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Old 06-10-2004, 11:25 AM   #1
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mannhattin HB User
Medication List

I was just wondering what everyone is taking and what results that they are getting from them. I think it might help others with these pain in the azz Dr's if they can tell theem what they think would work.

I take:
Hydrodone 7.5/325 For Pain
Soma 350 For muscles
Elival To help me sleep

Old 06-10-2004, 11:45 AM   #2
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smackliet HB User
Re: Medication List

Dilaudid for flare ups ( works pretty good) if i catch it early.
Trazidone for sleep (Works most of the time) but leaves me drowsy the next day
Lorazipam for sleep ( only when Traz doesnt work)

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Old 06-10-2004, 01:38 PM   #3
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mannhattin HB User
Re: Medication List

I can't take the triazadone it keeps me awake

Old 06-10-2004, 02:06 PM   #4
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typingterror HB User
Re: Medication List

Just on Flexeril and experimenting on getting right dosage right. (TT)

Old 06-10-2004, 04:51 PM   #5
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socalsean HB User
Re: Medication List

Ambien for sleep 10mg
Norco for pain 8x 10/3.25
Xanax for anxiety

I've tried Paxil, Zoloft,Celexa, Lexapro, Remeron, Elavil,Trazadone, Flexaril,Neurontin,Zonegran, Vioxx, Celebrex,Ritalin and Wellbutrin.

Old 06-10-2004, 06:05 PM   #6
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Jenetti HB User
Re: Medication List

after so many trial and error sessions, we finally found the right combination. Sure it doesnt take the whole pain away, but does take the edge off. This is what i take:

I take:
Hydrocodone 10/500 For Pain if its severe, 7.5/325 if not that bad, and darvocet (propoxy) 100 mgs for breakthru pain if needed (just in case, havent used it lately tho)
Soma 350 For muscles
elavil To help me sleep, was 10 mgs, recently upped to 25 due to adhesion pain and will be upped to 50 mgs soon
clindex for the IBS symptoms that goes along with fibro.
prozac (suppose to be for energy but doesnt help) so hardly ever take it, actually havent taken it in a good while
plus i take alot of vitamins and supplements, calcium/magnesium being one of the most important one i try not to miss

Old 06-11-2004, 05:15 AM   #7
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Dee74 HB User
Re: Medication List

Hello all

Currently I'm taking 500 mg Hydrocodone when the pain gets really bad.. maybe once or twice a week at most. It makes me too loopy

I also take 10 mg of Flexeril when I have bad muscle cramps.. though it's not doing a darn thing for this new thing I have going on - severe tightening of my calf muscles so bad that it kills to have my legs straight no matter how much I try to stretch them.

I have tried ..

Elavil, was on 100 mg at night for over a year.. stopped taking that because I could no longer deal with the side effects.

Paxil for secondary depression.. don't remember the mg though. I was immediately taken off them when I became extremely suicidal after 4 days of being on it. I was admitted to the psychiatric ward and it was discovered that the drug was the problem. Never was suicidal before that.

Remeron for secondary depression - I kept telling my old doc that I WAS NOT depressed, but I thought, ok fine, whatever.. anyway, it made me weird. Lots of highs and lows.

Skelexa (sp?).. didn't do a darn thing.

Celebrex.. same as above

Soma - my mom gave me a few, yes I know, bad bad me. I don't know the mg on them, I only took half. They helped SOOOOOO much, but my old doc refused to give them to me when I mentioned it for muscle pain. He said they were only for people with severe muscle pain.. HELLO??? WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK I HAVE BEEN COMPLAINING ABOUT??

That's it I THINK.

Old 06-11-2004, 07:19 AM   #8
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Jenetti HB User
Re: Medication List

OH wow hon, ive tried some of those other meds, skelexa is candy to me actually, DOES NOTHING!! Just wish theyd give you soma , taken together with the hydrocodone, it relaxes your muscles and doesnt allow them to cramp up.
I think ive been on this dosage for over two years and havent had to go up to anything else since my meds are for maintanced ,meaning trying to keep things under control before they get worse.
When flareups do happen, i might take the higher dosage of hydrocodone for a few days, and if have to, propoxy fo breakthru pain. Other than that, i stay on the maintance dosage (still hurt, but not to the extreme i used to without meds).

Old 06-11-2004, 12:02 PM   #9
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Location: North Richland Hills, TX 76180
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mannhattin HB User
Re: Medication List

I have tried
Skelaxon- Did nothing
Flexereil - Did Nothing
Bacafin- Made me sick to my stomach

Paxil - Made me obsesive compulosive ( My husband just about went insaine) If some one moved the paper towls and put them where they didn't belong I would go postal. I have a 3 year old so I knew that couldn't work.

I think the mix of the Hydrocodone 7.5/350 (since it has less tylanol) and the Soma 350mg with the elivil seem to work the best.

Also every other month I switch the Hydocodone for Vicaprifin ( It has IBprophen in it instead of tylanol) I keeps the tolerance down. And it helps with the sore muscles better,

Old 06-11-2004, 09:05 PM   #10
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DeadManWalkin HB User
Post Re: Medication List

I was just prescribed "Duragesic" patches that contain an Opiat. I also take Gabapentin and Hydrocodone 10mg w/ 500mg acetemithephin. Those Duragesic patches are great if you have mysofacial pain like I do. I tried the Flexiril but didn't do much good. Amitriptyline worked good for sleep but was giving me horrific morning headaches, I get enough of those already lol....Matt

Old 06-11-2004, 10:22 PM   #11
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taurus3 HB User
Re: Medication List

I'm off meds right now so I'm drooling over all of yours. Three months to go and I can have my drugs back.

When I'm not growing a baby I take... Hydrocodone and SOMA. I switch back and forth between SOMA and flexaril because I have this wierd thing where drugs stop working for me if I have to take them daily. I usually have a bad flare and need drugs for about three days and then the rest of the time I only need it one or two days per week.

I also have Ambien for sleep, Mecclizine for dizziness, Promethazine for itching, nausea and diarrhea, and xanax for the occasional panic attack. Also the xanax helps my body relax during a bad flare.

Old 06-12-2004, 06:44 AM   #12
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DecLady HB User
Re: Medication List

I was on elavil, then nortriptyline for 1 1/3 years...HATED them..and wasn't sleeping with tried Valerian from like a charm for me.
For pain I take tramadol ( Ultram) for milder pain...vicoden for worse pain... alazopram ( sp?) for occasional anxiety attacks. Going to see a rheumy for the first time this month..we shall see if he differs from my GP.

Old 06-12-2004, 06:48 AM   #13
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taurus3 HB User
Re: Medication List

Good point DecLady! I forgot about the various supplements I take that help. I haven't been able to take them for awhile so I forgot. Valerian is great for me too.

Others that help are Turmeric (inflammation), Dandelion Root (swelling), Ginseng (energy), Ginger (IBS and joint pain)...I know there are more but I can't remember right now.

There are more as well. There is a website of herbal remedies listed by disease. Just search for herbal remedies and you should be able to find it.

Hope that helps somebody.

Old 06-12-2004, 11:50 AM   #14
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kalishreya HB User
Re: Medication List

Prozac 20mg in the morning to lift mood and help the pain
Soma 350mg as needed for muscle tightness and pain (I know, I know, I'm not supposed to rely on a muscle relaxant only)
Melatonin and benadryl to help sleep
Ginseng and Dexatrim Results for energy
Tiger Balm for muscle soreness, as well as my heating pad

I am extremely stubborn and I don't want to be on any painkillers, because I have an insane immunity to them. 60mg of codeine doesn't even dent my pain and I refuse to take morphine...which I've been on and it didn't work all the way, either. If things get bad, I will probably ask for Zanaflex, but I want to see how a modified diet and gentle (sometimes not so gentle) exercise program work first. I've been in (fibro) pain for about 2 years, endo for 12.

P.S. I also rely on music a lot. "Spirit Flutes" for meditation, power noize and industrial for energy.

Last edited by kalishreya; 06-12-2004 at 12:02 PM.

Old 06-16-2004, 09:35 AM   #15
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tkgoodspirit HB Usertkgoodspirit HB User
Re: Medication List

For pain: oxycontin 20mg twice daily
Ultram 50mg 1 or 2 tablets twice daily
Flexeril 5mg 3 times daily (although I don't think it helps anymore)
Celebrex 200mg twice daily (carpal tunnel syndrome)
For Sleep: Klonopin (anti-anxiety med) 1mg at bedtime

For Depression and dopemine for Fibro: WellbutrinXL 300mg daily

Conditons: Fibromyalgia, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Cervical Stenosis with degenerative arthritis, Lower Lumbar disk rupture (2) one disc with lateral tear, Spinal stenosis, severe Sciatica, and Depression

Now, ain't THAT all fun and games!

I am going to ask my rheumy about Soma next visit. I've been taking Flexeril for awhile and just don't see any difference. I can't even tell any difference when I stop taken them.

Have a good pain free day!

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