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iluvpsch 10-03-2012 02:59 PM

Paranoid schizophrenia
I stumbled across this site while doing some research about paranoid schizophrenia. I have never been one to date but the one time i decide to let myself fall for someone it turns out he has paranoid schizophrenia. Now that does not change the way i feel about him, if anything it just makes me want to be there for him more. We have been dating for 4 months now, and with every passing week our relationship gets stronger.
So really i am just looking for some answers. What should i expect in the future? Can it get worse? He has had 15 sessions of ECT. Will any of the memories he lost ever come back? How do i explain the illness to my family with out making them scared or worried? All they know is what TV portrays the illness as. I have gone through a few extreme "fits" of paranoia with him. What is the best way to help, is there anything else i can do for him besides be there for him?
Thank you.

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