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helives 10-02-2012 02:01 PM

Anorexia Hair loss
Hey I was wondering if anyone could give some information/experience on the issue of hair loss due to anorexia. My anorexia has been causing my hair to fall out for probably about 6-7 months now but it is now really starting to show. I nowhave to think about how I'm going to do my hair so it doesn't look terrible where my scalp is showing up. This is quite a devastating thing for me becuase I have always been known for my ridiculously thick hair! Does anyone know how long into recovery it would grow back and also please tell me it doesn't just keep going until I'm bald :S. And lastly, obviously different nutrients and vitamins affect different things in our so what exact foods are the best to try and include in my diet to slow down al least the hair loss due to my low weight?

Beau33 10-11-2012 04:56 AM

Re: Anorexia Hair loss

I am currently in recovery from quite severe anorexia and experienced hair loss so hope I can help a little bit.
I too was known for my really thick hair so I know exactly how devastating it is and how awful you feel. I lost about 70 % of my hair (I had been ill for a very long time but the hair loss was very rapid once I was at my worst weight) but the good news is it does grow back. But this takes a long time as your hair is one of the last things to repair since its not vital, when youre in recovery your body will try and repair the damage to your organs first as that is a priority. I had been in recovery about 8 months when I noticed my hair was starting to grow back, I'm now 14 months into recovery and even though Im still a low weight Im the best Ive been in years and my hair reflects that - its not as dry and brittle as it was and its getting thicker. I will be honest and say it isnt the same as it once was by far and a lot of girls I was in hospital with said they found it came back different, possibly in colour or more curly than it was before the loss. Mine is the same colour but wavy now whereas before i had poker straight hair.
The reason for the hair loss is the lack of protein in your diet, also zinc is very good for hair so possibly you could get a zinc supplement. But the only way your hair will come back is to start working up to a healthy weight. I used that as motivation for me as I was so devastated to lose my hair that I thought about how good it will be for it to come back and that would make the struggles of recovery and gaining weight worth it. Your hair wont come back if you stay at a low weight and you wont be able to prevent it falling out.
I hope that was some help to you.
Keep going and take care

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