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vtgal244 06-10-2011 01:43 PM

Hoping this dizziness will end!
Hello all,

New to this board-but have read a lot of messages and hope some of you who have experienced a similar situation can help.

Have never experienced dizziness in my life, except for the first month of my second pregnancy last May-gave birth to a healthy baby in January 2011. THe dizziness seemed to go away on its own after a month into my second pregnancy.

Gave birth in January 2011, and 5 days later, started having dizziness symptoms, (began taking Zoloft 3 days post-partum due to extreme postpartum depression). Had taken it with first child and never had any problems.

Began to experience dizziness, OB had put me on meds since pschiatrist was away and told me dizziness was most likely due to meds and would go away. Pshciatrist was away, saw her adn she said to immediately stop Zoloft after 2 weeks on it and still dizziness. Tried Cymbalta for a week, still dizzy. Tried Oleptro, still dizzy. Went off meds for 6 days, still dizzy and very depressed, so back on Zoloft.

In mean time, saw primary doctor, thought it was vertigo, prescribed Antivert-just made me spacey. Saw a neurologist who tested me for positional vertigo, didn't find that I had that and had me do a head scan without contrast-came back clear. Thought it was just stress, lack of rest and depression since am not nauseous with dizziness, no reason to believe it was positional vertigo and said meds would have worked with vertigo.

Have a physical done in April 2011 by regular general doctor, bloodwork is fine.

April 2011: Still feeling dizzy, seen an ENT who presribes an ENG after listening to my symptoms.

Results of ENG show a right peripheral vestibulopathy.

A diuretic is prescribed but see with pschiatrist if can go off of Zoloft, wean off of it, only to go back on it.

Start taking diuretic for 3 weeks, doesn't work, so ENT prescribes vestibular rehab.

Just went for evaluation the other day, will be starting it. ENT in intertim suggested to go off diuretics when they weren't working, am back on them, he said to try physical therapy and if this doesn't work, eventually will go steroid route.

Am just tired of all of this. FEel like am on a cruise ship constantly, and have light-headed ness, fullness in ears, although no hearing loss, hearing test came out f ine when they did the ENG.

It is just hard-I not off ZOloft and have been off 2 weeks. Not depressed.

Sorry, long post!

bindar 06-11-2011 02:02 AM

Re: Hoping this dizziness will end!
It sounds like Vestibular Migraine (also called MAV). Lookup more information on the condition, and read about the symptoms. Here is my reasoning,

-Vestibular migraine (or any other migranous symptom) very frequently happens around pregnancy because of hormone changes.

-Your symptoms are ALL characteristic of vestibular migraine.

In the dizziness community, we see a lot of people who have cases that have the possibility of being vestibular migraine. These patients have been misdiagnosed with other conditions and they end up here looking for direction because a fair amount of doctors do not understand that migraine has many associated symptoms, and sometimes the patient does not even exhibit the typical head pain that is typically associated with migraine (this was the case with me).

I would read more about VM and find a good scholarly article that describes the symptoms you experience, and take the article to any one of your doctors.

vtgal244 06-11-2011 05:47 PM

Re: Hoping this dizziness will end!
Thank you for your input. I don't have any headaches at all with my dizziness and no nauseousness associated with it-could that really still be the migraine-associated vertigo?

I had a headache the other day, but that was the first headache I've had in months, and the dizziness has been constant for 5 months now.

Thanks again for all of your input.

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