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Old 04-19-2004, 03:35 PM   #1
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Join Date: Mar 2004
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sarah1000 HB User
How to maintain motivation?

I have been trying for many, many months get a regular workout schedule going. I work full time plus a part time job, i do spend all my hours on the net (can't you tell) or watching Tv so it's not like I don't have time to workout, I just don't do it consistently enough to see results.

I go the gym anywhere from 0-4 times a week, but over the course of a month my motivation wanes so much, i never really see any results. My diet is in pretty good shape, and if i could just maintain the exercise, I would feel much more healthy.

How do people stay motivated, or get motivated? (I have tried in vain to find a workout buddy, that would be my number one choice, but no luck.)

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Old 04-19-2004, 04:10 PM   #2
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never2L8 HB User
Re: How to maintain motivation?

The best motivator for most people in everything is results. Regardless of what you are doing - an athlete might get faster or stronger, a dancer might learn a new routine, a scientist might discover a new germ, a race driver might win more races - we are all motivated by progress.

What I suggest is that you get an instructor at the gym to take your measurements, check your fitness level, set up a routine for you and then book a return visit in 6 or 8 weeks to review all of them. You should plan when you are going to go to the gym, what you are going to do on that visit and make sure you go. You must also keep a diary of your exercises, weights lifted, time and/or distance walked/jogged/cycled etc, so that you can see your progress in writing.

If seeing your measurements change for the better, your fitness and strength improve on the return visit isn't enough to keep you motivated, I don't know what will. You should also get your routine changed every re-evaluation to prevent staleness and bordeom setting in as well as shocking the muscles.

Old 04-19-2004, 05:28 PM   #3
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Evl316 HB User
Re: How to maintain motivation?

Motivation is easy once it becomes a habit but that takes time. Initially when I've gone back to the gym after a long lay off I "just go". That's the best way to descibe it. I might not feel like working out or getting off my butt but I do. The hardest part of working out is physically getting your body into the gym. Once you are in the gym the rest usually takes care of itself so just tell yourself I'm going to the gym and whatever happens happens and go and from there you'll likely workout. Some of my best workouts happen when I have to drag myself to the gym when I don't want to go and afterwards I feel a hundred times more energized than before I went.
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Old 04-19-2004, 08:17 PM   #4
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Location: Madison, WI
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Re: How to maintain motivation?

worth a read...

"So, what are you doing for a living these days?" Bob asked me. We're sitting on the couch at one of those tedious holiday get-togethers, you know, the ones where you're supposed to be nice to family members you never see except during major holidays and funerals. I think Bob is my wife's brother-in-law's second cousin or something.

"I'm the assistant editor and a writer for Testosterone magazine," I say. Bob looks at me with a blank expression on his face, as if I'd just told him I sell handmade testicle warmers beside the freeway and was looking to open franchises across the nation.

"It's a bodybuilding magazine," I say.

Blank expression. Deer caught in the headlights. Ronnie Coleman doing trigonometry.

"Oh," Bob finally says, "I heard you were, like, one of those bodybuilder guys or something. So, what's that like, you know, working out every day and stuff? I just don't have time to lift weights all day, but I have been meaning to get rid of this beer belly." He takes another sip of beer. "What do you suggest?" Sip.

At first I was a little offended. I wanted to grab him up and say, "You can't tell I'm a bodybuilder?! Look at my ***! Now, if that's not a nice round squat-built piece of sirloin, I don't know what is! You think that comes naturally? I can crack walnuts with this puppy! Wanna see? Huh, punk? Do ya? Do ya?"

Then I realize this just might cause a scene and could cost me several Christmas presents. I was planning on returning any presents I got and using the money to buy a power rack, so I didn't want to jeopardize this gift getting opportunity. I also realized that old Bob probably had a certain preconceived image of a bodybuilder and I just didn't fit that image. I'm not gorilla huge; I weigh about 205 at 5'11" right now. (When I first started lifting I was a pudgy 159, so that's not too shabby.) Also, I wasn't wearing clown pants, a fluorescent string tank top, a hanky on my head and one of those little fanny packs. And isn't that what real bodybuilders are supposed to wear?

Bob continued to sit there drinking his Natural Light, smoking a cigarette and waiting for an answer, oblivious to the fact that he'd come this close to seeing some serious walnut- crunching *** power. I tried to figure out how I could explain to the average guy what the typical T-Man does and why he does it. How could I get him to understand what it is we do, how we feel, how we live? So I took a deep breath and told him something like this:

"Well, Bob, I guess you could use the term bodybuilder if you really need a label for what it is we do. Most of us actually don't stand on stage and compete, though. We lift weights and manipulate our diets so that we'll look good naked. Sure, it's healthy too, and we'll probably live a longer and more productive life than the average guy, but mostly it's about the naked thing. Truthfully, it goes beyond even that.

"Let's be honest here. We do it because of people like you, Bob. We look at you sitting there with your gut hanging over your belt and we watch you grunt and groan just getting out of a chair. Guys like you are our inspiration, Bob. You're better than Anthony Robbins, Bill Phillips, Deepak Chopra, and Zig *********** Ziglar all wrapped up into one. We love it when guys like you talk about not having time to exercise. Every time we see you munching on a bag of potato chips, you inspire us. You're my shot in the arm, Bob, my living and breathing wake-up call, my own personal success coach.

"You want to know what it is we do? We overcome. We're too busy to train, too, but we overcome. We're too busy to prepare healthy meals and eat them five or six times a day, but we overcome. We can't always afford supplements, our genetics aren't perfect, and we don't always feel like going to the gym. Some of us used to be just like you, Bob, but guess what? We've overcome.

"We like to watch 'normal' people like you tell us about how they can't get in shape. We smile and nod sympathetically like we feel your pain, but actually, we're thinking that you're a pathetic piece of **** that needs to grow a spine and join a gym. You smile sheepishly and say that you just can't stay motivated and just can't stand that feeling of being sore. (For some reason you think that admitting your weaknesses somehow justifies them.) We listen to you ***** and moan. We watch you look for the easy way out. Because of people like you, Bob, we never miss a workout.

"You ask us for advice about diet and training and usually we politely offer some guidance, but deep inside we know you won't take our advice. You know that too. We smile and say, 'Hope that helps. Good luck,' but actually we're thinking, 'Boy, it would suck to be you.' We know that 99% of people won't listen to us. Once they hear that it takes hard work, sacrifice and discipline, they stop listening and tune us out.

continued next post...

Old 04-19-2004, 08:19 PM   #5
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Join Date: Oct 2002
Location: Madison, WI
Posts: 282
Re: How to maintain motivation?

"We know they wanted us to say that building a great body is easy, but it just isn't. This did not take five minutes a day on a TorsoTrack. We did not get this way in 12 short weeks using a Bowflex and the Suzanne Somers' 'Get Skinny' diet. A good body does not cost five easy payments of $39.95.

"We like it that while you're eating a candy bar and drinking Mountain Dew, we're sucking down a protein shake. You see, that makes it taste even better to us. While you're asleep we're either getting up early or staying up late, hitting the iron, pushing ourselves, learning, succeeding and failing and rising above the norm with every rep. Can you feel that, Bob? Can you relate? No? Good. This wouldn't be half as fun if you could.

"We do it because we absolutely and totally get off on it. We do it because people like you, Bob, either can't or won't. We do it because what we do in the gym transfers over into the rest of our lives and changes us, physically, mentally, maybe even spiritually. We do it because it beats watching fishing and golf on TV. By the way, do you know what it's like to turn the head of a beautiful woman because of the way you're built? It feels good, Bob. Damned good.

"When we're in the gym, we're in this indescribable euphoria zone. It's a feeling of being on, of being completely alive and aware. If you haven't been there, then it's like trying to describe color to a person who's been blind since birth. Within this haze of pleasure and pain, there's knowledge and power, self-discipline and self-reliance. If you do it long enough, Bob, there's even enlightenment. Sometimes, the answers to questions you didn't even know you had are sitting there on those rubber mats, wrapped up in a neat package of iron plates and bars.

"Want to lose that beer belly, Bob? I have a nutty idea. Put down the *********** beer. I'll tell you what, Bob. Christmas morning I'm getting up real early and hitting the iron. I want to watch my daughter open her presents and spend the whole day with her, so this is the only time I have to train. The gym will be closed, so I'm going out in my garage to workout. You be at my house at six in the morning, okay? I'll be glad to help you get started on a weight training program. It'll be colder than Hillary Clinton's coochie in there, so dress warm.

"But let me tell you something, Bob. If you don't show up, don't bother asking me again. And don't you ever sit there and let me hear you ***** about your beer belly again. This is your chance, your big opportunity to break out of that rut. If you don't show up, Bob, you've learned a very important lesson about yourself, haven't you? You won't like that lesson.

"You won't like that feeling in the pit of your stomach either or that taste in your mouth. It will taste worse than defeat, Bob. Defeat tastes pretty goddamned nasty, but what you'll be experiencing will be much worse. It will be the knowledge that you're weak, mentally and physically. What's worse is that you'll have accepted that feeling. The feeling will always be with you. In the happiest moments of your life, it'll be there, lying under the surface like a malignant tumor. Ignore it at your own peril, Bob.

"Don't look at me like that either. This just may be the best Christmas present you'll get this year. Next Christmas, Bob, when I see you again, I'm going to be a little bigger, a little stronger, and a little leaner. What will you be? Will you still be making excuses? This is a gift, Bob, from me to you. I'm giving you the chance to look fate in those pretty eyes of hers and say, 'Step off, *****. This is my party and you're not invited.' What do you say, Bob? Monday, Christmas morning, 6am, my house. The ball's in your court."

Okay, so maybe that's not the exact words I used with Bob, but you get the picture. Will Bob show up Monday? I don't know, but I kind of doubt it. In fact, Bob will probably take me off his Christmas card list. He probably thinks I've got "too much Testosterone," like that's a bad thing. I think Bob is just stuck in a rut, and as the saying goes, the only difference between a rut and a grave is depth.

The way out of the rut is to make major changes in your life, most of which won't be too pleasant in the beginning. The opportunity to make those changes seldom comes as bluntly as I put it to Bob. Most of the time, that opportunity knocks very softly. What I did was basically give Bob a verbal slap in the face. You can react two ways to a slap. You can get angry at the person doing the slapping, or you can realize that he was just trying to get you to wake up and focus on what you really want and, more importantly, what it'll take to get it.

If you're a regular T-mag reader, I doubt you need to be called out like Bob. But maybe you've caught yourself slacking a little here lately. Maybe you've missed a few workouts or maybe you started a little too early on the usual holiday feasting, like, say, back in September. Just remember that the time to start working on that summer body is now. The time to get rid of those bad habits that hold you back in the gym is now. You want to look totally different by next Christmas? Start now. This isn't because of the holidays or any corny New Year's resolutions either. The best time is always now.

Christmas day I want you to enjoy being with your family and friends. I want you to open presents, sip a little eggnog and have a good meal. But if your regularily scheduled workout happens to fall on December 25th, what will you be doing at six o'clock that morning?

That's what separates us from guys like Bob.

Old 04-20-2004, 12:02 AM   #6
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Laurie2 HB User
Re: How to maintain motivation?

I was 50 when decided to do something about my weight and health. Been 245 and more for nearly 33 years. Tried different diets, got off them for many reasons and did not do much exercise. I raise animals and live a rural lifestyle....that kept me fairly strong. But I found myself looking and feeling more like many of the winter visitors we get...who hobble around with age related injuries and arthritis. My husband was diagnosed with type II diabetes from being overweight and it ran in his family.

I was determined not to become those winter visitors nor end up like my husband...although my glucose levels were always well within safe range. Being overweight was no longer an option. I was getting inflexible, slowing down and feeling out of sorts overall.

Came to a decision in Fall 2002 to do something about it. Took a Women's strength class (resistance/lifting) as I thought my knees would not take an aerobics class. That was the best thing I ever did and never looked back. Took it for a year and learned alot from it and how to eat a proper diet.

I workout at home now and sometimes feel less than motivated. Going to a gym does have it's good points. I have a belt that I wore for years with my size 48 jeans. Several holes have been put into it going backwards as inches were being lost. I still wear that belt and just loop the excess through. A reminder of where I once was and how far I have travelled.

If that is not enough, it is the realization I am now wearing clothes sizes that were worn when I first married ......33 years ago. Or just take a look around me at the winter visitors who come hobbling with age related injuries and arthritis. I also have some osteo in my lower back and shoulders....but lifting has strengthened the muscles and improved my health.

So, I have plenty of motivation to keep me going.

Old 04-20-2004, 07:56 AM   #7
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Evl316 HB User
Re: How to maintain motivation?

I enjoyed that story Capituh. Thanks for sharing it.

Motivate? Means to provide with an incentive, a reason, a motive for doing something. The motivation for working out is already self evident to anyone even considering doing it otherwise you wouldn't be considering it. You're looking more for a desire, a passion, a longing for going to the gym. That comes with time but first you must overcome your own desire to be lazy. It gets easier and easier to overcome that desire to be lazy the more you workout but it never truly goes away completely.

Make going to the gym/working out a priority. It's more important than watching your favorite TV show, more important than going shopping, more important than whatever. If you put working out as the last thing on your "to do" list you'll likely not get it done but if it's high up on that list you're much more likely to do it.
Keep Pumping...see what happens

Old 04-20-2004, 05:53 PM   #8
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sarah1000 HB User
Re: How to maintain motivation?

Thanks for all the replies, i guess the thing that frustrates me most is that i used to go to the gym all the time and saw the results I was looking for, but it's just so hard to get back to that point. But perhaps that's the problem, comparing to what i used to be: basketball player, competitive rower, etc, etc. But maybe I just need to focus on getting away from where i am now rather than the distance between where I used to be and now

Old 04-20-2004, 06:34 PM   #9
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Flood84 HB User
Re: How to maintain motivation?

I've been jogging on a regular basis for 19 years, and lifting weights for 5 years. I think once you see/feel results (in about 3-4 weeks) that is motivation enough. The hardest part on starting any exercise program is the beginning because you will not see results the next day. Once you get over that hump, I think you will find it easier to stick to a workout.

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