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spoonse 11-07-2007 12:19 PM

shed problems
hi to all,i have a timber framed outhouse in my garden each time i occupy it my ears feel like they're getting a little saw on the inside and a little after this feeling comes a warm sensation like a swelling when i come back indoors.

It is a timber framed place with timber studs and ply sheeting on the outside covered with a waterproof membrane then expanding metal wire and then two coats of rendering all over the walls.

Ive tried everything to get to the bottom of it taking things out of the room,getting an air purifier,taking up the carpet ..bloomin allsorts but still i get this uncomfortable feeling in each ear which now turns my thoughts about spending time in the place.

At the weekend i polythened the walls and the ceiling and taped up all the joints but after spending half an hour in the shed i m beginning to get the effects again:confused: would be more than grateful if anyone has a clue to this wierd problem ..thanks Lloyd

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