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will wearing a heart holter for 48 hrs tell if im having seizures?

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Old 07-13-2007, 12:33 PM   #1
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vickie45 HB Uservickie45 HB User
Question will wearing a heart holter for 48 hrs tell if im having seizures?

monday i go to have a heart holter put on for 48 hrs i had a 24 hr one in feb 07 but here's my symtons could someone tell me if this is a seizure .ok i feel fine most days but back in sept 06 i fell down in my drs front office i couldnt move my eyes were shut and i could hear people around me but i couldnt talk or move i just laid there for like 5 mins then after it passed i was put in a wheelchair till i was ok ok then had another one in dec 06 and i didnt even remember much of it i heard my family but i couldnt do nothing i laid there like i was asleep noone could get me up as i was dead weight .ok then after that its been happening more and more like 3-4 times a week ,also my eyes flicker open and shut but just before it happens i get really dizzy and get BAD headaches then i just fall my one dr thought it was panic but its not i know what a panic attack feels like and this isnt it i fell again yesterday after going to my moms i didnt get out of the car so when we got home i felt the dizziness and headaches got out of the car and down i went couldnt move my eyes were flicering open and shut i felt like i was in some sort of dream like state i could hear my husband but couldnt respond i just laid there then when i finally got up i started crying couldnt hardly walk my legs felt numb so he helped me inside i do this quite often and a panic is where i have trouble breathing and i wasnt doing that it was like i was falling asleep or about to passout and as a child i did this same thing only back then i passed out totally iam now 45 and its just getting worse so would this sound like a seizure and if i wore the 48 hr holter will it pick it up if it is seizures????
thanks any advice would help as im at a loss to whats going on it scares my hubby and me too as i have had my heart checked many many times and they say its fine but the falling as made it where i cant drive nor go into a store and at the drs i have to use a wheelchair just to be safe or i will fall down............vickie

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Old 07-13-2007, 02:19 PM   #2
Travis from MN
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Travis from MN HB UserTravis from MN HB UserTravis from MN HB User
Re: will wearing a heart holter for 48 hrs tell if im having seizures?

It is DIFFERENT than the EKG. From a quick search it is similar to a EKG but for elongated monitering (and recording) of heart actions, not the "brief" monitering that the EKG is typically used for.

This is strictly for heart (cardiac) monitering. Not for neurological issues.

It may show **if** you have blood flow issues, or if any heart related issues are in your system. It can also show you are healthy as an Ox and they can move on to another field for testing.


Old 07-14-2007, 03:56 AM   #3
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sunsweet HB User
Re: will wearing a heart holter for 48 hrs tell if im having seizures?

NO - the Holter Monitor only records the cardiac recordings. When you are wearing a Holter Monitor you are typically given a dairy to log as what you are doing at what time (eating, sleeping, writing, vacuuming, etc).

This merely records how your cardiac system is functioning overall day and night.

Hope this answers your question. I have had numerous Holter Monitors. And while it does not reveal any seizure activities, however, when I have a seizure, my cardiac does react to a seizure and it may appear on the recording.

Have a great weekened.

Last edited by sunsweet; 07-14-2007 at 04:26 AM.

Old 07-16-2007, 04:50 PM   #4
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neurowreck HB User
Re: will wearing a heart holter for 48 hrs tell if im having seizures?

Cardiac monitoring is usually the first place they start with adults that have loss of consciousness issues, as statistically, abnormal heart rhythyms are the most likely cause in this age group. Then they move on to other tests.

Old 08-16-2007, 11:22 AM   #5
bevin 30
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bevin 30 HB User
Smile Re: will wearing a heart holter for 48 hrs tell if im having seizures?

to vickie from bevin what you just described is a seizure with the not responding verbally but being able to hear everyone and the faling down better known to doctors as syncopy. A heart halter monitor does not tell you if you are having a seizure at all. That test you should not have been given. only a neurological test such as an eeg( electro encephala gram) tells you if you are having a seizure. because it measures what your brain activity is like during a seizure and the eeg picks up on the brain activity preseizure( before a seizure) symptom occurs. Both sunsweet and travis from MN are correct in what they told you about the halter monitor not revealing anything about a seizure . Halter monitor is only for the heart and not anyhting else. what ever doctor gave you that test was wrong for doing so and did not listen to you clearly when you told him your symptoms. He did not know anything about any neurological tests you needed for what strictly is a neurological issue. The really bad headache and dizziness lightheadedness are all symptoms of a seizure. Only a neurologist can diagnose and treat you for seizures .what ever doctor gave you that halter test was not the doctor to help you with the symptoms of a seizure. I hope all of this will be helpful to you because I am another seizure sufferer who passes out and falls asleep since childhood. But when you pass out, fall asleep and fall down those are signs of seizure activity especially in adulthood which any other doctors miss when they are not a neurologist. I hope things work out better for you. It really sounds like you need a neurologist who specializes in adult seizure patients. if you feel lightheaded and feel ready to pass out andready to fall down go to your nearest hospital er and ask to see an on staff neurological doctor at the er. when in childhood did you start to notice that you would fall asleep or feel ready to pass out? what age? I noticed those same symptoms(fallingasleep,passingoutetc.) when i was grade school in third or fourth grade during my childhood years. I still feel that way when i feel that i have seizure symptoms starting. I start with feeling like light headed,dizzy, passing out and falling asleep at the age of four years old as a child.when in school in third or fourth grade i actually feel asleep in class and I at that point could havebeen having a seizure and the teacher let me sleep through class. So now I always rely on those childhood symptoms to be part of my seizure symptomology as an adult. Always keep a sharp eye on how you feel especially in your head . Never stop searching for a way to combat this seizure that you have had since childhood since that is how far back the symptoms start. always listen to your body and those symptoms since childhood. I sincerley hope something in this post will be helpful to you.

Old 08-17-2007, 05:15 AM   #6
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vickie45 HB Uservickie45 HB User
Re: will wearing a heart holter for 48 hrs tell if im having seizures?

hi all well since i had the seizures you will not believe this but the seizures were caused by the thyrold meds i was on i took levothyroxine from jan 07 till april i was just fainting then but then my endo put me on 25mcgs of levocxyl and i started blackingout then when she upped my dose to 50 thats when i started having the seizures i didnt know this till i thought im going to read the pamplet sheet and sure enough it states in there that all 3 brands levothyroxine ,synthyrold and levoxyl all can cause seizures ,fainting ,horrible headaches which i had ,well once i stopped the meds the fainting and seizures went away and the headaches arent as bad now so why wouldnt the dr listen to me when i told my endo she said no that isnt the cause said the meds didnt do it well if it didnt why did it all stop once i stopped the meds ? so far its been 9 days since i had finting or a seizure and i can walk in a store now and not fall down and i dont need a wheelchair at the drs either so they need to find me a med that will work for me without the fainting and seizures i cant handle that i went to ER and they thought i was overdoseing on some type of meds but i wasnt i only took what i was suppose to take right now im back on levothyroxine till i see new internal medicine dr and when i had the 48 hr holter the nero dr said it wasnt my heart my heartrate went up to 170 when i had a fall but he said by reading the results it wasnt my heart but the old internal dr i had said it was well my heart is fine it was the meds that was causing all my trouble for 1 a other dr had me way over medicated on levothyroxine he had me on 75mcgs and my tsh was 1.1 and t4 was 1.9 last labs were tsh was 6.42 and all the other tests were normal she said but im not going back to the endo because for one she wouldnt listen to me when i told her my symtons and when i showed her the pamplet sheet she said its something else going on well not true because if thats so then why did all my seizures and fainting stop once i stopped the meds?

Old 08-21-2007, 10:04 AM   #7
bevin 30
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Join Date: Aug 2007
Location: winfield,newjersey
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bevin 30 HB User
Re: will wearing a heart holter for 48 hrs tell if im having seizures?

to vickie the reason the seizure stopped is because all the doctors who put you on all of those meds at different dosage levels did not coordinate with eachother about how much medicine they put you on for each specific medication. Once you stopped all those medicines your seizures stopped as well. Your body was not being regulated properly by your doctors with all of those dosages for each med. bevin

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