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no energy..please help!!

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Old 08-23-2005, 10:35 AM   #1
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vb1022 HB User
Exclamation no energy..please help!!

Latley I've been having a lot going on. Between planning a wedding, planning my daughter's 1st birthday and planning a jack and jill party, I get so tired. I used to be able to wake up at 5am to go to the gym(I prefer the morning because I have a lot to do after work) but when my alarm goes off I just shut it off and go back to sleep. I don't have any energy anymore. I really NEED to go to the gym because my wedding is in 2 months!! If anyone has any ideas on how to get more energy please let me know. I'm desperate! Thanks.

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Old 08-23-2005, 11:18 AM   #2
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Naxis HB User
Re: no energy..please help!!

You have to get yourself out of bed. If looming deadlines don't do it, I'm not sure what will. I know the stress of organizing so many things can be tiring, but if you take gym time to be *your* time, some alone, not-thinking-about-other-things time, it might be an impetus to get into there. Also... try coffee.
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Old 08-23-2005, 11:33 AM   #3
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katied1183 HB User
Re: no energy..please help!!

Believe me I hear you! I that also used to be my exact problem when I was at school -- between classes, my job, my internship, my volunteer responsibilities and my homework, I felt like I never had any engergy nor time to work out!

However, last semester I made a change to my whole lifestyle and it worked wonders! I have to ask -- what does your DIET look like???? The first think i did was start to keep a food journal and realized that even though from time to time i though i was being healthy by eating ONE piece of fruit, or ONE salad, essenitally ALL my calories were coming from carbohydrates -- the starchy sugary kind! come to find out (after reading up and doing a lot of research and being on boards like these) my blood sugar was ALL over the place which was creating spikes and drops in my insulin levels, all which has a major impact on how you feel mentally and physically. Your body is caught in a constant battle between high energy rushes (which dont last long) and low sluggish periods (low blood sugar).

Anyway, I made some major changes in my diet and in just one week noticed a big difference in how i felt. I felt like i had more energy throughout the whole day instead of just in short bursts, and i also started sleeping better, which of course led to me feeling even more rested and efficient the following day. I wont go into too much detail on what i eat now but it is basicallyt he staple of good eating -- lost of fruits/veggies, chicken, fish, yogurt, cottage cheese, whole grain cereal and breads etc etc. also i eat every 2-3 hours which keeps blood sugar stablized. If you reply back with what your diet currently looks i (and maybe soem others) can give you some feedback on how it could be improved.

also, after the first week of changing my eating, i finally felt i had to energy and newfound motivation to make myself go to the gym for at least 30 minutes 6 days a week, and guess what? by working out, i wound up feeling even MORE energized throughout the day. its been about 7 months since I changed my whole lifestyle and i've lowered my resting heartrate by 20 beats/minute (meaning good cardiovascular health), can run about 7 miles at a time, and i usually only get about 5 hours of sleep a night -- and i STILL feel energized through the whole day!

sorry this is so long, i dont mean to overwhelm you, i just wanted to share my story and show how i was in the same boat as you and how easy it was to come this far, as long as you try to make your goals reasonable and realize that there is no quick fix to your problem, especially considering your daughter isnt going away any time soon lol, and you'll soon have another person in your family! congratulations by the way!

so reply back with your diet if you want, and do whatever you can to try to squeeze at LEAST 20 - 30 min in of exercise a day. i promise that after a week or so you will start to notice that the exercise actually helps you feel more and more energized! (plus, you can accomplish a lot in two months so you look fabulous in your dress! if that's not motivation enoug i dont know what is! )
"No one can make you feel inferior without you're consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Old 08-25-2005, 10:52 AM   #4
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vb1022 HB User
Re: no energy..please help!!

Thanks for your replies. Well, latley 've been trying to watch what I eat. Like today for breakfast I ate a bowl of Complete cereal(its a bran cereal) with some rasins, for lunch I had 2 hard boiled eggs, a plum and a necturine. I don't know what I will have for dinner. I try to stay away from sweets and I don't buy chips or soda. I know that when I start going to the gym I will feel more energized because thats how I felt when I used to go. What are some good snacks that I could eat so I could eat 6 times a day because I know you really should eat 6 times instead of 3. Thanks for your help.

Old 08-25-2005, 12:08 PM   #5
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katied1183 HB User
Re: no energy..please help!!

hi there --

my theory on snacking is that it should serve as a tool for keeping you from getting very hungry or feeling like you're restricting your calorie intake during the day so that you're less likely to binge out of starvation or frustration.

that being said, there are three general rules i like to follow when choosing a snack:
1. make it something that is not calorie dense so you can eat a lot of it and it'll take longer to eat w/o actually adding a lot of calories -- this usually keeps me feeling like im eating a lot and im not depriving myself.

2. try to make it something that is a combinatino of fat/carbs/protein. a snack that involves all three will give you immediate calorie for energy (carbs) and also keep you feeling fuller longer (fat/protein).

3. PORTION CONTROL!!!!! almost any snack is okay to have as long as you keep it anywhere from 100 - 300 calories and keep in controlled!!!! if what you need from time to time is some cookies, make that your snack for the day and make sure you'r following the serving size on the package!!!! sometimes a half cup of ice cream does the trick for me -- if you get the "light" kind then its really not that and a half cup satisfies me and is only 150 calories!

Here is a list of healthy snacks that usually have:
-cup low fat yogurt
-half cup low fat cottage cheese
-1/4 cup honey roasted peanuts (eat one at a time and it actually seems like a lot)
-half a bagel w/peanut butter
-one large banana (or a piece of any kind of fruit basically, sometimes a mixture)
-two hard boiled eggs
-granola bar (not the chocolately or fudgy kinds, the ones with real granola and less sugar
-one cup of any kind of whole grain cereal, dry (cheerios are my favorite)
-veggies and low fat ranch dip (carrots, cucumbers, broccoli are my fave)
-protein smoothie (made w/protein powder, mixture of berries and half a banana w/a packet of sweetner = 200 calories)
-a serving size of triscuits (great for fiber!)
-popcorn (94% fat free -- one of my faves b/c you can eat the whole bag and its still only 270 cals -- i do try to eat only half or 3/4 though)
-low fat mozzarella cheesestick w/a few rolled up slices of deli meats
-- and of course, some sweet stuff from time to time -- maybe about 2 - 3 times a week i have 200 calories worth of low fat ice cream or cookies.

as you can see the list is very varied. some snacks are mostly just carb based while others are protein/fat based. i try to base the type of snack i eat depending on what im having for meals before or after. for example if i just had cereal for breakfast, then the snack i have 2 hours later is more protein based, like cottage cheese or hard boiled eggs. if i know dinner is going to be chicken w/vegetables, then i'll have half a bagel a few hours before hand so that during dinner im not craving carbs.

i hope all this helps. you sound like you definitley know what you're doing and are making good lifestyle choices, you just need to get started on that gym-going and keep up the good work! keep us updated on how you continue to change things and how it helps your energy levels. i know i love to hear how others are doing -- it helps keep me motivated!
"No one can make you feel inferior without you're consent." ~Eleanor Roosevelt

Old 08-31-2005, 01:50 PM   #6
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tropicalfreeze2 HB User
Re: no energy..please help!!

Make sure you are getting enough sleep and relaxation. These two things are very different. Sleep varys for everyone between 7-9 hrs of sleep. Relaxation is important as well if you are stressed and overworked, this obviously requires more from your body than sitting quietly. Check in with your body every hour to see if your stessed and running on adrenaline. If so, take a few minutes and do some deep breathing, sittting in a quiet area, think of nothing. At the end of the day, when your tasks are done, set a timer for 30 mins., lie down in a quiet room or with relaxing music loosen and relax all you muscle, let all the tension go, don't think of anything you have to do tomorrow or what happened during the day, visualize a place that makes you happy. Basically this is meditation. We all need to relax, so our mind can recover from the day. I know that 30 mins. seems like a lot, it was hard for me at first but give up a routine that you do everyday that you don't really need. I gave up watching 11pm news, and just read the newspaper quickly. It's worth it, relaxing this way it like getting 3 hrs extra sleep, no kidding. well good luck.

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