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Chronic nausea ~nothing works/gastric bypass?

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Old 01-03-2009, 08:21 PM   #1
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HopeFloats7 HB User
Chronic nausea ~nothing works/gastric bypass?

I have chronic nausea, since spring 2007.

Background info: I had surgery done to my heart and lungs and the vagus nerve was damaged during surgery (from the ice that they put in your chest cavity and from doing surgery on the nearby organs, as the vagus nerve (stomach nerve) runs right under the lungs and heart, where the surgeon was doing surgery. Mine was just damaged, it wasn't cut or nicked by accident, it was just "shocked" from the ice/surgery/handling around it. Which caused me to get Gastroparsis. Gastroparsesis means that you have delayed stomach emptying, your stomach digest things and moves it along very slow. The first gastric empty study test I did showed that it took me over 22hrs to digest 1 scrambled egg. Basically, my stomach was "paralyzed" And this causes a LOT of nausea.

I had the Nissian Fundplication to help prevent GERD and heartburn, and that helped a lot. Then my gall bladder started to not work and get stones, so it was removed and that helped decrease the nausea as well.

I have tried all the nausea medicines as well as Domperidone, Ginger Root, Peppermint, and a few other things. The nausea medicines help but I have to take large dosages of it and I've been on them for so long now that they are starting to not even work/help.

Because of the Gastroparsis and the nuasea, dry heaves, etc.. I now have a feeding tube so that I can get nutrition and water that way, and I also crush up my meds and put them in the feeding tube. So nothing has to go into my stomach. My feeding tube goes straight into my intestine (most have feeding tubes that go into their stomach).

Now the doctors are saying that most people with Gastroparesis get better from it in 6 months to a year at the longest. Its now been 19 months with this nausea. And the doctors don't think that its going to get much better if it hasn't by now.

So as a last option they (my team of many doctors, from all different specialties) got together and are trying to come up with a plan or other options for me. One suggested Gastric Bypass, remove the part of my stomach where the stomach nerves are.

I have not been back since the doctors got together and talked so I have no idea what options, if any, that they have come up with for me. Apparently I have one of the worse cases of Gastroparesis that many doctors have ever seen. My doc wants to see me ASAP once he gets back from holiday vacation to tell me what they have decided and what they talked about.

Has anyone here or know someone that has chronic nausea? What helped/worked? What was done? Did you/they have anything drastic done such as the gastric bypass surgery? Did it work?

I can't do the stomach pacemaker, due to other health issues. Oh, and my last gastric empty study test I did, came back normal, showed that it takes me 62 minutes to digest 1 scrambled egg. So the doctors are stumped that my stomach test shows that its working but yet I'm still having lots of nausea and can't eat. They or at least one of the doctors think that my stomach nerve, the vagus nerve, is still damaged and is sending wrong signals to my brain that I need to be nauseated, even though I shouldn't be nauseated.

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roge35 HB User
Re: Chronic nausea ~nothing works/gastric bypass?

Hi HopeFloats-
Welcome to the healthboards. I'm sorry to hear about your severe gastroparesis. I came across your post, as I am always interested in people with GI issues, because I am an Endoscopy nurse; I ALSO have severe gastroparesis. I had surgery for median arcuate ligament syndrome in 2003--a ligament was wrapped around 2 major arteries. They also nicked the vagus nerve during surgery and I ended up with severe gastroparesis as a result. I was so sick at one point in 2004 they had to place a j-tube and I was on straight tube feeds for a while. They sent me down to Univ. of Kentucky to see Dr. Wo---who is a specialist in severe cases of gastroparesis. He also found that I had severe small bowel dysmotility as well. I also have pyloric stenosis. I have had my gall bladder removed as well, and that is one of the big issues when they do EGD's is there is a ton of bile in my stomach because I don't have a gall bladder anymore. It was touch and go for quite a while. And, likewise, I was told that it would turn around within 6 months, but mine didn't. However, I would have to say that it has turned around significantly just within the past 2 years, due to a change in meds to Zithromax suspension. Enough so that they removed the feeding tube last year and I eat pretty normal....still all low fat, but no tube feeds. And, I haven't been hospitalized in years for the gastroparesis either. The docs redilate my pylorus every 2-3 months, and that helps tremendously with the stenosis. But, because of my history, my docs are being cautious with undergoing a pyloroplasty because they are afraid it would make things worse.
The only thing I can tell you is be very cautious with gastric bypass, especially with your history. If the issue is more small bowel related, it isn't going to help. That is why I am wondering if they have looked into seeing if your small bowel functions normally, with having a normal GE study. Also, the miracle drug that my GI docs have me on is Zithromax suspension 400mg/day. You take it every day, along with like Zantac 150 mg QD. Do NOT take any proton pump inhibitors, because that makes bile reflux worse, which is probably your case with a slow gut and a removed gall bladder and makes the nausea worse. But, I definitely would suggest trying the Zithromax suspension---I take 200mg in the AM and 200mg in the PM to cover me all day. What I was finding initially was by taking 400mg once in the AM I was starving, but was still having nausea at night. So, I experimented and split the dose--half in the am and pm and it truly has been a miracle drug. I have been on it for probably 2 years now and have not had any trouble at all. So, there is hope out there. I would definitely ask your GI docs about trying the zithromax suspension, if you haven't already done so, prior to any surgeries. My GI doc told me when I started it that they found in studies at Ohio State that it was truly a miracle drug for gastroparesis patients. It REALLY is---to just take the med in the AM and PM, is so much better than before every meal. And, it really works. So, best of luck and hang in there. It will get better. It's just a matter of tweeking the meds a little bit. Take care, Katie

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eihcet HB User
Re: Chronic nausea ~nothing works/gastric bypass?

You've been on the Zithromax for 2yrs? Do you also take any probiotics or anything else to balance the antibiotic properties? Erythromycin is often tried for GP, but is more of a short term treatment, thus the question on how long you've been on this one.

Old 01-05-2009, 06:26 AM   #4
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roge35 HB User
Re: Chronic nausea ~nothing works/gastric bypass?

Originally Posted by eihcet View Post
You've been on the Zithromax for 2yrs? Do you also take any probiotics or anything else to balance the antibiotic properties? Erythromycin is often tried for GP, but is more of a short term treatment, thus the question on how long you've been on this one.
No, I don't take any probiotics on a regular basis. I eat yogurt w/probiotics every once in a while, but it isn't required. The study they did at Ohio State had people on Zithromax a min. of 3 yrs prior to these docs trying it. I have had absolutely no problems. They are finding it has been the best treatment for GP since they discontinued Zelnorm. I am also on Miralax daily, and Zantac 150 mg QD. No problems---I highly recommend trying it before any surgery! The other thing that is good for people with bile reflux/GP is oatmeal bars at bedtime. It helps to absorb the bile, and lessens the nausea.

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HopeFloats7 HB User
Re: Chronic nausea ~nothing works/gastric bypass?

Thanks y'all.

I'll ask about the Zithromax. I don't think I can take that though.

I know I can't take probiotics, no dan-active and things like that.

I had a double lung transplant and a lot of medicines interact with my anti-rejection medicines. And I can't take things that will boost my immune system, because they want your immune system to be suppressed so you don't go into rejection.

When I had the Nissen Fundoplication done, they also did the pyloroplasty on me. When I had my gall bladder removed, the surgeon put in my PEJ tube (J-tube) at the same time.

I had another gastric empty study done this past Tuesday on the 6th, along with a barrium swallow, and both test came back normal.

I tried the IV Erthromycin, I couldn't tolerate it, it made my stomach contract so hard that I had bad stomach cramps and even more nausea upset because of the stomach cramping. The doc said that means that the Erthromycin was working then, but I couldn't tolerate it. It made me feel worse and miserable. And yes, it is only a short term medicine.

I even tried the Relistor, its an injection that you take every 2-3 days. Its mainly used for cancer patients that take lots of morphine, and the Relistor gives them relief from their constipation that they get from the narcotic pain medicine. They experimented me with this for a month to see if it was my lower GI tract causing the problems since the barrium swallow and gastric empty study came back normal. But the Relistor didn't work, all it did was give me diarrhea really bad, and I had to take Imodium. And then the Relistor was stopped since it didn't help, except gave me bad diarrhea.

I had an ERCP done, and it came back normal. I also had an upper endoscopy done, and they took tissue samples from my stomach and small intestine and they went down my throat, esophagus, stomach, and intestine and didn't find anything. Said everything looked great and healthy and the tissue samples and the washing samples all came back normal.

I've also had an MRI done of my brain, to see if something was going on there, as I also get really bad headaches. They aren't migraines, but they are very bad headaches. They also looked at all my sinuses. Everything was normal.

I've had CAT scans and ultrasounds done, all normal. I even had a MRI and MRA neck down, and all normal.

My doctors said that I've already tried every thing that I am able to try, and nothing has worked. But I'm going to ask about the Zithromax and ask him if doing another endoscopy or ERCP or ultrasounds and see if I need to have my small and large intestines looked at again.


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Re: Chronic nausea ~nothing works/gastric bypass?

Do you feel nauseous on a completely empty stomach?

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Jdavil24 HB User
Re: Chronic nausea ~nothing works/gastric bypass?

I was diagnosed with Pyloric Stenosis but got a balloon dilation three years ago, and now I'm suspecting it came back. does anyone know if it usually comes back after a few years???
Thank you

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