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Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

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Old 04-17-2009, 11:17 AM   #1
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hukleberrie HB User
Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

Hello all.

I have been having problems for 2 years. I will try to keep this brief. I have had problems mostly with frequent BMs, vomiting, stomach/abdominal pain, blood in the stool (once in a while) along with dizziness which may or may not be related. I have had issues with dehydration & low potassium. No one can find the cause. I have had every test under the sun, it seems. Blood tests are basically normal. I have had mild anemia, that's it, really. They did find some "inflammation" on my small bowel follow through, some small ulcers in my colon on one of my colonoscopies (other c-scope was normal), and gastritis (chemical gastritis although I do NOT take NSAIDs) on my EGDs. The vomiting is most difficult for me. Just when I think I am fine & haven't been sick for a couple weeks (besides pain), I have a day where I vomit right after eating. It exhausts me & is difficult to live a regular life. I was negative for crohn's disease through the prometheus test.

I have also had a pain in my back rib area, which may be due to spine issues (I was also recently diagnosed with grade 2 Spondylosthesis). I tried epidural pain blocks, with only short-lived relief. I was also diagnosed with EDS (ehlers-danlos syndrome) hypermobility type, but was told that was not the cause of this GI issue, or what I assume is a GI issue.

At this point, I have visited a specialist in the area of IBD (my GI doc had no idea what was causing my problems), and she currently does not think I have IBD. So I am back to square one trying to find a cause of this pain & vomiting & difficulty maintaining weight even with very high caloric intake.

The vomiting began with night time vomiting, where I would wake up in the middle of the night with the need to vomit, to now where sometimes as soon as I eat, I get sick. Eating also causes stomach pain, but no luck on why.

I am exhausted & hoping someone has an idea...

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Old 04-24-2009, 05:16 PM   #2
my sore feet
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my sore feet HB User
Re: Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

Have you been tested for Celiac Disease? If not it's a possiblity.

Old 04-25-2009, 03:00 PM   #3
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hukleberrie HB User
Re: Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

Yes, I was negative, twice tested for celiac. Also tested for parasites & all the other stool tests & such... I have tried the lactose free diet, and the gluten free diet & the fructose free diet, without any success. I am at my wits end...

Old 07-01-2009, 05:22 PM   #4
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angeliii HB User
Re: Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

Originally Posted by hukleberrie View Post
Yes, I was negative, twice tested for celiac. Also tested for parasites & all the other stool tests & such... I have tried the lactose free diet, and the gluten free diet & the fructose free diet, without any success. I am at my wits end...
hi hukleberrie, i was just diaagnosed with multiple kidney stones and i have the exact same symptoms as you did with your kidney- sharp pain in ribs left side back and front neck and shoulder pain hurts when i lean back- never had pain before and its been 2 months since i awoke with extreme pain. i really think you have kidney stones- i know it feels like stomach symptoms but its kidney stones they do hurt when they are in your kidney.dont let the docs tell you, you know your body thats how they make their money . all i have is kidney stones and exact same symptoms i felt like i was reading my kidney pain story when i read yours. how are you doing now?angelii

Old 07-01-2009, 05:25 PM   #5
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hukleberrie HB User
Re: Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

They have checked over & over for kidney stones... don't have any. They now say I have IBD, possibly Crohn's Disease. I also have EDS (hypermobility type III) & spondylolisthesis, grade 2.

Old 12-12-2009, 11:29 PM   #6
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GeekySoprano HB User
Re: Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

Just so you know, motility problems like Gastroparesis, Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction, etc are known to be caused by EDS. I'd also make sure with your EDS doc that you definitely have hypermobility type, because of all the symptom cross-over between types, lots of people with classical and hypermobility type are misclassified (generally unless someone has very stretchy skin, they're assumed to be hypermobility, which is a common misconception. I was originally diagnosed with mild hypermobility type and now turns out I have moderate classical type. Other than people diagnosed with Vascular, especially after an arterial dissection incident or something like that, most people tend to be quickly "thrown" into the hypermobility type unless their skin is extremely stretchy). Regardless, collagen diseases can effect the smooth muscle, which is in the GI system among other places.

Good luck!

PS I'm not saying that you don't have IBD or whatever else they've diagnosed, but it's something to look into. Suggest a 4 hour Gastric Emptying Test to your GI and go onto the EDNF website which will confirm that delayed gastric emptying is a known issue for people with EDS.

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Kasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB UserKasey443 HB User
Re: Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

Were you checked for addisons disease? My friend had many of your symptoms, losing weight, vomiting, diarrhea, ended up in the ER a few times so sick and severely dehydrated they put her on saline for the dehydration, her potassium was very low and they had to give that to her intravenously too, or had her take more daily when she was released. In the beginning, a few years before, the docs couldnt believe she tested positive for it so they checked it 2 more times, said she was too young. This is not something they normally even check for. Just a suggestion in case this was not checked. I hope you find the cause so you can get the proper treatment.

Old 01-02-2010, 11:33 AM   #8
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joshu HB User
Re: Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

has your doc checked for a block in the bile duck, you my have acut pancteatits, if not treated this can get very bad and turn chronic witch is very painful.

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Old 12-13-2010, 11:49 PM   #9
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Greenfroggy77 HB User
Re: Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

Talk to your Doctor about Gastroparesis..its something that is rarely brought up..I have this disorder and alot of what you are talking about,I have gone through ,I am now stable..on knowing what I can and cant eat,low fat low fiber diet along with a digestion aid..I have found comfort..The constant BM's could be whats called,dumping syndrome,where all the contents of your stomach just dumps all at once,this is a side effect of the Gastroparesis...Look into it..I hope you figure this out,I know when I was going through this I felt so alone,and I wish it would just go away... Good luck..

Old 08-14-2011, 06:49 PM   #10
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KristiG123 HB User
Re: Vomiting, Stomach Pain & Weight Loss...

Since you have been officially diagnosed with EDS, I would strongly suggest getting tested for POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), a form of dysautonomia. It is extremely common in EDS Hypermobility patients. I have POTS myself (for 3+ years) and also have a history of dizziness, lightheadedness, low potassium and stomach problems. It would potentially explain all your symptoms. A cardiologist or primary care doctor usually performs a diagnostic test that is fairly simple: orthostatic blood pressure and heart rate readings. They will take your numbers after lying down for 10 min, sitting up for 10 min, and standing for 10 min. A beats per minute heart rate increase of 30 bpm or more upon standing means you have POTS. Would definitely explain your dizziness and tummy troubles.

Please talk to your family doctor. POTS all too often goes un or misdiagnosed as anxiety because it strikes primarily women. There is no cure for EDS or POTS, however there are many different medications and a variety of things prescribed to relieve symptoms including increasing your intake of salt and fluids, wearing compression stockings and taking a beta blocker to level out your heart rate. I hope this info might give you some more insight. Let me know how it goes.

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