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Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach.

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Sweetlife12 HB User
Red face Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach.

Hi everyone! I am new to this site, and have been verrrrrrrrry stressed frustrated/worried over the past 6 months about my stomach issues I was wondering if anyone has any similar experiences....suggestions etc. All which would be greatly appreciated

About 6 months ago I started to feel very nauseous, tired and just pretty crappy overall!!! Prior to this I have random instances of nausea (about once per month) over the past few years, but usually OTC Zanatc helped!!!
I went to see my doctor and explained my symptoms and initially she said it sounds like your pregnant!!! Obviously I was not and she went ahead and did a full blood workup. The results came back ok except for the h.pylori antibody was found in my blood. The PA at my doctors office prescribed me some antibiodics: Biaxin, Flagyl and Prevacid (couldn't tolerate it) and then changed it to Tetracycline, Flagyl and Prevacid (found I was allergic to the Tetracycline and only took the medication for a few days). I decided to go see a gastroenterologist about this and see if there was anything else out there I could be prescribed and tolerate (I am allergic to Penncillin and Sulfa as well). I assumed the h.pylori was the cause of all my stomach issues, and was just ready to have this bacteria gone!!!! The specialist said we first need to see if the h.pylori is actually active before he did any treatment, and NOT that my body just had the antibody for it. He performed an endoscopy and found that I had an active h.pylori infection, acid reflux, gastritis, and candida on my esophagus (I have read that candida on the esophagus is common in HIV patients, or people who have weakened immune systems). I have already been tested for HIV and the results are NEGATIVE. The specialist was clueless as to why a "healthy" 26 year old girl would have a candida infection in the esophagus like that!

The specialist wanted to wait for the results of my h.pylori test (which took 2 weeks) before he treated the candida in my esophagus. Well by waiting the 2 weeks the candida spread up to my throat and my whole throat was covered in pus pockets (nasty I know ) and I had thrush in my mouth. I had NO CLUE that the candida spread up to my throat. I assumed I had a throat infection and called the specialist's office and spoke with the nurse on the phone. She said "Sounds like you have strep and you cannot come in here like that, the doctor has a new baby at home." So I just went to my normal doctor, and she swabbed me for strep (didn't have it) and then prescribed Azithromycin (she assumed I had a bacterial infection and NOT a fungal infection). So I finish up the antibiodics and go to see the specialist and I told him about my throat. He says "Nooooo you shouldn't have taken the Azithromycin. That is the candida (the fungal infection) spreading up to your throat. The antibiodics only make it worse!" Haha. How the heck am I supposed to know this?! I call the specialist's office for advice, they tell me I'm "sick" and to go see my regular doctor!!! The specialist leaves me untreated for 2 weeks with this nasty fungal infection in my esophagus which spread. WOW!

So the specialist treated my fungal infection for 7 days with oral fluconzale. He said he wanted to wait 1 month before treating my h.pylori to let my stomach calm down. So 1 month later I was treated with Cipro,Flagyl (14 days) and finally Aciphex (30 days) for the h.pylori. The prevacid and then prilosec which was originally prescribed by the specialist made my heart beat verrrrrrrry fast!!! I couldn't tolerate it. Horrible feeling! I called the office and spoke to the nurse and told her about my side effects of the PPIs. She called back 3 days later and said "The doctor says that rapid heart rate is not a side effect of the PPIs, so just be strong and take the medication." WOW again!!! I actually had to go to my normal doctor who gave me a prescription for the Aciphex ( I could tolerate that). Soooo after 14 days of this horrrrrrrible treatment for the h.pylori, the stool test eventually came back negative. The h.pylori is gone! Yay! Which means my stomach issues will be gone too!! Right?! WRONG!!!!

I soon found that the nausea, ishy feeling, acid feeling still lingered!!! STILL! I spend 4 months assuming that once this horrible treatment was done I would be cured and could go back to "normal." NOPE! The stomach issues started in August 2010 and this was now Dec 2010 (with no h.pylori).

Sooooo frustrated and sad and stressed I made an appointment with a new specialist. When I explained my symptoms he said that the gastritis was probably causing all my symptoms originally but should have been gone a week after my h.pylori was cured....and he is not sure what is going on with my stomach. He thinks that I have something going on with my immune system. Since I started all of these lovely antibiodics my immune system has taken a toll as well.

First round of h.pylori treatment started in August (was allergic to it). Saw the specialist and was treated in October and found out I was h.pylori free in Decemeber. While all this has been going on I have been experiencing OTHER strange symptoms that I have NEVERRRRR experienced before:

Since August 2010 (after the start of the antibiodics)
-Candida in my throat and esophagus (August 2010)
-Swollen eye (December 2010) I had a pimple near my eye and my eye ended up swelling like I was punched in the face....NEVER had that happen before. WIERD!!!!
- Thrush in my mouth (August 2010 & various times after)
-Yeast infections (many)
-Bladder infections (every month)
-Strep throat (January 2010)
-H.pylori (August 2010-December 2010)
-Gastritis (August 2010-December 2010)
-Nausea (since August)
-Dizziness(since August)
-Fatigue (Since August),
-Acid indigestion (Since August)
-Low body temperature (January 2010...temp got as low as 90 degrees).
It's been a NIGHTMARE!!!, but through it all the stomach issues have been the worst!!!!

The new specialist has me scheduled for an abdominal ultrasound to check for gallbladder issues or pancreas issues. I do this next week! The NEW specialist me referred me to an infectious disease doctor to do extensive bloodwork and check for autoimmune problems.

I went to see the infectious disease doctor and she said you don't LOOK sick at all. Wow I'm glad I don't look sick, but my body has been through hell for the past 6 months. She is running some specialized blood tests & I am waiting to hear the results.

In the mean time I feel helpless about this whole issue. I had my mind set on the h.pylori. Once the h.pylori is gone, so will my issues!!! But since that hasn't been the case I am very upset. I used to go out all the time before I was sick! I had energy! I felt great!!! While in college, even with the stress of tests, midterms stomach didn't act like this! After college I worked at a company where I worked 10 hours days....I would come home and go bar hopping at night.....get 4 hours of sleep and be fine!!! This was about 1 year ago!! Now I am always sick, have no energy and feel miserable!!!!

My main issues are my stomach though My stomach varies from nauseous (sometimes after I eat, sometimes eating makes my stomach feel better)....lately it feels like the food sits there....acid indigestion....buring stomach (was checked for uclers, don't have any), just an ishy gross feeling all the time. I normally don't vomit *knock on wood* but my stomach is just a piece of crap!!! I noticed on the days where I wake up burping and burp allllll day....those days are really bad.....and I have ZERO appetite. But on the days where I don't wake up stomach doesn't seem to bother me as much and I feel a little hungry. Can't seem to find any triggers either!!

OTC Zantac helps (not to the point where my symptoms are gone), but it's not meant for long term use anyways. I have tried tums, pepto, most OTC stuff and it doesn't help, and some just make it worse. I hated taking the PPIs and after reading on this forum I have seen that alot of users have negative side effects over the long term use anyways (Loss of bone density?? Acid rebound??? No thanks!). I have tried ginger pills (make my stomach BURN)....chamomile tea (ehhh doesn't help)....ginger ale (thought it helped....maybe) but nothing helps to the point where I feel good! I don't eat greasy or spicy food. I don't drink milk. I hardly drink alcohol anymore. I have switched my coffee to Folgers Simply Smooth (made for sensitive stomachs), but I only drink 2 cups (doesn't seem to irritate my stomach anyways). I have started a food diary and look for triggers, but I've been eating pretty bland anyways!!

I looked into acupuncture to help with my stomach (just finished with my second treatment)....the doctor says I have ALOT of water in my stomach (stagent energy). He was been focusing the needles around my stomach and my stomach makes the LOUDEST noises I have ever heard!!!! I def feel the energy from the needles and I am hoping that it helps! I seem to feel a little less irritated after the second treatment, but I signed up for 10. He said it's not an instant fix!! He thinks that my stomach issues are causing the dizziness (the dizziness is not as bad after the second treatment). He believes that my immune system is low which is causing the constant bladder infections. But WHY is my immune system low?! Too many antibiodics?! Hmmmm....

Right now I currently take Cranberry pills, Acidolphilus, OTC Zantac (stopped yesterday). I cannot tolerate multivitamins (makes me too sick to my stomach). The acpuncturist wants me to stop taking OTC Zantac and try aloe juice instead. I started that yesterday and it seems to help!!!!! I'm taking 1 tablespoon (3x day) before meals.

I've been trying to think of triggers for all this....what brought all this on?! I was wayyyyyyy more stressed last wayyyy less sleep and had more energy! Now I don't even go out because I am sooooooooo sick to my stomach and feel sooooo tired!!!

This is prob just a random thing, but a week before all this happened I broke things off w/a guy I was dating (was pretty upset about it) AND had Restylane injections. Initally I thought maybe the stress of breaking things off was causing me to be sooooo upset and nauseous, but honestly right now I could careless about the guy. AND about the Restylane injections....I've had them once before once and never had any problems. For a while I thought maybe my body was reacting to the injections?

Right now I have no clue what is going on with my body, but I am soooooo sick and frustrated over this!!!! I am too sick and tired to even go out!!!!

Do I have a candida buildup in my body from all the antibiodics?? Is the gastritis still there?? Bad indigestion?? Too much acid in my stomach?? Too little acid????

Once the ultrasound is done & the new results come back from the new blood workup....maybe something will show up. If not I was thinking about looking into a nautropath doctor, since I'm not having much luck!!!

I am 26 years old. I am 5'8 and normally weigh about 120-122lbs....right now I am about 114. I HATE losing weight from this!! I don't want to lose ANY more weight!!

Any suggestions, advice, ANYTHING would be greatly appreciated!!!!

Thanks in advance!!

Much love!!! XO

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CowboyLife4Me (03-23-2011)
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ken100 HB User
Re: Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach, hellllllllllllllllllllllp!

I have almost same problem as you for the past 6 months. I had gone for full blood tests etc but nothing has been found. I initially though it is sexual exposure related systoms and finally went for hiv and and other stds test. Everything went back fine after 7 months post sexual exposure. I have no idea at all now. You said you tested negative for hiv. May i know how many months you tested after the possible exposure. Thank first.

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Sweetlife12 (02-12-2011)
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Re: Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach, hellllllllllllllllllllllp!

Hi Just some suggestions. I would never ever drink a drop of alchohol again. I would not use drugs, tobacco or even food additives. I suggest some lifestyle changes. I notice the postername suggests a liking for sweets. To have a healthier sweeter life I would not use sweets Candida grows stronger with it. I would not use meds. Yes with all those antibiotics by now there may be a major Candida infection that may take a long time to eradicate. My understanding is that Candida also lives off of dying or dead cells. The goal then is to make all cells living and healthy so Candida cannot thrive so well.

I would not bother with ginger it seems useless for Candida and in addition the burning probably is telling us that it is not that healthy of a substance in spite of some talk to the contrary. Antifungals often seem ineffective and useless for many in addition to be a dangerous substance for kidneys according to some of the literature of the past.

Cabbage juice is said to be healing to ulcers and it maybe easier taken either diluted with a bit of water or with carrot juice freshly made. There are some other nice stomach foods available.

I would not use coffee ever again. The grain type of substitutes might be OK I like the taste of Roma but one doctor said a person aught not to use brown foods and that also included food that has been burned a bit. It would certainly be healthier than the real coffee which is burnt anyway. Don't get me wrong bread well baked is healthy and I believe dried types of beans are healthy if there are not too much sweets and fats placed in them.

I believe acupuncture to be a useless waste of time and expenditure of resources. It does not truly benefit health in my opinion. It was tried for 2 years without benefit.

The use of real cranberries is useful in my opinion they can be cooked and then use raw apple grated or chopped as a sweetener. The peels should be well washed with a vege fruit wash according to the government to take off pesticides. The right one will remove the bitter taste from the peel. I would skip most of the supplements unless a real good naturopath has suggested it. I would choose an herbalist not necessarily an acupuncturist for this purpose many herbs from other areas than our own seem to contain lead or caffeine in them. Don't get me wrong some of them may be useful. I am not sure really that the bacterial supplements are truly useful. If one thinks about it they may add to bacterial load and it may simply be better to get the flora from natural raw fruits and raw vege salads sometimes instead in my opinion.

I would not use the meds or antacids in my opinion my reasoning is as follows:
Food must must be digested and it requires acid to break it down for proper digestion.
If pills are used to suppress this process the stomach must work alllll the harder to replenish the acid in my opinion thus wearing out the poor stomach.

In my opinion if the stomach burns (unless there is so much pain there is a perforation)
then a large glass of water should be taken unless a person has just eaten. Water should be used between meals up to 20 minutes to 1/2 hour before meals and some little time after meals according to some people. I would not use this during the meal as it will make the stomach work hard to replenish the acid to get the food digested and wear out that stomach the same way a med would. I would suspect about 7 or 8 glasses of water might be appropriate for 120 pound person and if more weight is picked up to say 150 pounds 9-10 glasses water may be more appropriate.

Beans, grains and olives well chewed to cream consistency might be useful for gaining weight. Between 2-4 tablespoons olive oil may be soothing to the stomach after some healing has begun but too much may also be aggravating. I would not use meats or dairy these have bacteria that cause fermentation and decay of food and delay of digestion. Heat sometimes does not destroy bacteria now according to a more recent source.

Most canned,refined or boxed food might be better eliminated unless it is a produce item without additives. In the opinion of some it is ok to use some cooked food (about 15-20 percent according to one doctor but for a skinny person maybe a bit larger percentage of cooked grains and beans might be beneficial)and some raw food. If a garden can be grown for one's own personal eating, all the better in my opinion.

I would try to sleep or at least rest every night at the same time and get up at the same time if possible and get a walk everyday in the sun and fresh air where one can view the beauty of nature.


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Sweetlife12 (02-12-2011)
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Sweetlife12 HB User
Re: Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach, hellllllllllllllllllllllp!


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post!!!! I can see that you took alot of time in your response & I greatly appreciate it. I am going to look into everything you advised!!! I thank you for the helpful information!!!

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sjb (02-13-2011)
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sjb (06-01-2012)
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Sweetlife12 HB User
Re: Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach, hellllllllllllllllllllllp!


Hi! For me....I always have had a STD/HIV check after each partner. I just do it as a precaution. I've had one in August & just recently. I never thought I was exposed....but the doctors just wanted to rule out all options because of the candida in my esophagus.

I'm glad to hear your symptoms subsided. Did you do anything during those 7 months? Or did the symptoms go away by itself?

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Re: Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach, hellllllllllllllllllllllp!

Hi you are welcome! May it be of benefit.

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Sweetlife12 (02-14-2011)
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isleofhughes HB User
Re: Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach.

First, you need to go see a Natural Path. One that specializes in Endocrinology. I know what a lot of people think about not going to a traditional doc. A natural path will look at all of you and everything from birth to now. I've been in the Medical Field and a M.D treats your symptoms. That is how it is. You have so many symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. Let me guess, you should have bought stock in home pregnancy tests? Your doctors keep asking if you are pregnant? I know because I went through the same thing as you. Not until 33 years and so many doctors and tests did I finally go to a Natural Path. I have celiac disease which was causing me to have every symptom under the sun of thyroid disorders, pregnancy symptoms, heart issuers, blood pressure issues, temp issuers, stomach issues of every kind, you name it...

I see a wonderful Natural Path in Whitefish Montana over the phone! I live in Washington and you schedule a phone apt with him and he is wonderful. His name is Dr. Gordon at the Bridge Medical Center.

I know this may sound like a lot of work but it is not. It is just a call to save your life. If you have any questions, I would love to help you. I know what it is like to be bumped around and no answers. It is awful and it is degrading the way you can be treated. There is hope. (fyi- I'm not a crazy person. I'm not into voodoo health care, just that I have learned the hard way that no one cares about my health like I can. What was so wonderful about Dr. Gordon is that he asked me everything the M.D didn't. He covered everything. I am feeling normal and my stomach and every other symptom is gone that the other docs kept giving me meds for. I'm sorry for such a long reply. I just hope something I said helps you. The very best to you. dani

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4balance HB User
Re: Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach.

Can't tell you how much I appreciate your insights. I have been trying to sleuth out these symptoms of mine...I have been so bummed out by my fatigue and recurring sinus issues and now these stomach issues. When I tried a particular plan that was a four month long endeavor to rid myself of candida..well, I did feel better after two months...but couldn't make it last two months. The diet was too restrictive...I like to eat fruit! Today I will revisit this candida issue more seriously...I eat well, then had some cake for my birthday and have been miserable for days..and the notion of a sub clinical gluten intolerance makes some sense..especially..those processed foods! I also used to drink the grapefruit seed extract every morning in some water and will revisit doing that. Thanks again!!!

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sjb (05-27-2011)
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mello65 HB User
Re: Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach.

Sweetlife, just came across your posts today - you could be describing my days! Especially when the burping/nausea starts at 5:30am and I know that I will be miserable all day. This all started for me in November 2011 and I feel each week is getter worse not better. The H Pylori has gone but I continue to have ongoing issues. Weight loss, nausea, contant burping, chest pain, insomnia. I have had blood tests, CT scan, MRI and ultrasound plus endoscopy but so far nothing has been found apart from mild gastritis and some candida in my esophagus. This all causes me anxiety and depression and my Dr now thinks I'm a middle woman with Generalised Anxiety Disorder and wants me to take Effexor, which I have declined. My Dr doesn't get that if I constantly feel sick, that I get anxious. She thinks it is the other way around!

I have also started down a "natural path" - I'm seeing a dietician who has put me on a low FODMAP diet. Early days and so far no relief for burping, chest pains and nausea. It's very restrictive and as I have lost a huge amount of weight already I don't think this diet will suit me in the long term. I have just started on apple cider vinegar with a little honey in warm water when I have the queasys and burping and maybe my imagination or deperation but it does soothe me a little.

I also get best results from Zantac rather than nexium or somac but I find it works best when I take it in combination with Maxolon and Buscopan. I save that for the evening though, so I get relief enough to sleep!

I have been back to the Gastro today, he now thinks candida that I got when treated for H Pylori may have come back plus I am booked in for a colonoscopy due to blood in bowel movements and possibly testing for fructose/lactose intolerance.

If you haven't already, have your B12 levels tested as there is a link between gastro issues and low B12. B12 injections can be a great tonic and give you back some appetite and sense of well being. Also some Magnesium and Zinc supplements can help.

I'm glad that you report some improvements and hope that your recovery continues.

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Holymonkey HB User
Re: Nausea, acid indigestion, candida, ishy upset stomach.

Wow! I have the exact symptoms you guys are describing, been ongoing now for about 2 years. I burp all day, have terrible nausea, often feel bloated, have terrible burning chest pain, cant drink coffee or alcohol at all anymore without feeling like I want to die, and I always have fatigue at the end of the day which is traditionally not like me. I was put on somac for a while, it helped temporarily but gave me terrible constipation so I came off it. I was good for about a month after and then back to the same old problems. I took the test for h pylori. and it came back positive but a low count, I have taken two week long courses of Nexium along with clarithromycin and I forget what the third antibiotic was. I feel better for the week while I am taking them and then after 2 or 3 days my symptoms return worse than ever. I have tried a huge range of vitamins, supplements and oils but nothing makes any difference. Pro biotics do nothing for me (although drinking raw milk does provide me with temporary relief). I really am starting to get depressed about the whole thing, after my first course of antibiotics I was really hopeful and feeling great but now after a second course and no lasting change I really don't know what to do anymore. My diet is not fantastic, i've always been attracted to breads and oily spicy foods, but other than caffeine and alcohol I dont seem to have any serious food triggers, although fruit juice can bring it on sometimes. its good to know that there are other people out there with the same problem, perhaps one of us can discover a root cause or better yet a solution!

Yours painfully,
a fellow sufferer.

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acid indigestion, candida, nausea

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