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New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

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Old 09-04-2005, 08:34 PM   #1
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qwerty1970 HB User
New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

I posted a while back with my symptoms when I wasn't sure what was going on but since I've been to my physician who says my symptoms are similar to fibromyalgia or are fibromyalgia. I am weary from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed. I don't sleep well and wake up achy and tired, like I haven't slept at all. My shoulders and spine in between hurt intensely, and my neck and hips hurt all of the time. My arms and fingers go numb while typing at work. If someone grips any part of me I am in pain. I have a hard time at work trying to put a complete sentence together and I forget things constantly. My work is very stressful and depressing. My doctor has put me on 20 mg of Elavil a night to help me sleep through the pain but I it grogs me out a bit. Has this prescription helped you and is it a long term solution?

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Old 09-05-2005, 08:12 AM   #2
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Mikiboots HB User
Smile Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

I'm new to the boards but not to fibro....diagnosed 10 years ago but figure I've had it most of my life.

I have the exact same pain and massages really help, as does heat. I use pain reliever sparingly and used to use Elavil to go to sleep, but found that it stops working over time.

For me, I have found keeping a regular sleep routine is essential, as is having the bed soft enough and warm enough. My family calls me the Princess and the Pea with how I can TELL if a pillow or blanket is out of place or missing. I use SEVERAL pillows and SEVERAL blankets, even in the heat of summer. Drafts hurt!!

I also keep my shoulders and back covered at all times. Benadryl allows me to go to sleep better than Elavil, but both require a good strong dose of coffee in the morning to get rid of the fog. I guard my sleep well, and occasionally take a nap when I can!! That isn't very often.

Stretching and heat make the biggest difference in the day, as does keeping in motion. Sitting still kills me. I also don't reach beyond my limits and keep the arms close to the body. Pull the keyboard close to type, it helps.

Hope my experience can help you! Hang in there!

Old 09-05-2005, 08:59 AM   #3
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Jenetti HB User
Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

hi hon, ive been using elavil for goodness a very long long time. started on 50 mgs. and could never wake up till 2 pm. yea my body was up, lol but my mind was still sleeping lol. so ive been on 25 mgs for several years now and it still works for me. id say ive been on it longer than 8yrs or so. 25mgs works fine for me. i take it around 8:30 and go to sleep around 12:30 pm ( just cause hubby gets home at midnight from work and i wait for him). after that, im out like a light. my body has gotten pretty used to it by now that im not groggy in the morning at all. it also has helped alot with settling my mind. being alone at home so much (hubby sometimes goes to training away from home anywhere from 1 week to 3 months at a time) i was afraid of every noise, my mind would never stop working enough to go to sleep alone. i was sure someone was breaking into the house and could never relax enough to sleep at night. now, i can be alone and not worry lol. i make sure my locks are locked and thats it. before i used to have to check them every 30 mins and would never sleep at night. so for me yea, elavil works on so many levels, getting drowsy enough to sleep, not waking up groggy, and not having so much obsession.

Old 09-05-2005, 04:46 PM   #4
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DecLady HB User
Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

I used elavil for about a year when I was first dx'd. It worked for me for a while...well, maybe I should say it seemed to help me sleep for about 6 months...then little by little..I was waking up more and more. I also had a very dry mouth, which turned quickly into some periodontal issues for me..and I gained 20 pounds. When I told these things to my doctor..he then tried nortriptyline with the same results. At that point I said wouldn't take them any more. I use Valerian root capsules when I have trouble sleeping...and they work wonderfully for me. I had no noticeable pain relief while on the elavil which was one of the things I was told.

Old 09-05-2005, 05:38 PM   #5
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Glojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB User
Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

Elavil does the hangover thing for me too! Can't use it, just use ambien and a muscle relaxer and benadryl works much better for sleep and no groggy hangover. Elavil is what many docs think is the standard for fibro but I have found it doesn't help. I have many of the same symptoms as you described though. Hope you can get this worked out, we all know how frustrating this can be.

Old 09-08-2005, 01:02 PM   #6
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JenniferEvelynn HB User
Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

Hi qwerty,

I was given Elavil about two weeks ago at my last dr appt. I have sleep issues. She told me it was amatriptalene - I then found out it is Elavil. I read up on it and didn't like the possible side effects - weight gain, grogginess. I hadn't heard good things about Elavil over the years. If I had known my dr was actually prescribing it, I wouldn't have left her office with the script. I haven't picked up the script yet and don't plan on it.

God bless, Jen

Old 09-09-2005, 05:32 AM   #7
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DecLady HB User
Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

It is ok for you to choose not to take the drug. But I would suggest you let your doctor know..and tell him /her your reasons why. It is a first recommended drug for most docs..but that doesn't mean you have to take it. There may be other choices that he is comfortable with for you.

Old 09-09-2005, 06:30 AM   #8
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rosebuddy HB Userrosebuddy HB Userrosebuddy HB Userrosebuddy HB User
Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

Hi and welcome Qwerty, sorry that you are having so much pain. You are in my prayer this morning. and welcome Mikeyboots. I just love this board, the people here sincerely try to help eachother and provide information that has helped me so much. I'm sure you will love it here and i look forward to your posts.

I had to stop pamelor (also a tricyclic) due to urinary retention. It worked for me and has been the best anti-depressant I have used, i slept all night and although groggy in the morning I drank coffee and went for walks/runs in the mornings. I wish i could still take it. I did have dry mouth too. I also have clinical depression and it has been the best med for that for me.

Qwerty you sound like you have been reading my mail with that list of symptoms. I don't work outside my home anymore. I couldn't physically or mentally. I am on SSD. Do you have trouble remembering how to do things or learning new things? I did the same job over and over and had to use cheat sheets. My coworker helped me a lot.

I tried to use a heating pad at work, but it wouldn't stay in place. I even tried tucking it into the back of my uniform. I wore 2 uniforms because the a/c hurt my skin and made my muscles hurt. I would go sit in my hot car on breaks and lunch for relief. And my family had the sofa and pillows and heating pads ready for me when I got home from work.

Now I take generic flexeril and lamictal to sleep and it usually works well. We bought a new mattress after my diagnosis. I take Wellbutrin in the morning for depression, not for fibromyalgia. I take a very low dose of percocet but had some addiction/dependency problems with that in the recent past, so am getting off of it. Neurontin helped with the "burning skin" and numbness and tingling. I was also on tramadol, Ultram, for pain in the beginning. I had pain levels of 8 9 10's at onset.

There have been periods of remission since my diagnosis in April of 04. So keep the faith. Onset was hell for me though, and also involved chronic myofascial pain which has been treated successfully. Some of your symptoms sound like cmp.

Good luck to you. Take good care of yourself.
Peace and love,

Old 09-10-2005, 02:47 PM   #9
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Butch0926 HB User
Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

My doctor prescribed Elavil for me to ease my pain. I take 10 mg. before bedtime. I also take trazodone and, once in a while Ambien or Flexeril. Most nights I think I'm getting good sleep. I'm most exhausted when I've overdone my activities the previous day.

Old 09-11-2005, 05:01 PM   #10
Senior Veteran
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Glojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB UserGlojer HB User
Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

Butch question, do you take the elavil with the ambien? Just curious, I would not think the two would mix and wondered if that was something you might know about.

Old 09-12-2005, 08:49 PM   #11
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jbot HB User
Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

Yes i took elavil also. I took it for 8 mos and gained 80# and was seeing my dr once a month. I will never put that in my mouth again going from 120# to 200# was almost more then I could bare.I flushed them , then went on a very strick diet and lost #50. When I went back to the dr he ask how I lost so much weight I told him I stop the medicine he still would not believe that was the reason I gained.There is no doubt in my mind it was the cause. Anyway I didn`t feel much better for the 8 mos I was on it. All I did was eat and sleep. I had no entengry at all. If it helps you to where you feel better and can function the by all mean use it. Its just for me it didn`t work. Good luck to you and feel better.......jbot

Old 10-17-2007, 06:25 PM   #12
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deliriousmonkey HB User
Re: New Here...Opinions on Elavil...

I have been on Amitriptyline (generic for Elavil) for years now for chronic insomnia. Recently I've been having numb fingers,... my pinky and ring finger. I thought it was a blood clot,... but I'm beginning to wonder if its the Amitriptyline.......

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