated for hyperthyroidism (grave's disease) with radioactive iodine in Feb 07. I now am very hypothyroid at the moment and am on meds to get my levels correct. I noticed u mentioned your thyroid levels being off??? Did they ever investigate that further for you??? IF you do indeed have thyroid issues it can mess with your metabolism thus causing more digestive problems as well as the liver. IN FACT having certain thyriod problems can cause the liver to have an apperance of (fatty liver) or even hepatitis which is actully the thyroid disorder and will correct itself once the thyroid is corrected.

The recent CT scan I just had also showed me as having fatty liver as well. That is why I found your story very interesting. It all kind of clicked! I have allot of pain as well in stomach, right side, center chest area as well. I also had extensive adhesions that were removed with the gallbladder!

Please keep us updated as to what they have found out with u if anything new.

Old 06-22-2007, 07:02 PM   #11
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BlueEyezzMel HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

I'm having the same issues myself. Very frustrating! I hope you're doing better!

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Life DOES get better eventually....

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Durso HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

I havent even been able to go for any kind of scan yet waiting for my oppoinment with the specialist.

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Durso HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

Im feeling so depressed with this all the time, Would like to hear some other peoples stories and experiences on this kind of thing.

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scorey1 HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

Originally Posted by Durso View Post
Im feeling so depressed with this all the time, Would like to hear some other peoples stories and experiences on this kind of thing.
I too am feeling very depressed, im sat writing this at 00:54 worried sick about not having anything to eat again (4th day) im just not hungry and my stomach wont hold any food down if i tried to eat, i suffer from nausea most of the day and i wretch a few times for no reason, im completely exhausted no energy whatsoever, i have bouts of dizzyness along with a lot more symptoms.

Old 06-30-2007, 08:41 PM   #15
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Durso HB User
Re: Stomach problems - Nausea 24x7 - Loss of Appetite - Hospitalised Twice...

Well i've had it for months...My own fault tho for not consulting a doctor much sooner wish i'd went to see my GP months ago.

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