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I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

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numbcy HB User
I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

I'm so sick of this. I am so, so, so sick of this. I have been sick for eight years with severe digestive problems. Now it's gotten so freaking bad that it's gotten to the point that I can only eat completely plain bananas and peeled potatoes (boiled or baked). I mean, literally, ONLY plain bananas and plain potatoes; for TWO months, that is the only thing I have eaten. I'm surprised I'm not dead yet! I am so fsick of this. I need someone to help me!

I really do not want to elaborate on the whole story right now, because I've already repeated it so many times, to so many different people and doctors. I have seen so many doctors and had so many tests done. But, no one seems to know what the problem is here, and I just keep getting worse and worse.

Roughly: Over seven years ago (when I was 16; I'm 23 now), I doubled over in pain coming from the abdominal area (NEVER had a problem with digestive anything before that day). The pain was so bad, I could not move for days, I would sweat, and attmept to scream, and it was literally worse than having a baby (I know now, since I did give birth 5 years ago). Over the next three years (16 yrs old - 19), I developed excruciating constipation; I could go six months at a time without having a bowel movement . . . until it would all build up for so long that it would finally have to come out and I would be on the toilet for 3-8 hours. The pain was so horrendous, my legs would go numb, I'd throw up, and black out; I'm guessing that was my body going into shock because human bodies were not made to withstand that amount of pain. When I was 19, I found a great sena leaf laxative, and if I took it every night, I would have a bowel movement (or several bowel movements) every morning, which was still extremely painful, but not nearly as bad as it was before. That worked out okay for about two years or so. Even though I had to get up 2-3 hours earlier than normal, just to get rid of the explosive diarrhea that the laxatives caused, before heading into work, or wherever I needed to go that day. So, that turned into my life, which was almost functional; not really, but it was to me; at least the pain was not as bad. But, then something weird happened in December of 2006. I was eating at my mom's house when all of the sudden I got really dizzy and hot and flushed and my heart started beating fast and my head felt weird and I all of the sudden felt very weak. I couldn't even stand, so I pretty much crawled to her guest bedroom to lay down on the bed. I literally couldn't even lift my head hardly or get a straight thought to go through my mind. It's like something completely overtook my body, head, mind, everything. It was a very, very scary feeling, which I had no control over. I fell asleep and slept for about 4-6 hours. When I woke up, I tried to get out of bed; it was still there. The exact same feeling. I could hardly even get out of the bed. Long story short, these feelings/symptoms NEVER went away. I still have it today; it has NEVER left, not even for one second. I seem to have pinpointed the symptoms to eating/food, but unfortunately, I have to eat food to stay alive. So, now, after two years of this constant dizzy, pressure in my head, it's gotten to the point where I react violently to any and all food or anything I attempt to put into my body, including medications, organic foods, healthy food, anything and everything. I've tried so many many different foods and I react the same way to everything, no matter what kind of food it is; fruit, vegetables, grains, everything is the same reaction! And it's bad; it's really, really bad. I am literally almost in a vegetative state; constantly. I'm 23; and I'm a "vegetable". I am in constant agony every single second of every single day. It's there when I go to sleep . . . and it's there when I wake up. I hate waking up. I don't want to die; I want to get well. But, I've seen hundreds of different doctors, it seems, and no one knows how to help me; I can't even get a diagnosis. From my own trial and error with food, I've found that I've gotten the least reaction (which even the least reaction is a bad reaction, but still better than some reactions I've had to different foods, which make my arms and legs go numb, my body completely unresponsive, I become so dizzy that I cannot see, speak, or move; it is the most terrifying place I have ever been and would almost rather die that ever feel it again) . . . anyway, I've found that I get the least of a reaction from bananas and potatoes. Who knows why, where, what, or how, but it is . . . and so that is the only thing that I eat. And when I say only, I mean only. I've eaten plain bananas and potatoes since July 11th, 2008. Today is September 7, 2008. How am I still alive??? How long am I going to suffer like this??? Even the bananas and potatoes still give me a reaction; I am never well. I feel like I am dying; every day. I am so sick of living like this.

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

Hi there, I am so sorry you are suffering so much with this! I can completely empathize with you, as I have horrendous digestive problems that have ruined my life for the past 5 years. Every single day is like a horror movie for me as well, I am in constant pain every second of the day, and everytime I eat I get dizzy, sick and want to throw up. Have you ever had a stomach motility test done? YOu could possibley have a motility problem. I do, my stomach doesnt empty out, and the muscles in my intestines dont push my food through like they are supposed too, resulting in a backflow of bile and acid and nasea and sickness everyday of my life. I am scared to eat anything because I know how sick I will be. And the bile that has come up has burned my throat so badly I cant even swallow anymore, and it has inflammed the nerves in my face, so I am in constant pain everyday of my life. My diet has consisted of protein shakes and almond milk, thats all I drink. I can't even handle solid food anymore, I get so sick. I dont even know how I am still alive either. How can some one suffer like this is beyond my comprehension. Doctors offer me no help either, they all look at me like they have no flippin clue as to what I am talking about. So i do understand you there. I am 27 years old, still young like you, and wonder if I will ever enjoy a normal life. I am severly depressed and no I dont want to die either but I can't stand living in this body anymore. I feel like no one understands the horrendous hell I live everyday of my life. I can't stand this anymore. I also understand how you feel about prayers, I have prayed for years over my stomach and I get very discouraged and wonder if GOd is listening to me also. I dont know why we have to suffer like this. I had anorexia 5 years ago which really messed up my stomach. I feel like this is all my fault. I never meant to hurt myself, I had an illness and before I knew it it did horrible damamge to my body. I dont know how to fix any of this, and I can't go on living like this anymore. All I can say is please dont give up, I have wanted to give up so many times but I am still alive just hoping and praying that I will have a miracle happen in my body and will be able to swallow and eat agagin without pain. Please just hold onto that little mustard seed of faith, knowing that you can be healed...please I hope this helps, just letting you know you are not alone and I do care. God bless


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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

Wow. You are the first person ever, who has been able to relate with and actually understand what I've been trying to communicate to family, doctors, etc. for YEARS. I think you actually understand. The wording you used is identical to many of the words I've used to try desperately to explain this to someone. The horrendous torture of every day of every moment of your life. It is no way to live. It's not "living" at all. It is exsisting, in a body, in a life that you have to strive daily just not to give up. It is torturous to wake up in the mornings, and it's still there when you lay your head down at night. I can also completely identify with you about the not being able to eat any foods and you only being able to eat protien shakes and almond milk. It gets to a point, where if you find a few "safe foods" that you're so terrified to try anything else, because you know if you feel the pain again to the extent you have in the past, that your mind/body may go over the "threshold"/reach it's limit, and you will surely die or be commited to a mental institution. That's how I feel anyway.

I become naseous just thinking about having to eat, only because I am so sick of the taste of bananas and potatoes; especially bananas. I eat because I have to to stay alive; not because I want to. The way we have both suffered, and are currently suffering, is literally in-humane. I continue to search for a "cure", some hope, I continue to go to doctors. I am currently seeing a naturopath/chiroprator and a kinesiologist. In the last 7 years, I've seen every specialist known to man. And gotten second opinions from every specialist known to man within 300 miles of where I live. And, yes, I have had a stomach emptying test done. 60% within an hour. I think my stomach seems to be working okay? But, after it hits the intestines, something goes very, very wrong. What is your dizziness like? Is it like an off-balance dizzy? Or is it something really weird and scary that you can't seem to find words to explain the feeling because it's like no other feeling you've ever felt before? If you can't tell, mine is the latter.

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

Oh my heart breaks for the both of you! You have no idea. The things you describe, the anguish, the pain, the anxiety surrounding eating, the dreading waking up in the mornings....I experience that too often times. I often feel like I'm going to completely lose my mind because spending every single day of your life in stomach pain truly brings you to the point of near insanity. To hurt so badly so's maddening.

I have not suffered stomach woes for as long as you have. It's been nearly one year for me. And I do not have to eat such extremes like you do. I simply have to eat very, very low fat meals (under 3-4 grams of fat per meal). It's severe enough that I am not really able to eat anywhere but home, as restaurants cannot accommodate my diet for the most part.

My life has been turned upside down. I feel desperate often times. I feel alone, I feel frustrated, I feel angry. I feel that it's not fair!

I am certain by reading what you both go through that my pain is not as bad as yours. I can tell by your subjective accounts of what you go through. But I do want to reach out and tell you that I understand, and I'm sorry, and I wish I could help.

I see a new GI doc in a few days, and every possible test has come back negative over the last year. I am under the assumption that I have non-ulcer dyspepsia brought on by stress. It's a bit on the frustrating side to be told that in order to feel well you have to relax. How can you relax when you're in such pain? It goes around and around and around. Every evening I suffer from intense burning in my stomach, only nothing is wrong with my stomach. It just burns like its on fire, and nothing, no medicine, nothing eases that pain. They now think its stress. And now I am willing to try anything that they suggest. Antidepressnts, antianxiety, etc. Anything.

Have either of you tried taking antidepressants or antianxiety meds? Or gone to therapy? I am not suggesting this as a way to suggest that your pain is "in your head" or anything like that. I wonder if it could be helpful as a means to help you cope with this. For both of you, this is a long standing trauma. This is psychologically scarring. This is surely having a negative effect on your life. I just wondered if you could perhaps find some form of relef from speaking to someone? I know for me personally, I have anxiety around mealtimes because it is only after I eat that I get pain. So, I'm now wondering if anxiety meds would be helpful, to alleviate that bit of anxiety that I experience every evening. Anything to maybe increase my quality of living.

I hope you both find answers. I'm sorry you have to go through this. It's miserable.

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

Hi numbcy,

My dizzyness i get after i eat is like a shockwave throughout my entire body, I can't even describe it, it's like I want to ball up in a corner and not talk or do anything. I feel naseous all over and very bloated. I want to puke. I don't want to eat because of the sickness but yet I have to eat because I will die if i dont eat. I am so sorry you are suffering so much. I really really understand your pain, even though our situations are slightly different. I dread eating, I even get panick attacks at the grocery store, wondering what I am supposed to eat, will this hurt, ect. On a scale of 1 to 10 my digestion works at about a 2 or a 3, and Im not exaggerating at all. Its been like this for years, and nothing I have ever tried has helped. Ive done the whole candida cleanse, yeast cleanse, probiotcis, yogurt, herbs, chinese herbs, everything, you name it I have probably tried it. Blown thousands of dollars on doctors too. I too, like you have been to numerous doctors and clinics, searching for a cure, help, a feeding tube, ANYTHING just to be able to have a normal life where I am not in agony every second of the day. Yet, I have found no relief or help anywhere. My throat looks llike a horror movie, it literally feels like someone has taken a lighter and burned my upper throat, ears and face. I can't even describe how awful this is. I have constant bile coming up that i regugitate regaurdless of what i eat or dont eat, its always there. I don't know what to do anymore, and this past week Ive been so depressed I just started to eat everything in sight, which is ridiculous because I am only hurting myself more, but I was so frustrated I just started eating everything. I have to stop cause I am making myself so sick with what I am doing. I dont know what is wrong with me. I wish I had an anser to this hell called my life. I feel for you, and if you ever need to talk to anyone you can email me or write to me cause I do understand and it helps so much to have some support, especially when no one has a flippin clue what you go through everyday of your life. God Bless you I pray for your healing as I do for mine.


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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

I feel for you all. I have managed to bounce back from a bad spell (not as bad as those described here), but, I can see how it can just keep getting worse. My situation is probably not the same, so I won't offer up suggestions you've probably already heard. I do know that anxiety and stress will play a factor no matter what it is, of course, and it seems like the Doctors will often say that's the root cause when they can't find anything else. Please know that even if you've been tested for everything, sometimes the first test (or second or third) doesn't find anything wrong, so it's worth getting retested. (For the stomach motility test some folks need a 4hr test instead of the 90 minute one, For Gallbladder sometimes it works ok the day of the test but doesn't at other times, etc).

Even if you don't have any other options, maybe you can/should make some assumptions as to what you think the problem is. Use your knowledge and family history, ask you relatives, surely some of them have had similar issues. Sometimes you can make dietary changes to help--Unforunately, since it's been going on so long, you can't eat much now that you might need nutrition from other sources (feeding tube) just to get to a point where you can function again. From there you can try treatments. Some medications for one issue cause the underlying cause to get worse. Maybe switching to a different med (or from a PPI to an H2 Blocker) will help. It can take many weeks to notice a difference.

Well, again, this isn't the thread for suggestions. I just want to say that all is not lost and that there is hope. You are just in a (deep) rut right now and it's hard to get out of,but not impossible. I hope you all find the strength to keep looking for answers and trying to turn things around.

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

Honestly, reading your post was almost like reading my own story in someone else's words. I've been terribly sick for the last two years with MAJOR digestive problems. It's completely wiped me out and left me with very little in my life. Like you, I'm only 22 and I feel like a vegetable. The other day my husband says he feels like he's married to an invalid (he wasn't being mean about it... it's just the way things are, since realistically I can barely function). I eat a lot of bananas, saltines... very plain food. I've felt nauseous off and on for years, and 24/7 for the last 3 months. I'm dizzy pretty much all the time. When I stand up too fast, I almost fall over. I have weird hot flashes and heart arrythmias. I've blacked out before and I often feel like I'm about to faint. I have pain like a dull ache in the upper right quadrant of my abdomen ALL the time, and a couple times a week it flares up for about a day with intense, cripple-me-over pain that I can do nothing but lie in agony waiting for it to end. I have diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas, burping, gas pains and abdomenal cramps. My entire back has broken out in horrible eczema (and I've never had rashes before). I get shaky a lot. I've had awful moments, hours or days of feeling just plain WEIRD... it's very hard to explain. I get light fevers and muscle aches every week or so, like I have the flu or something but I don't. Occasionally I have acid reflux (heartburn). I'm fatigued and I feel week and all the time I carry around this vague feeling of illness. I've lost weight and had difficulty swalling and breathing. Pretty much, I've been through a living hell. And it's been HARD.

All through this, I've been to numourous doctors. I've named all these symptoms and they've run countless tests... I don't have parasites, celiac, ulcers, candida, chron's, etc etc etc. In the end, the doctors have ruled out every possibility and assured me "Oh you just have IBS, here's some pamphlets on it, try to eat a better diet and it should eventually clear up for the most part." Well diets haven't worked. And neither has anything else. I've tried probiotics and cleanses and enzymes and prescriptions and just everything. And I've been frustrated the whole time because honestly my symptoms have been far worse than IBS entails.

In desperation for an answer, I have recently decided that I need to be my own doctor. I went online and searched and searched for articles that involved my symptoms. I made a chart of my symptoms in order of severity, coming up with my top 3 being: Nausea, pain in upper right quadrant, and dizziness. With these search terms in mind, I found dozens and dozens of articles relating to the gallbladder and liver. Hmm. I was never tested for gallstones or liver disease. I'm guessing this was because I went into the doctor's offices with a list of 20 or so symptoms, and back then my worst one was diarrhea so they immediately thought "IBS." Now because of all the fiber I take, the diarrhea has calmed down, and the real culprit symptoms are showing through.

I had given up on doctors for nearly a year, but last week after finding this information I had my husband rush me to an urgent care facility. They confirmed that it sounded gallbladder related, and sent me to a gastroenterologist (the same one, in fact, that had diagnosed me with IBS two years ago). I went in to the GI, told them "Look, I have pain HERE, I have nausea ALL THE TIME, I think it might be gallbladder or liver related, can you please test me for that?" And that's what they're doing. The blood test for the liver came back just fine, and I have an ultrasound later this week for my gallbladder. The gastroenterologist concured that it does in fact seem gallbladder related. Today I went to see an ND and had a live blood analysis done (where they stick your finger and look at your blood cells right there through a microscope projected on a screen you can see). He found tons of undigested fats in my blood -- which is what bile does, and my gallbladder regulates bile, so it's pretty obvious that something is wrong with my gallbladder.

Needless to say, I am SO EXCITED. After such a long, terrible, hell-ish, tear-stained journey, I may actually be getting an ACURATE diagnosis in the next few weeks... which could then lead to a CURE.

The thought of it brings me to tears. I have suffered so much... I feel like my life the last two years has been stolen. I'm only 22 and I've had to live like I'm 92. I had to quit college, stop working, and I've been such a burden on my husband and parents (though they would never say that). I've lost touch with most of my friends because they simply can't understand or relate with my lifestyle at ALL anymore... they're all out going to school, graduating, partying, traveling, going shopping, going out to eat... and I'm here having to live every day with my husband and my pets as my only companions, just trying to make it through another day of pain and nausea.

I really do feel for you. It is so, so hard to be in this position -- ESPECIALLY being young and in our twenties. Most people don't have to suffer like this... why us? Maybe it's because we have such a high calling on our lives and the enemy knows that. Certainly it's not God making us sick, because he is loving and caring. He wants us well, yet we live in a fallen world so things can't always be perfect. But I do believe God is leading me to answer for my healing, and he will do the same for you. I would just encourage you to not just rely on doctors to tell you what's wrong. Do your own research. Learn about your body and how it functions. Even when you feel awful and can't even get out of bed, the internet is at your fingertips and it's filled with a lot of knowledge that might just fill in some blanks and lead you to the right diagnosis. When you go to doctors, know that they are there to serve you. Probe them for deeper information, ask them questions, don't take "I don't know" or a cop-out diagnosis as an answer. Make it YOUR job to figure out what's wrong and how to fix it, not a doctor's. Their job should facilitate your own research. Get proactive and I really think you'll be able to find some answers. I think I have... and I never thought that was possible. Two weeks ago I was seriously thinking I might have to live (not really live... it's more like barely survive, in misery) like this the rest of my life... I might never get to go back to school, or have kids, or travel, or fulfill all of the dreams I had. It's very depressing to live in a dark tunnel that apparently has no end. I've been in that tunnel for so long, and I think I just caught a shimmer of light... my God I'm gonna chase it!

Here's to hoping you find your own shimmer, and soon

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

Hunt for a good GI doctor. You definitely need one. Look up autonomic dysfunction and dysautonomia, though in several people these tend to have more symptoms, motility issues (gastroparesis) and dizziness is extremely common. If for any reason the vagus nerve is damaged or doesn't receive signals properly from the stomach and digestive tract then your stomach and even intestines won't move food how they should. If the food sits too long you risk bezoars forming and infections.

Your dizziness could also be due to slow digestion causing problems with blood glucose levels - as well as what meager foods you can eat now.

I've had a few occasions myself where food will sit undigested on my stomach for up to 9 and a half hours - at which point I vomited it up (a relief). My vagus nerve definitely isn't normal.

Double checking the gallbladder - ultrasound then a hida scan if there's no stones isn't a bad idea. As well as making sure the liver is ok. With all the abuse your body is going through it's best to check.

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

Have you had a colonoscopy? Have you had your THYROID checked. I have heard you can have horrible gastric issues if your thyroid is not working properly! Please let us know how you are. Keep going to the doc till they help. GO TO THE ER And tell them you can't live this way anymore. Some one needs to help you. I will pray for you, you poor thing. Stay strong!!!

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

I can relate to your stories a bit but I'm not quite that bad off but close. I can't stay awake sometimes after eating and now the pain is almost constant and it feels like whatever it is is spreading throughout my whole stomach area and kidneys. Anyway I wanted to say that one gastro doc prescribed me amitriptylene which is an antidepressant but is also used for gastric pain and it did help me a little. It did make my mouth really dry overnight but it might be worth a try if you guys haven't already. Good luck and let me know if you know any reason why I can't stay awake after eating because the docs can't figure it out and I've seen a few also.

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?


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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

Mine has been 4 years. I have made some good progress but still have a lot of pain and am unstable and messes my life. I have rebuilt my body. You can too.

My key is: "listen, listen carefully". (My body screams and yells at me with pain but if I really really listen it will tell me if what I did was the way to heal.) Step carefully and be kind to you. (Sometimes I am out of patience and then it doesn't work.)

My guardian angel is: "Adelle Davis". Read all her books over and over and over. When I think she is wrong it is because I don't understand properly. When I understand, what she says works and it heals me. Learn and learn and learn and you can heal. (One of her books is "Let's get well".)

I take no drugs, I take no medications (but I have had to rely heavily on vitamins and mineral suppliments due to my completely failed digestion), I believe they are poison.

I have had to learn about these, their relationships together and I had to take them:
Celtic sea salt, sole (salt in water) - it started my digestion.
Magnesium and calcium - it stopped the pain in all my muscles.
Magnesium and B6 - it is still helping me (enzyme production), makes energy.
Calcium - let me sleep and heal.
Protein - rebuild, repair, grow hair back, build muscles.......
Butter, animal fats - stop the water pouring out of my intestines.
B vitamins all - make energy and stop ne from sleeping all day.
Potassium - seems you cannot just take tablets, I get it from vegetables and later dried fruits (very carefully).
Homemade plain yoghurt.

On days when nothings works I have a little (very little) salty water (or apple cider vinegar in water, or swedish bitters in water) and eat very little:
steamed chicken and vegetables completely mashed up (blender). I eat a little every 2 hours.

I do not eat any white sugar, white flour, table salt, packaged foods, softdrinks. I do eat chicken, turkey, broccoli, potato, carrot, liver. And I read the above every night to help me do the right things the next day.

Respect doctors - they have a place of expertise. Ask for help everywhere, see naturopaths. Keep learning. Make your own decisions because your body will tell you.

Listen and your body can heal itself. You can do it. Me too.

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

I have suffered with severe nausea for about three years now, but a host of other GI problems for about 20 years. I'm only in my mid thirties, still fairly young. I cannot live with this nausea and bloating. I am thin and when I am bloated my stomach makes me look like I am literally pregnant. No joke. The nausea makes me feel and act disabled. I get super sick to my stomach and I panic if I am out in public out of fear that I might have to puke which of course makes the nausea worse. Approx six weeks ago I was diagnosed with severe gastroparesis. But then it gets even better. I ended up going to the Mayo Clinic Rochester which is tagged as the best in this country pretty much in ANY type of condition? Well Mayo found out that my stomach is emptying TOO FAST! So six weeks ago my stomach hardly moved, now my stomach moves too fast! I don't know what the hell's going on now! So I have both gastroparesis and dumping syndrome? Why would my stomach go too slow then too fast? How do I treat this since a med to speed up the stomach will only put me in more hell if my stomach is in hyper mode and the same thing if my stomach is in slow mode and I'm trying to slow it down not realizing this! Not only that, I have a host of autonomic dysfunction where I feel dizzy, my heart pounds, I flush. It's all tied to the vagus nerve that is not working properly. Apparently my small intestine works ok but the colon is also very mildly slow but overall it's normal, only at a specific point in the test was it lazy but the overall finding was a fairly normal colon function. It's the stomach that's a mess and that's how I feel both physically and mentally. A MESS. I am only attempting to eat to live, not because I want to. What a wonderful way to live.

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

I have prayed a lot for the Lord to take me home. I will not take my own life
But sometimes.... I have terriable stomach problems. After about a year my GI said I have Crohn's Disease and IBS. I get dizzy, nauseated, my heart starts ponding like crazy, my stomach hurts like crazy,I have chills, fevers, back pain and headaches all at the same time. Sounds like fun doesn't it? One thing I have learned is to keep drinking lots of water, it will keep me from feeling so dizzy and the pain in the back is not so painfull. a lot of the time when I get so bad I don't eat or drink and I become very dehydrated and things get worse. I'm not saying water will cure but if your not getting enough fluids in you things will get worse. Are you drinking enough water?
i hope they find out whats causing you so much pain. They couldn't find anything in my colon or small intestine, my stomach had inflammation ,but that was about it. My GI compared my blood to crohn's diseased pateints blood and found it was consistent with theirs. That's how he say that i had Crohn's. He was my second GI doc I went to because the first one couldn't figure out what was going on so he basically gave up. So I went and saw another GI doc. My gall bladder was also only working 14% and causing some of the pain and bloating I was having on my right side. So i had that removed. thats before I went to see my second GI doc. They thought that was it , but it wasn't all the problem. Anyway stay hydrated

God bless

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Re: I'm so sick of this. How long can I hold on to my sanity?

I know what you are going thru .I have been sick 21 months lost my job did not get severance can't get unemployment . started with nausea and throwing up for a few months then weird stuff started extream nausea lost 20 lbs in two weeks couldn't keep an ounce of solid food down for 14 days .had strange flushing and dizziness had a hard time walking . doctors took my gallbladder out it was really messed up I never had pain on the right side like you should have . but for years I had pain on the left side so my doctor always thought i was having a little intestinal infection . so they took it out ok for 2 week alittle nausea but not too bad tried to go back to work no luck the nausea kept up and went back to as bad as it was before with the flushing and dizziness . the scanned my gut everyway possible and sometimes twice . i started throwing up green bile from the digestive tract , I got sent to another doctor they messed around with my bile ducts. nothing helped . . on top of this I was having a bad sinus infection that lasted a year and a half because they cold not give me anti biotics because it would make me get super sick .And I don't know if any of you went thru this did you doctor try to tell you that you might need to see a shrink since they could not find what was wrong with you I love that from doctors .They do that eveyrtime they can't figure something out Oh and the anti nausea meds are no good if you have to use them too long you start getting tremors and twitches .I may get some relief for a week or two and then it comes back full force . still no answers my doctor wants me to go to mayo but insurance does not cover he said they may not find out what it is plus
there is airfare, room and board for atleast a week this could run 10's of thousand of dollars which I don't have I am trying to hold on to what I have because I am ready to file for ss disibility and I just found out this could take 2 or 3 years to get . I am not giving up.I am trying to study as many things as I can I go thru web sites on medical issues . I have bee trying to search around and see if there are doctor that do diagnoses on hard cases . I know there are a few out there just finding them is not that easy . hang in there everybody . you will find the right doctor that will hite on what is wrong . Now I have one suggestion at the sam etime I git sick a fellow co worker got ill she was having soem of teh same symptoms along with her pressure spiking she was only 44 they found she was going thru severe chnge of life .so if you are femail and in your 40's or 50'd and have not been checked out for hormonal changes this maybe another route to check out also . your body can go haywire

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