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Anal Fissure Sufferers - Symptoms Check

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Old 10-28-2007, 09:20 PM   #1
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Vicki421 HB User
Cool Anal Fissure Sufferers - Symptoms Check

I have recently become a member of the anal fissure club. Wow, how special! I am a 40 year old female and I have recently visited a colon/rectal surgeon and been diagnosed. I also have an internal hemorrhoid. She gave me that great nifedipidine cream and I've been using it for 2 weeks now. I have to admit that I feel better and am seeing way less blood and the burning is mostly gone. I can actually go 5 days or so with no blood. The problem is, as soon as I think the bleeding has stopped, I go eat Mexican food and the next day it's back and it takes a day or two to go away again.

I am grateful for this forum and all that I've learned on it. I now know, that I need to do other things besides apply the cream and I feel well armed to launch an attack on this thing now! Part of my arsenal is to stop the dang Mexican food - LOL.

I do have some questions though and I am hoping some of you can help set my mind at ease. They are:

1. When I have bleeding, it's slimy blood as if it has clear mucus in it. Is this typical of a fissure or is it possible I have something else going on besides the fissure? Everything I read says that fissures produce "bright red" blood - which mine does, but they don't mention mucus.

2. I have rectal pressure. It feels heavy and kind of comes and goes. It's more pronounced when I've been on my feet for along time. I assume it's from internal swelling. Sometimes on a bad day, the swelling/pressure - creates a feeling that I need to have a bowel movement when I don't. Is this typical for a fissure?

3. I have a sensation that the skin inside my anus is dry and cracking - itcy/scratchy feeling. Especially many hours after a bowel movement. Is this the healing process trying to kick in?

I really appreciate anyone willing to share their experience with me. Rectal bleeding is very anxiety provoking and though my doctor has diagnosed a fissure, I am one of those types that if the symptoms don't fit the description exactly I doubt the diagnosis and worry.

FYI - My doctor has recommended a colonoscopy to screen me. Mainly because of my age. She says she expects it to be clean as I am asymptomatic of anything else. Blood work was normal, no change in bowel habits, no weight loss, No obstructions or blockages - just a bleeding, burning butt.


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Old 11-01-2007, 02:28 AM   #2
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Re: Anal Fissure Sufferers - Symptoms Check


I too have recently become a member of this dubious club. I have been in pain---sometimes excruciating, other times mild----but constant, especially after sitting on my rear all day long at the office. The first doc I went to see told me I had internal hemmorhoids and suggested a "banding" technique. This was done to me four times with zero relief. And then he felt that maybe I had an "abcess" near my anus and proceeded to shoot my rear with some kind of drug that made the entire area inflamed and began to "poke" me with a scalpel on his exam table. Again, zero relief. He suggested surgery to correct the hemmorhoids and told me the recovery time for the surgery was a week. I soon found, on this board no less, that that was an outright lie and decided to seek an alternative to surgery. I found another doc who did an exam and told me that I should opt for something called "infra red coagulation" which was not covered by my insurance and costs roughly 1,400.00 and seven trips to her office where she inserted a tiny heating instrument and essentially burned the inside of my colon, this was ostensibly done to stop the flow of blood to these hemmorhoids. The first doctor had prescribed percocet which I was taking liberally throughout the second treatment. At the end of the treatment I felt mildly better but the pain and many of the symptoms you described returned a week later. I was at my wits end and was so depressed by now I even felt suicidal. My life has come to a grinding halt, I use to exercise daily, go for walks, swim. Now I feel like an invalid. I finally rolled the dice and went to see a THIRD doctor who asked me right off the bat what my symptoms were. When I told him he said flat out, "you don't have a hemmorhoid issue, you have a fissure." he asked me to get on the exam table and inserted a scope and then with a q-tip touched this area where all of the pain seemed to be originating from and asked me if it hurt. HELL YES! "just as I thought," he countered. "a fissure."
he prescribed nitro glycerine in a cream form to be applied three times a day and told me to come back in three weeks but by week two the pain was just as persistent as ever and I went back two days ago and he says that I will have to have surgery to correct the problem. He says that there is a 95% success rate for a full recovery and that the pain involved is nothing like the hemmorhoidectomy the other bonehead wanted to do on me. At this point I am so lost, confused and don't know which way to turn. I have all of your symptoms except for the discharge/bleeding. The thing that concerns me is that my rear hurts on both sides even though he seemed to isolate the issue to the one fissure on my left side. I feel great in the mornings, hardly any pain at all after a good nights sleep but by lunchtime everyday for the last six months the pain begins. It is like having a toothache up my *** (forgive the lingo) surgery with this doc is scheduled for next week and I am scared. I have read many posts on this site and most, if not all, seem very encouraging but still...

anyhow, I just wanted to lend support and tell you to hang in there and share my story...

this is hell, isn't it?


Old 11-02-2007, 02:57 PM   #3
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Vicki421 HB User
Re: Anal Fissure Sufferers - Symptoms Check

It is indeed hell. I have a few good days and think I'm on my way to recovery and bam! I have a relapse. Something you mentioned was that you feel pain both in the sight of the fissure and opposite of it - I have that too! My colon rectal surgeon told me that I have an anterior fissure, meaning it's located on the side toward my vagina BUT I feel most of my pain on the opposite side - toward my spine. I told her that and she just said that the nerve fibers can transfer pain to different areas.

You will be amazed that your recovery depends very much upon your diet. I'm beginning to believe my fissure will never heal. I don't know that I have the discipline to avoid the foods that will aggravate it.

Thanks for responding to my post. It's nice to hear from others that can relate. My husband is trying to be sympathetic but unless you've had one, you just don't get it!


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Old 11-02-2007, 03:01 PM   #4
Join Date: Oct 2007
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Vicki421 HB User
Re: Anal Fissure Sufferers - Symptoms Check


A couple of more things. Do a web search under the topic of anusitis. It's scarily close in symptoms to a fissure. According to a very famous colon/rectal clinic in Canada, it is extremely common but often overlooked and unheard of by GI doctors. I'm not entirely convinced that I don't have that in conjunction with a fissure.

Secondly, I just noticed you're from Phoenix. I grew up in Tempe and lived there until 12 years ago. I love PHX and miss it very much!


Old 11-30-2007, 12:57 PM   #5
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jason9999 HB User
Re: Anal Fissure Sufferers - Symptoms Check

I have had anal fissures for the last 8 months. It has been incredibly painful, like having a needle stuck back there for an hour to four hours a day. I have seen a colorectal surgeon. He prescribed some drugs but they did not help at all. Now he wants to do an operation where he stretches the anus. I figured I would try an accupunturist first. SHe gave me an herbal solution called Yin Care. I mix it in a 50% solution with water and make a suppository with a cotton ball. It's only been three days but I have been pain free for the first time in 8 months. It's like a miracle.

Old 12-21-2007, 08:48 AM   #6
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jabbaroo HB User
Re: Anal Fissure Sufferers - Symptoms Check

I have similar problems. I was diagnosed with a anal fissure last moth. I was given nitro cream, which helped the pain at first, but it seems to have come back in full force.

I have that same pressure feeling in my rectum, that has continued for more than 1 year.
I am suppose to get a colonostopy to check for crohn's and other things, but in the mean time, I wondered if they gave you any additional information as what is causing your rectal pressure?

Old 12-28-2007, 10:26 PM   #7
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tempuser24 HB User
Re: Anal Fissure Sufferers - Symptoms Check

I am a patient....I do not know THE is what I have experienced so far...... I FEEL ALL YOUR PAIN.....

1. I had Abnormal Bowel Movement: Both Constipation and Diarrhea (2001-2002). This condition may have been caused by Hypothyroidism.
2. This lead to Hemorrhoids, fistula and chronic anal fissures
3. Sphincterotomy was performed. Gave temporary relief.
4. 1 Month later an Abscess formed.
5. Surgery was performed(after two weeks of antibiotics) to drain the Abcess (2002).
6. Healing was slow. Constant drainage. Gently kept area clean.
7. Started applying Homoeopathic medicine: Pomade Aesculus(life saver…so far). This helped heal and helped control reoccurrence.
8. Hemorrhoids, fistula …. no longer an issue…..could reoccur after bad diet or prolonged negligence….
9. Fissure continues to trouble me every once in a while. Usually opens up when I take ….bad food(eg:spicy food)….when I eat spicy food skin burns after excessive bowel movement.... and fissure opens up a little
10. Prolonged pressure by a hard surface(eg: sitting 12 hours without much physical activity)….also causes fissure to open up
11. I received Pomade Aesculus from family members. My cousin had mild hemorrhoids that healed by pomade aesculus alone

12. Every year I apply about 14-20 tubes of Pomade Aesculus to prevent reoccurance or provide relief when fissure occurs. So far Pomade Aesculus along with diet/posture changes is my temporary solution.
13. Other Homoeopathic medicine I have tried: FP-200 (tablet and ointment) did not work...for me it made the skin hard and felt worse.

14. I am currently in the process of consulting with homeopathic doctors. I figure they have a solution to completely heal fissures from the inside and out

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