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Old 05-14-2004, 09:46 AM   #1
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so_confuzzled HB User
I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

I take flexerill when I'm having a bad flare up. All they tell me to take is the flexerill, and motrin. They have put me on prozac it helps with the tension. I would like to know how to get my doctors to give me something for the pain when its at its worst.

I was diagnosed with fibro twelve years ago and i mainly have to see military doctors. Even though the civilian doctors don't seem to be any better. They are not sure how I got my fibro they say it was either because of an accident that I had when i was younger or because of mononucleosis. I have tried many times to get differen't perscriptions for pain medications. They are too afraid that I will become addicted, but yet it seems as though nothing they give me works. Half of the doctors that I talk to don't quite believe that fibro is a true thing. Even though most of us if not all of us suffer through it every day. It ususally acts up when the weather changes, or I don't sleep or im stressed, but i try to deal every day. I've also gone to phsycial therapy and that didn't do a whole lot of good. I'm getting ready to start an exercise program. I was wondering if any of you knew what sort of weight training program I should use, what types of weights, and what I should avoid. Anything that you could tell me would help, i appreciate the advice, thanx in advance~~Chrystal

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mannhattin HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

Go to another Dr of have your Dr refer you to a pain managment Dr. Also I do Palities 3 days a week. It is mostly streaching but also it lenthings and strengthins the muscles, in your legs arms stomach and back

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Old 05-14-2004, 03:21 PM   #3
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typingterror HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

I cannot imagine even trying any kind of weight lifting as I pay a big price just carrying groceries. I used to have elastic bands to do upper body exercises while walking and had to give it up as my body went into uncontrollable shaking. At first massage therapist thought we would try weight lifting to get toned up after I through pain crisis. Well, I think she is really seeing what a fibro patient goes through as I will never get through pain crisis. It is so bad that she has to help me get dressed as I am weak as a baby. (TT)

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Daria-l HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

Hi I just joined and I agree with mannhattin, youe should find another doctor. I am fortunate that I found one who will give me something for pain.


Old 05-14-2004, 08:06 PM   #5
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Location: Leadville colorado
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so_confuzzled HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

Thankyou all for your replies. I have tried seeing many doctors, but it seems that here in colorado there aren't many that are really willing to listen or help me out. I have trouble wearing tight clothing, also i can't lift my arms long enough to put my hair up. Its so frustrating, my daughter sometimes gets aggravated because I can't do the things that I used to, and I fear that when she has children i won't be able to swing them around or play with them. I heard that weight training with dumbells helps fibro a lot. I don't know if its true so im going to the base to see if I can talk to anyone about it. I was told to try massage therapy. But the pain was too bad i'd suffer through terrible migranes and wouldn't be able to move for the longest time. I love massages but when my daughter gives me one she has to do it gently because sometimes the pain is to bad just a poke of the finger brings me to tears. There are so many people that go through this and its so frustrating that so many doctors won't help us in need. Some try, but its just so hard because all they can do is hand out pain medication. We can't switch doctors due to the fact that we have tri care, that is our prime insurance from the military and we cannot see civilian doctors. Does fibro have something to do with migranes? It seems as though when my fibro is flaring up, i get migranes. If you guys have any more advice I'd truly appreciate it. this is also my daughters account so I aplogise if anything seems odd...Thankyou!

Old 05-15-2004, 08:54 AM   #6
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typingterror HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

When your muscles in neck area tighten up this can result in headaches, pressure in head, sometimes you feel like you have reduced hearing on one side or cotton in half of head which can also radiate down to shoulders, etc. Muscle stretching can relieve this but you need to find someone who has knowledge of this as there are different types of massages. One knowledgable may not even do massage at source of pain as it may be referred from another area. I have Tricare also and massage therapy is covered as long as you get prescription by doctor. However, I live in a nonmilitary town so am trying to seek treatment from very limited amount of doctors so I might as well be on the moon looking. Usually doctors will try to send you to physical therapy which does more damage than doing nothing as therapist may put weights on pulleys and force arms to move overhead which is really traumatic. I do not think physical therapists have a clue to fibro as they are into rehabilitation post surgery and I used to refer to mine as Attila the Hun. I have failed two different rounds of PT but had to cooperate with doctors to prove point and now I have this as a permanent part of my record and this is no longer an option they can try to force on me. (TT)

Old 05-20-2004, 03:52 PM   #7
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OhIO 901 HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

dear so-confuzzled,

Although it is difficult for many, including myself, I would talk to your doctor and demand something for pain. It is flat out unethical for a doctor to not make an attempt to make you feel better. Although there are many people who will abuse pain medication, there are far fewer people who do NOT. I suffer from social anxiety, depression, and severe pain in my left leg from 2 prior back surgeries. Most doctors cannot seem to get it through their heads that there is a major difference between dependance and abuse. I am dependant on my effexor, but i do not abuse it. I am dependant on my pain pills, by I do not abuse them. Please tell your doctor that you have a right to not be in pain, if possible. You go to the doctor for help, and by god he should help.
We are all full of weakness and errors, let us mutually pardon each other for our follies(Voltaire)

Old 05-21-2004, 06:18 AM   #8
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typingterror HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

Yes, change doctors as continually seeing a doctor who you cannot communicate with only makes you look worse and their notations will make you look psychotic. It is really getter harder to not be hostile to doctors. I bite my tongue, but really want to strangle 90% of them which would only make situation worse. I get disgusted and swear off doctors for a period of time until pain becomes so bad that I feel like going to ER for help. They assume we are doing better because we have not seen a doctor in awhile and really it is because we actually despise them. I should say that is if you even can find a doctor to look past first page of your medical record. I feel when I see one that there is a clock ticking (like a time bomb) that we stay within allotted time frame of appointment and are lucky if they even spend 15 minutes with us which does not even touch the surface. When they ask "What can I do for you today?" and then you start to answer you can just read their mind, "Oh, God, here we go again" and then they tune us out. I want to me real rude and state "Okay, when you decide to become a doctor again give me a call and I will THINK about seeing you." (TT)

Old 05-21-2004, 07:45 AM   #9
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Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

So Confuzzled.........
I Am Military Too.......go To You Primary Care Doctor And Tell Them You Want A Referal To A Civillian Pain Management Doc. They Have To Give You A Referal!!! We Are Army And After The Referal Got To Tricare They Called And Gave Me All The Different Choices Of Docs....i Picked The Wrong One....he Only Offered Shots....i Took The Shots...they Did Not Help So I Went Back To My Primary Doc And Asked For Another Referal....when Tricare Called, I Picked The Other Doc They Offered.....and She Actually Prescribes Meds And Believes In Advise Would Be Is To First Call Tricare And Ask Them To Tell You The Names And #s To All The Pain Management Docs That Take Tricare.tell Them You Are Getting A Referal And Make Sure You Tell Them All Your Surrounding All Of Them And Ask About Thier Treatment Plans...what They They Acknowlege Fibro And What Thier Philosophy Is On Pain Meds.....then When You Find One...go To Your Primary Care Doc And Ask The Doc To Put In A Referal For Pain Management...when Tricare Calls You Tell Them What Doc You Want!!! You Have That Right. What Branch Of Servise Are You In???
If You Have More Questions...let Me Know!!!! It Is Easier Than You Think.....they Will Even Let You See One An Hour Long As They Take Your Insurance And It Is In Your Region.
Dave......................i Live In Kentucky Also. Fort Campbell/hopkinsville....what City Are You In And Who Is The Pain Manage Doc Your Talking About?
Good Luck!

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Old 05-25-2004, 07:04 AM   #10
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montreal1951 HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

A friend of mine with severe fibromylagia pain and a lousy medical plan finally saw a neurologist. She could not get the drugs she needed and she was allergic to opiates like morphine, codeine etc.
The neurologist started treating her with the drugs used to treat multiple sclerosis - there are a variety of good drugs by the way.
The rationale is that the symptoms of fibromyalgia are very similar to those of multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, differential diagnosis of fibromylagia and chronic fatigue syndrome often leads to a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis that was missed by the family physician (who is only a generalist).
Ask for a consult with a neurologist - they cannot deny this as you have severe pain and they have found that the cerebrospinal fluids of fibromyalgia patients have elevated substance P ( a pain causing neurotransmitter). Severe idiopathic (of unkown cause) pain is a very good reason for a neurological consult. Insist! Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are garbage can diagnoses - excuses by some (not all) doctors not to treat your pain seriously.

Old 05-25-2004, 11:07 AM   #11
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Baroness1961 HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

Hi! I'm new on this board, but I've had Fibro plus several of it's friends that tagged along. I do not want to take any type of narcotic at all if anyway possible. So, my Doc. has been working with me to find something else and it seems that Tramadol is the answer for me right now. It is not addictive!!!!! I've had Fibro for over 20 yrs. and was finally diagnosed last year. My GP is the one. We have been working together on my medical care. She has been the one that got all the right tests done and right specialist to see and she is the one who got me my SS Disability. I wish everyone with Fibro could find a Doctor like her, she has been a God send for me. It's bad enough going though all the symtoms day to day without having someone who believes you and is trying to help you as much as she possibly can. Baroness

Old 05-26-2004, 07:05 AM   #12
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taurus3 HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

I am in Western Colorado. It is hard to find doctors here especially. I'm sorry you suffer so much as we all do. I know it's frustrating about the pain meds but be persistent. I finally told my doctor "look, you've been seeing me all this time and I have never displayed drug addicted nor drug seeking behavior. Give me one prescription and if I abuse it, you will know and you won't give me anymore. I am not going to get hooked from one two week supply of codeine or vicodin." These days you have to be very in your face with medical professionals. They have so many patients to see and so many fears about malpractice and the rampant drug addiction to pain pills that you have to get their attention. In my case this worked and I ahve had a prescription for pain pills for two years. One week I might need one codeine per day, another I might only need one all week. What the doctors need to understand is that when you are in pain all the time and they give you something that works, you don't want to mess it up by taking too many.

It has changed my life from being able to do nothing, cook, bathe, dress myself, play with my child to the ability to do all of that. I have fewer crippling flares and am able to exercise more.

As far as weight training, I used to do it before I became disabled from FM, and it did help. Your body will tell you what's not working for you. Some pain with exercise is to be expected when you have fibro. But if you can't move for three days afterwards, that's no good. You might be surprised at how much strength you can gain from pilates or yoga. Also if you find traditional workouts are too hard, try prenatal workout tapes. Sounds crazy I know but the modifications they use for pregnant women seem to work well for fibro too.

Good luck.

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typingterror HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

I have a brave fibro friend who was seeing a male doctor and was having difficulty obtaining adequate pain control. She told him that I know you cannot experience pain as I do and have to take my word for it. If I kicked you in the manhood I would have to take your word for it on how much it hurt. It worked as he doubled her dosage of medication during that visit. I smile about this every time I see a male doctor, but have not yet had courage to use this approach. I am afraid they would call the psycho ward and put me in a strait jacket immediately. (TT)

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so_confuzzled HB User
Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

Thankyou all for your replies!!! Sorry its taken so long for me to write back. Ive been going through a lot of stuff lately. Im not sure who asked this about which service I am in. My husband was an E8 in the navy and retired so we were in the navy. Im in southern colorado and these doctors just don't seem to care. I have switched to three doctors already!!!!!! This doctor that I am seeing right at the moment is the stupidest thing I have ever run into!!! He should not have PHD behind his name!!1 I am allergic to medications and yet he still perscribes them for me!!! I'm allergic to pennicillin and I let him know he has the nerve to say" what exactly does your allergy inquire?" Hes stupid!!!!! Before i left his office he hadn't checked pressure spots or pin point spots for my fibro, then when im about to leave he says" Oh maybe I should check your pain to see where your at, by the way im not going to perscribe any pain medication because many people become addicted and I don't want that to happen" that dumb*** even for got that he's been seeing me for over a month he walked in and said" Oh its nice to meet you" duh!!! I'm sorry im extremely frustrated.

I have also been wanthing to try tramadol * can't spell* I was told that it helps a lot, but when I see the doctor I usually forget what the name of that medication is called. I also seem to have pretty bad memory loss because of the medication elevil ( that was the first medication the doctor put me on when they found out i had fibro, but also later on they found that fibro can cause memory loss and differen't things like that. Have any of you experienced this also? Tri care is trying to get me other referrals to differen't military doctors. Like some of you they tend to want me to just see physical therepists. I think they are great for rehiblitating some injury's but not fibro!!! and those little bands they give you did very little for me! I went to the base yesterday to start a work out program, today at two o clock i am meeting a consultant who will help me figure out what weights I need to use. It is with a registered nurse, and if it is bad enough she will do a one on one with me. I worked out my legs yesterday, It killed me but i'm a survivor And actually my legs hurt but I can walk so I guess that is a plus!!!!! I hope to hear from you all soon your advice has helped me a lot!!! thankyou again soo much.

I'll keep you posted, and write back shortly thanx again!!-karen

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Re: I can't get my doctors to give me anything for pain!

Hi Karen I cant believe all the obstacles you are facing in regards to finding
proper medical care within the service...I personally think that is terrible.
I saw you were interested in a possible trial of tramadol for your pain
management...from others postings it appears some people with fibro have
had success with this med.I would caution however there is a potential
drug interaction with tramadol and flexeril this combo can lower the seizure
threshold.If you are not taking Flexeril you should consider asking your doc
about the tramadol.I do not know how the military health care system
operates but I wonder if you could ask for a referral to a pain management
doc? ....hope you get to feeling better...


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