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Dizzy!!!! Doctors only guessing at this point. HELP!

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Old 05-10-2012, 08:41 PM   #1
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frankland1983 HB User
Unhappy Dizzy!!!! Doctors only guessing at this point. HELP!

I've suffered with Vertigo, on and off for the last decade. When I had bouts with it, it would only last a day or two and I'd be all good. But 2 months ago, I started to get a bad dizzy feeling but it wasn't a "vertigo feeling" it was like a constant headrush feeling and it would not ease up whatsoever. When I would try to go to sleep, the dark made the spinning that much more noticeable. I went to my primary care physician and was given an antibiotic for a possible infection. Didn't work. Was then referred to an ENT, where I was given a hearing test, and balance tests. Tests came back normal but was told it might be acute labrythitis, but the doctor himself told me he had no idea what the problem was but he gave me prednisone to see if medications would fix the issue, well not only did it not work but it made me hyper and fidgety. Well then I was given valium to counteract the prednisone to help me sleep. Still nothing helped. Was then told to take amnitriptyline. Still nothing was touching it. So I then was told my a lady in my church to see a chiropractor who specializes in the bones surrounding the brainstem. i was told that my atlas bone was 5 degrees off and may be pinching the nerves that regulate balance. Was adjusted but still was having dizzy spells. I am now getting an MRI and am really hoping I don't have a tumor or something. I have a 1 year old daughter and new wife of 2 years. I am besides my self stressed out and still have no idea what's going on. It's disheartening when doctors tell you they have no clue what's wrong with you. Can anyone offer any advice or solutions that I haven't come across yet?

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2HelpU HB User
Re: Dizzy!!!! Doctors only guessing at this point. HELP!

I've been there and done that with the dizzy and unbalanced feeling. I did it when I walked into a non-visible glass door at night . . . didn't see it and knocked my C-2 vertebrae out of alignment. You can be tested for this, but it will probably take an alternative care chiropractor with a neurology background to understand it. And after years I still need to use this method once in awhile to keep dizziness away. A Western medical doctor or neurologist would probably just think I was having a stroke and treat those symptoms, but we discovered different and just do the above when I get that particular symptom and it clears it right up almost immediately.

This is how it goes for me when my C-2 becomes subluxated or comes out of alignment. . .First test your body for right-side or left-side weakness by several methods, the first by lying down on a solid table on your back, then bring one knee up at a time at approximately 90-degrees while your foot and calf muscle goes straight out, then have someone push somewhat straight down on your extended ankle while you resist the push as much as you can, determining if you are resisting strongly to that push or weakly. Then do the same test with the other leg. If one side is substantially weaker, then a C-2 or C-3 misalignment is a strong possibility. You can also test with your arms with bicep muscles, but those are usually stronger and it takes a lot of pushing to tell for sure.

With a misaligned C-2 or C-3 a very skilled chiropractor can toggle your neck so the adjustment force is given into neck in the direction of the weak side.
In other words the toggle thrust needs to land carefully and somewhat forcefully on the subluxated vertebrae into the direction of the weak side noticed from the muscle test. Then re-test the 2-sided body muscle test and both sides should be equal if the adjustment was done correctly. A well-versed chiropractor will understand and can also check you further.
I stress that you can't just go to any chiro who just uses a rotation motion to adjust necks as that doesn't always get it, but you need to look for one who exhibits a lot of skill and understands this and is willing to work with you.

Please note that dizziness can be a symptom of a lot of undiagnosed problems so you may still have to do good detective work to undercover the culprit cause.

I wish you well and hope these will help you.


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wellyoulookfine HB Userwellyoulookfine HB User
Re: Dizzy!!!! Doctors only guessing at this point. HELP!

2HelpU has given you fantastic specific advice. And because as stated dizziness can be caused by so many things (the vast majority not serious but life-changing) western medicine can be vague at best, so it's important to do your own detective work, esp as the symptoms can be so specific to each individual.

What i want to say is that the symptoms you are experiencing will make it really difficult for you to believe that it's not necessarily caused by something serious because they always FEEL neurological, and to many neurological means it's serious. Please try not to worry as we've all been there. Of course it's possible that it could be a tumour (not medically trained) but it's extremely unlikely, and once you've been given the all-clear on the MRI you can really focus on breaking down your symptoms to figure out what's going on. Try to remember though that a lot of symptoms can be attributed to the anxiety caused by the source problem. Good luck, and please dont assume the worst. We all know how it feels x

Old 05-19-2012, 10:04 PM   #4
Russell Bryant
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Russell Bryant HB User
Re: Dizzy!!!! Doctors only guessing at this point. HELP!

I have chronic dizziness for 3 years. After being told it is all in my head I gave up on life. Lost my job. felt depressed and didn't know where to turn. But my wife just discovered VHS and the Michigan clinic. We then found a Optometrist is Victoria. I am in South Australia so was reluctant to travel the 1000km as I was some what sceptical. After ringing the brilliant Michael Christian I knew he could help me. After an hour and a half over trying hundreds of Prism lenses it felt like I had not in such a long time. This man has a heart of gold and is an true angel that really understands and wants to help. I have had the Prism lenses for 3 weeks. After one day of wearing them I had around 40% balance improvement. I now am 70% better and look forward to having a wondeful life ahead. I am not saying this is for everyone, but please make a call, google it, you have nothing to loose and a whole life to gain back.

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showtime4904 HB User
Re: Dizzy!!!! Doctors only guessing at this point. HELP!


Thats great you found closure, I have suffered for 15 yrs dizzy off balance and was told by all the GREAT specialist its all in your course..So I had the tube in my left ear April 23, and the doctor say well we did not fix your now I'm researching again to find answers. I was told it may be eyes have them checked. Only been 30 days since my surgery...dont know what to do.

Old 05-23-2012, 09:11 PM   #6
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2HelpU HB User
Re: Dizzy!!!! Doctors only guessing at this point. HELP!

Presuming that your MRI shows normal, there is another possibility in the line of chiropractic that could easily cause problems and dizziness and it is:

As so many people do, if you did anything in your life, by accident or otherwise physiological that would have caused you to lose your neck curve, this could easily cause dizziness. A neck x-ray from the side by a competent chiropractor that is measured properly will show your neck angle where it counts. To regain the natural curve (believe it's around 42 degrees or so) that has been lost in your neck, you can use a chiropractic traction bench or table several times a week to traction your neck back or ... to help this process to a lesser extent you can lay on your back at the edge of a full length table with a towel rolled up under your neck so your head lays back at an angle to help regain a neck curve to some extent, but this could also help temporarily relieve your dizziness if chiropractic is your problem.

I have personally used traction tables and if used properly, they are great for bringing back a neck curve at whatever pace you are willing to use them ... even quickly over a period of several weeks to months. They are not fun at first, but after a few times of use, they get easier and the pain becomes less. Remember that you are retraining your neck muscles, ligaments, tendons, and vertebraes to hold the natural curve you may have lost earlier.


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