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Old 05-12-2005, 04:08 AM   #1
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gagcas HB User
Unhappy haven't posted in awhile...need advice...a little brokenhearted

Hi everyone, how are you all doing. I know it has been a long time since I posted. Have been reading quite a bit of them just haven't had the chance to post. Im a little upset and this was the first place I thought to come.

Although we have been doing wonderful as far as the seizures we haven't had any since the upping of his afternoon dose, I am running into things with school and I really don't know what to do.

in my last post i had mentioned gage having probs with his sight words in kindergarten. we have been working on those full blown and he has been doing fairly well in them, and i have been told as much from the teacher. i get a letter the other day in his backpack recommending him to a three week summer program because he is performing below standards for kindergarten. Now this is a summer school I had already planned on looking into anyway just to help bridge the gap over summer. But to find out he has been struggling when the teacher has told me he is doing fine is what irks me, and just completely blindsided me.

I went and talked to her yesterday morning and I then get told that she feels he might need another year of kindergarten. WOW. Where did that one come from? I guess he has been having problems remembering things. When we found out about the seizures they seem to hit anything to do with letters. Whether it was ABC's, sight words, writing, etc., we are in the process of redoing U,V,N,T,and Y. well one day he does fine, the next nothing. im so confused.

how do you tell a little boy that who is so excited to get to go to first grade, because he is getting bigger, (this must be something they empesize in school) that he might have to do kindergarten all over again and not go on with his friends. It is just breaking my heart because deep down I really think he needs held back. It isn't a mandatory hold back. It would be strictly my decision. and we have until the first day of school next year to decide but i cant let him go all summer thinking he will be going to 1st and he might not. i would have to decide this soon. but he is so gungho on this and he doesnt understand why he might have to stay back.

I just don't know what to do about this. they said i could use this teachers advice, and then the summer programs teacher and decides then, but that will put us at the end of july. school starts last day of august. but if he doesnt go to 1st there is no point in doing the summer school It is just tearing me up think about what to do. has anybody been through this? ANY help would be appreciated and thank you all ahead of time.
To the world, you might be one person, but to one person you might just be the world

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Old 05-12-2005, 08:21 AM   #2
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bettyst HB User
Re: haven't posted in awhile...need advice...a little brokenhearted

Let me tell you about my grandson also named Gage. ‹ He does not have seziures but in K he had many learning problems...could not grasp the learning of his letters numbers and ect. After talking to his teacher my daughter thought it was best to keep him back in K5....yesterday she called me and told me he is going to be in Project Pass next year...that is a program for gifted children!! He will be going into the 3 rd grade...we are so thankful for that extra year in K5. Everyone wants their child to be at the top of his class not the my DGS is!! He even cried when he was told that he would be in the gifted class. Boys seem to muture at a slower rate that girls so that extra year in K5 might be the answer for him,too.
Good luck! The summer program might be all he needs too.
Betty mom to Tripp

Old 05-12-2005, 08:44 AM   #3
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Raven's Mommy HB User
Re: haven't posted in awhile...need advice...a little brokenhearted

My son was held back in the first grade even though they should have kept him back in kindergarten. It was harder for him because he had been with the same classmates for two years. He hasn't been held back since because it seems he works harder. He doesn't have seizures but he is dyslexic. My daughter has the seizures which is why I saw your post about Gage. Start talking to him about it a little bit over the next couple of months. Hopefully, this will ease the transition if you do decide to keep him back. That is what helped us with Dallas. We reminding him of how much fun he would have again and how he would know more than the kids coming into the class since he had already been there so he could help them.
Hope this helps a little. It is so hard to be that young and not understand that is for your own good.

Old 05-13-2005, 12:31 PM   #4
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Lisa*Guthrie HB User
Re: haven't posted in awhile...need advice...a little brokenhearted

Oh Jenn... I've been wondering about you and Gage. I don't have the time to give you my full answer as to why at the moment, Jake's just getting up from his nap and hasn't eaten (it's 3:30)!

Keep him back! AND DO SUMMER SCHOOL!

Will post more later!

Love you and the kiddos

Lisa and kids (aka, Jake and Jenny)

Old 05-14-2005, 05:45 AM   #5
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gagcas HB User
Re: haven't posted in awhile...need advice...a little brokenhearted

Hi guys, and thanks again for the help.

I really believe I will be holding him back. I think I just had to come to terms with it in my head and heart before I would fully understand it. I knew all the reason I should and knew I had to I just had to break through my feelings for mothering him.

Every parent does what's best for their children and even though it breaks your heart, it is for the best.

my nephew will be starting kindergarten next year as well so that ill help his transition a little better. jsut need to be in seperate classes. and his original teacher he had at the beginning of this year will be back as well from maternity leave. i might be able to get him back in with her. all though i loved this teacher, her actions thru all this has made feel a little disgruntled. who knows maybe had i known all along he was having troubles, I may have been able to curb it....then again maybe not. With his memory the way it is I cant really know for sure. I think I just thought he was on the meds so the memory thing would be taken care of.

Well, its off to work for now. Thanks again for helping me understand it all. Helps to know you have people who have been thru the same thing for the same reasons.
To the world, you might be one person, but to one person you might just be the world

Old 05-15-2005, 08:31 AM   #6
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Location: Tampa Bay, FL
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Lisa*Guthrie HB User
Re: haven't posted in awhile...need advice...a little brokenhearted

Hi Jennifer,

I'm so glad you've come to terms with keeping Gage back. Still only have a few minutes but, wanted to remind you about my Jenny!

She was seizing for years and everyone put it down to ADD/HD. Yes, she does have this disorder as well... but that's not what drove her issues with reading and language development, it was the seizures.

I so wish we had had a teacher who would have kept her back in the beginning rather then passing her off to the next grade and hoping someone else would catch it. From 3rd grade until 6th the girl NEVER got to go on field trips or do extra programs because of her grades (in KY the extras were only allowed to those able to complete work)! It was heart breaking.

Not until 6th grade did we get the help and understanding in the class room to see a true turn in her grades. Even now as a Soph in HS she still has some issues with school. Although with a recent change in meds we've seen her go from Ds to As/Bs! Right now she's holding a GPA that will bearly get her to graduation, and then she still has to pass her FCATS! BUT I know she's a smart and very determined young lady that will make it happen for herself!

Something to really watch for are not only issues with knowing his letters, but with reading in general. After very detailed testing were we able to tell that she had a visual tracking disorder when she read.

She would read 4 words and skip one going across the page and she would read 3 lines and skip 2 coming down a page. Even I didn't catch this because when she read out loud she would track with her finger, I could tell she was stumbling now and again, but she was getting it. It was really only happening while she read to herself. She was missing so much content on stories and instructions that it really hindered her ability to understand!

Jennifer, you are so far ahead of the game with Gage! I'm so proud of the work you do with him and how you've gone that extra mile to help him get past the crud that comes with the seizures... It's as much the unseen for our kids as it is the actual seizures themselves!

Love and light,

Lisa and kids

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