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Old 02-09-2002, 11:47 AM   #1
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HeavenlyOne HB User
Can you get vertigo symptoms from TMJ?

For about 5 years now, my dentist has told me that I grind my jaws at night. It has practically worn my teeth down.
My jaws are always sore and my ears hurt a lot.
I was wondering if there is something between having this TMJ and having vertigo? The doctor and the ENT both looked at my ears and didn't say anything about an inner ear infection, which I thought caused vertigo?

Anyway, anyone have any ideas?

^i^ <p>[This message has been edited by moderator1 (edited 03-15-2002).]

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Old 02-09-2002, 01:27 PM   #2
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Elaine HB User
Re: Can you get vertigo symptoms from TMJ?

Don't know if this explains much to you but all I could find.

Like many of the different symptoms that arise from jaw dysfunction, the medical community attempts to explain their cause, albeit improperly. The usual belief in the medical community as to the cause of vertigo and dizziness is that the middle ear is involved. In all my 20 years of practice, I have seen only 3 or 4 cases that actually involved infections of the middle ear. The rest have all been caused by two factors: spasm of the cervical musculature or trigeminal nerve dysfunction effecting blood flow to the brain.

Cervical Spasm: Many people have spasms in their neck muscles on a constant basis that they are not aware of. This is often accompanied by a subluxation of the neck vertebrae. The neck has many proprioceptive nerves which tell the brain where the head is in space. But when the neck muscles are in spasm, these nerves don't function properly, giving the brain improper signals, thus causing the sensation of vertigo/dizziness. The jaw is often involved in that when the bite is improper, the muscle tone in the neck is elevated. Vertigo is a symptom that I cannot recall a single case in which it did not resolve.

Trigeminal Nerve Dysfunction: The trigeminal nerve, unbeknownst to the vast majority of the medical profession, innervates the blood vessels in the brain. Through this innervation and by secretion of neuropeptides from its ganglion, it has the ability to control blood flow to the brain. When the trigeminal nerve is hyperactive from jaw malalignment, this control mechanism can be abnormal, leading to low blood flow to the brain. This is why your mother always told you not to eat before you took an exam in school, the process of eating stimulates the trigeminal nerve leading to decreased blood flow to the brain.)

Old 02-11-2002, 02:53 PM   #3
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MissiM HB User
Re: Can you get vertigo symptoms from TMJ?

I get dizzy all the time from my TMJD. I have noticed thru the years that when my TMJD is really bad the dizzier I get. The TMJD doc says it comes with the disease. It is becasue your inner ear is contected to the jaw and if the jaw is off you inner ear is off and that causes your equilibrium to be off. Or something like that.

Old 02-26-2002, 09:05 AM   #4
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kag HB User
Re: Can you get vertigo symptoms from TMJ?

HI Everyone

I'm a newbie here.

I too have visual disturbance or something along those lines. I'm wondering if anyone has been albe to get rid of this symptom? Does the mouth guard help with this symptom?

Old 02-26-2002, 12:18 PM   #5
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MissiM HB User
Re: Can you get vertigo symptoms from TMJ?

Hi Kim and welcome to the TMJD healthboards....There is alot of great info on this site.
In regard to the mouth guard helping with the dizziness, I have found that the mouthguard helps me with the pain and if my pain is less my dizziness is less. It is when my TMJD is really bad that the dizziness gets really bad. I haven't been able to find anything to help get rid of the dizziness or the ear pain and pressure. It almost feels like I am taking flight in a plane, when I am just driving up a small hill. So I don't think the mouth guard cures the dizziness or ear pain, but as I said it has helped me with my TMJD pain.
Good luck Kim!

Old 02-26-2002, 01:14 PM   #6
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Nicole23 HB User
Re: Can you get vertigo symptoms from TMJ?

Missi M or anybody else: Do you know what happens to the ear pain and ear pressure, if they can stabilize your bite? That's how my right ear feels, (the side that the TMJ is on) when I am going up little hills.<p>[This message has been edited by Nicole23 (edited 02-26-2002).]

Old 02-26-2002, 10:33 PM   #7
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changpau HB User
Re: Can you get vertigo symptoms from TMJ?

Last week I was at my ENT; I've been lightheaded and get very dizzy. I have no ear infection but he says he thought it was TMJ related. Yesterday I was at the OMS and he says neurological. Today, I was at my PCP and he says TMJ related and suggested muscle relaxer. I'm trying to find the article I have that says it can also be from allergies. The article made sense and also the TMJ was mentioned. I'll keep looking.

Old 02-27-2002, 08:35 AM   #8
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MissiM HB User
Re: Can you get vertigo symptoms from TMJ?

HI Nicole,
I have had TMJD for many many years and I have found NOTHING really that will help the dizziness or the pressure in my ears. My bite is stable, but I have no disc in my jaw anymore.
My right side is worst than my left side but I do get the same feelings in both ears. I find that if the TMJD pain is less than the dizziness is less and the pressure in my ears is less. But god forbid that I have a bad TMJD day and I can't walk in a straight line and the ear problems get worse. I also get an ocean wave like feeling in my ears and then everything sounds like it is in a plastic bottle. It is so hard to describe and I have had no luck with the ear things with any of my DOCs. They all say the same thing....You can thank TMJD for those symptoms. If I could open my mouth, then maybe I could make the pressure go know like when you are taking flight in a plane...You chew gum or yawn or open your mouth and then your ears pop...well most of us cannot do those things at all. I am permanantly locked I cannot even yawn to get rid of the pressure, I just have to wait it out.
I was put on meds a long time ago for the dizziness, I cannot remember the name, but I could not function. It was like the drug just sat on my brain and squashed it. It did remove the dizziness but I had to stop taking the meds because I had to go to work...Got a mortgage to pay...
So If anyone finds anything that seems to work to rid the dizziness or the pressure and pain and wierd sensations in the ears please let me know.

I will pray today that all the tmjd sufferers have a painfree and dizziness free day!<p>[This message has been edited by MissiM (edited 02-27-2002).]

Old 02-27-2002, 11:11 AM   #9
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Nicole23 HB User
Re: Can you get vertigo symptoms from TMJ?

Missi M, I don't have the dizziness, but I have really bad ear pressure in one ear along with severe degeneration on one side of the TMJ. My Aunt found a Doctor who is an ENT and a Head and Neck specialist. I spoke to him over the phone and he said that he can help me with the ear pressure. If he can, he will be a God sent, and my Aunt will be also! I pray that he will. If he does I will let EVERYONE know about him. What are some questions I can ask him? What are some tests he can do to find out if the ear pressure is coming from something other than the TMJ? (although I don't think it is)

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