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answers from the review board

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Old 10-09-2008, 11:52 PM   #1
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chicubs HB User
answers from the review board

I just wanted to give you an update about my situation. Perhaps some of you remember that I had posted a thread concerning my file/application was being sent to be reviewed. And I didn't know what that would mean to me if my application was "reviewed". I guess the computer randomly picks a application to be sent to this place to be reviewed to see if the employees are doing their jobs correctly.
Anyway, I received an phone call today and I was told that I was approved!!!!!! He told me that I would be receiving the papers in mail very shortly but that he wanted to let me know so that I would not be worrying so much. As he was telling me all this I was crying like a baby. I kept telling him that I was sorry for the crying , but he told me that he knows how emotional and stressful this process is.
I haven't been able to work since I had bunion surgery in November of 2005. I had applied shortly after I knew that I would not be able to work anymore. But I was denied. I believe that was the first part of 2006.
Since I was a state employee for 22 years I was getting a disability check from the state. But my health insurance was $2000 every three months!!! We couldn't keep that up so after six months we had to have me drop my insurance. So now I have no insurance and my medication is so very expensive. We own a small business. It was my father - in- laws since 1946. Now my husband has it. So I was the one who always carried our health insurance. But with me not working we no longer had any insurance for us.
I'm sorry I am jumping all over with this post but I am still so happy and excited about being approved. My doctor told me back in May to apply again for social security because my RSD was bad and probably would never be any better than I am right now. If anything my health would be worse. So I applied again in May of this year.
Back to what the man from social security told me. He said that they decided to go back to me original application and since they did that I would now have Medicare so I will now have health insurance!!!!
He also told me that they decided to also use my original application to use for the starting point to figure out how much back pay I would receive!!!! He told me how much I would be receiving a month but that they have not quite finished figuring out how much back pay I would receive. He did say that it would be a substantial amount. But that is so relative. Because perhaps what he thinks is substantial may be different than what I think it is. But it really doesn't matter!!!! It just matters that I was approved and that I will have health insurance.
I didn't even use a lawyer to help me. But I really think that it is your doctor that has to go to bat for you when they fill out the forms that social security sends them about you. Without my doctors support and help I really don't know how this would have turned out.
I hope and I pray that the ones that are waiting for your approval will receive the good news quickly.
I prayed everyday for this. I am crying now as I type this. My husband even had tears in eyes when I told him. thanks for letting me ramble on about this. And thanks for all of your support through this stressful time. God Bless you all.

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Old 10-10-2008, 05:55 AM   #2
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happygirl440 HB User
Re: answers from the review board

That is wonderful news! Congrats!!!

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Re: answers from the review board

Thank you for the update - good news is always welcome!


Old 10-10-2008, 01:38 PM   #4
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littlelady2852 HB User
Re: answers from the review board

Chris, I am very happy for you !! Congratulations !!
Wish me luck.. lol

Old 10-10-2008, 04:07 PM   #5
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chambers421 HB User
Re: answers from the review board

Dear Chicubs;
I am so greatful for your new discovery in what you have been fighting for and believe me I know what a fight it can be. Your courage is to be commended as is everyone elses who finally decides they have to take this road because their health situations demand it. I would much rather have been able to work instead of SSDI, my earnings would have been triple. But chronic back problems over 17 years quickly changed my plans to file.
God Bless you, your Husband, and others who have been involved in your plight.

Old 10-10-2008, 08:41 PM   #6
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chicubs HB User
Re: answers from the review board

Thanks for all your kind words. I know that by coming onto this board made this whole process just a little bit easier. It was so nice to come on here and vent when things became so frustrating. The waiting was so stressful. But to those of you that are still waiting please do not give up!!! I really thought that when my application was sent to the review board that I was going to be denied.
And because I was denied the first time I applied I again thought that that would happen. But that's just me, a little negative when I worry.
Again I want to let you know that I truly feel it was my doctors going to bat for me that helped me to get approved. I made it clear to my doctors how I was feeling physically and emotionally since being diagnosed with the Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. And just how much this has changed my life. In some respects it has even changed my marriage. Well at first it did because I allowed myself to let the RSD no longer make feel like a equal partner because of the fact I wasn't working. Luckily it was my sister who brought that to my attention. I didn't even know that I was acting in a way that made me look like a victim (which is one thing I hate). I needed to rethink my purpose in life. I guess I always associated myself to who I was because of my career. And when I no longer was teaching, I felt weak and like a victim.
I can honestly say that is no longer case. I am still my husband's partner in this marriage. I am still articulate, smart and have many things to offer to society. I started to volunteer for Hospice Hope and that changed my life. To sit with someone who is dying and to be there when they pass away is life changing event. I no longer think I am a victim. I am thankful for everyday I wake up. Even if the pain is so bad that day, I am thankful that I have my family and friends to support me. I will never again be a victim.
OK enough of my sermon, sorry! Just make sure that your doctors are on the same page as you and I really believe that you too will be approved. God Bless!

Old 10-11-2008, 12:03 PM   #7
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dogmom HB Userdogmom HB User
Re: answers from the review board

Chris, congratulations! You give us all hope that someday we will win!

I can SO relate to everything you've written. I didn't apply for SSDI until after over 2 yrs. I became "disabled" because I thought for sure a medication combination would 'cure' my disorder so that I could return to work.

Call it pride. Call it stupidity. Call it . . . it didn't work. So I filed in Feb. '08 and was denied within a few weeks. I should have filed in Oct. '05 when my brain pretty much exploded! Hey! Today is my three year anniversary of the Grand Mal seizure that changed my life forever. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy. Didn't even know it was lurking in the shadows and would forever change everything. I hired a lawyer and we're still in the appeals stage. I'm not going to give up. I lost an awesome job due to this, but luckily, my husband is the most understanding man in the world and puts up with the mood swings these meds. bring about. (wait 'til menopause, though! ha!)

Enough about me. I'm just so happy to read about someone getting what they deserve for once!

Now, relax and enjoy the rest of your life!

Old 10-11-2008, 08:10 PM   #8
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chicubs HB User
Re: answers from the review board

My heart is going out to you!!! Don't you ever give up. I will be praying for you because you deserve this too!!!
I'm so glad your husband is so understanding. You are lucky right there to have him and I know that you know this. I can tell how much you love him by how you wrote about him.
I have to tell you there were times that I would get depressed because the waiting took so long and I thought I should just give up. But something inside me kept going and I want you too to find that something so that you too will keep going.
I pray too that even though you may never be "cured" but perhaps you can live a happy and as healthy of life as possible.
Is your doctor helping you by filling out the forms that social security sends them? Make sure that your doctor is on the same page. Because if he/she is, I am positive that you will be successful. God Bless you and thanks for replying to my post. I hope you know that I was not trying to brag but only trying to give hope to you and the others. I want you all to feel relieved as well!!!

Old 10-13-2008, 02:43 PM   #9
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dogmom HB Userdogmom HB User
Re: answers from the review board

Thank you for your words of encouragement...I'm sure no one thought you were bragging! I, for one am just so HAPPY to read that someone finally got what they richly deserved!

And don't worry, I'm not giving up! Never ever. My neurologist told me that I should be collecting disability but warned me that I would be turned down the first time and "probably the second time," to quote him. But he is definately on the same page w/me. He's a great epileptologist and I'm sure he'll help this process along. But there's no speedy way when it comes to the government, is there?!

I'll just bide my time, that's all we can do.

Thanks for giving us hope, Chris! Now go celebrate!!!!!

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