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Old 07-23-2004, 02:01 AM   #1
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brend HB Userbrend HB User
I need help on mew neds. SSRI


I had a long phone call from my doc yesterday and I have an appointment to see him on 29th (Next Thursday). He has discussed my case file with my permision with a very senior professor of medicin and is suggesting that I experiment with a change of meds. The suggestion is that I take a low dose of Selective Serotin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), together with a high dose of steroid to start with. The idea is to then increase the dose of SSRI and reduce the steroid to a miniscule dose. I know the dangers around long term use of steroids but I am not familiar with SSRI. Have any of you good people out there any info on this particular med and more important have any of you any experience of a positive result with regard to fibro.


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Old 07-23-2004, 02:05 AM   #2
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brend HB Userbrend HB User
Re: I need help on mew neds. SSRI

I have just spotted my title for this thread. Sorry about the obvious error. Should of course read " I need help on new meds". Just shows where my head is today.


Old 07-23-2004, 11:20 AM   #3
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kovena HB User
Exclamation Re: I need help on mew neds. SSRI

HA! Mew Neds...I understood what you meant but it sure made me laugh...(sorry)
I was wondering if you have been diagnosed with Fibro? If it were me I would run to another place on this earth rather than take any Steroids. For me they are more dangerous than the disease itself, and can cause so many more repercussions with the disease. Remember, I am NOT a Doctor and can only give an opinion that I believe. What kind of Doctor do you go to? It sounds like he doesn't know a thing about Fibro. I am not sure how many agree with me but I feel you may be given the WRONG meds if you have fibro, You have not told any symptoms nor what you have yet. Tell us what you were diagnosed with and what the symptoms are. Have you had any meds yet? What are you on now?
Hopefully you can get some answers before you take the wrong meds for fibro.
The Seretonin uptake drugs are given for depression and anxiety, is that what you have? Maybe someone out there knows whether the drugs she is talking about are right for her. I wouldn't take either if it were me. But that's me. WE NEED to have more info on what you have and the symptoms. I am not an MD so I cannot really say what you should take and what you shouldn't take, all I know is what I wouldn't take and you named 2 of them.

"Above All Do No Harm"...Love and Healing Light to All...kovena

Old 07-23-2004, 11:39 AM   #4
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Vic15 HB User
Re: I need help on mew neds. SSRI

Hi Brend

With regard to your situation I hope I can give some useful advice from my experience. Basically to cut a long story short I havent actually been diagnosed with FMS, however I do have most of the main symptoms and signs-the worst being stiffness and muscle pain. I've seen a number of specialists for my condition and have been prescribed numerous medications such as anti inflammatories, muscle relaxants etc etc-none of which worked for the pain or stiffness. I was prescribed Venlafaxine (Effexor in UK and Efexor in USA) by a psychiatrist of all people (as the tendency of the medical profession to send you to one of these people is extremely high-it's easier to say 'it's all in the head' rather than to find the actual problem so it seems) Since starting this SSRI (Antidepressant) in March my dosage has been increased to 150mg daily-this has made a real difference to my pain and subsequently my life.

SSRI's work by supressing the re-uptake of serotonin in the brain-serotonin controls mood and emotion-the feeling part of our mind. As I have also since discovered and was never explained to me certain SSRI's are prescribed for chronic pain management in that they help to control the level of perceived pain felt by the brain. I am no scientist but I really do think that you should go ahead and try the SSRI's..dont be downhearted if you dont get an immediate response-it took me at least one month to see a difference in pain levels...but my life was a nightmare before I started on these as I was off work for three months in absolute agony.

I hope this helps and if you have any more questions please just ask...let me know how you get on with the SSRI.

Best Wishes,

Love Vicky x x

Old 07-23-2004, 06:10 PM   #5
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taurus3 HB User
Re: I need help on mew neds. SSRI

Hi Brend,

There are many different SSRI's available. I have been on several different ones but the one that worked best for me is Prozac. Now in my case I don't seem to need to take it for more than six months. But everyone is different and responds differently to different treatment. Just because you're taking something for depression or anxiety doesn't mean that you have the emotional side of it. Your body just may be chemically lacking.

Now I have lupus so I have experience with steroids as well. I will tell you that many people get ill when taking them including me. I have taken them for short periods and it's worked OK. But if I take them for more than a week or two I get really ill. So be prepared that you may have any number of reactions to taking them. I would get sick to my stomache, flushed and dizzy and feel likeI'd been poisoned.

But it can work great for the right person. When you start taking the new drugs just listen to your body and if you feel really rotten, call the doctor. It helps to take them with food.

Hopefully this will help you feel better. I'm sure the SSRI will help but you may have to try more than one before you find the right one for you. And some of them take several weeks to work.

Good luck and keep us posted - Andy

Old 07-25-2004, 12:42 AM   #6
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kovena HB User
Re: I need help on mew neds. SSRI

Forgive me if I was out of line with my reaction to the meds brend was talking about!
I had so many horrible reactions to Serotonin uptakes drugs, and the steroids were as if I took poison and landed me in hospital.
I did not mean to scare you away from something that may work for you Brend...And I hope it works..Keep us updated ok?
"above All Do No hArm"...Love and Healing Light to All..kovena

Old 07-26-2004, 01:54 AM   #7
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brend HB Userbrend HB User
Re: I need help on mew neds. SSRI

Hi all
Thanks for the posts. I am going to the doc on Thursday and I feel more confident about taking this on. I had done some internet research but I ended up more confused and concerned about the effects and side effects of the SSRI. When I read things like that they have been shown to produce a tendancy to suicide in some people, I was even more worried. Sometimes a little info is a dangerous thing, but the most valuable is people like youselves who have experienced the drug themselves.

Thanks again and I will let you know what happens after Thursday.


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