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Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

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Old 09-05-2009, 12:45 PM   #1
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sophie56 HB User
Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

Hi all, Does anyone here take the fentanyl patch for fibro? Does it make you tired and drowsy (more than you already were.) Does anyone mind telling me what mg they take and if they take anyone takes anything else with it? Thank-you for any reply.
Sophie 56

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Old 09-05-2009, 03:13 PM   #2
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Jenetti HB User
Re: Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

Yes i use the fentanyl patch, I am also on ocycontin . Im also on soma *muscle relaxer. Plus im on some lorazapam for anxiety which i use "only as needed". Plus ambien to sleep, very small dose. I worked up to all this over years of trying so many things. But i am in pain management and i never take ANY more than is prescribed.Its a very strict plan. What im on is a maintance plan. I came in to the pain management guy with a very detailed sheet of doctor visits, tests that had been done, including a bone marrow test, what had been prescribed, what had not worked, and it went back 10 yrs. Three other doctors had diagnosed me with fibro, so he was the fourth. The fentanyl patch made me very drowsy in the beginning but not anymore.

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sophie56 HB User
Re: Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

Thank you so much for your reply. It sounds like you came into PM much the same way I did. I am hoping my fatigue will go away too. Are you scared to be taking all the meds?
I am just starting the fentanyl and on lortab as well and a little nervous about it. Do you remember how long before the fatigue went away? Also, can you still work? I have two kids in college and am having a very hard time working but have to. I am glad you are finding relief and wish you well.
Sophie 56

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BeHappy2 HB UserBeHappy2 HB UserBeHappy2 HB UserBeHappy2 HB User
Re: Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

sophie, i bumped up a post for you from Melissa that describes Fenatanyl patch .

We all try to give advice on boards and having Fibromyalgia this is one post many should read.

Wish you well

Old 09-05-2009, 09:16 PM   #5
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sophie56 HB User
Re: Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

Thank you Be Happy 2 I am so glad I found this board
Sophie 56

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BobGuy HB User
Re: Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

Hi Sophie, welcome to the board. A quick intro: I've been living with FM for roughly three years, and get by using percocet, and hydromorph (dialodid sp?). I was on oxy (40 x 3) but after a about a year it actually began to increase my pain levels ! Only found this out when I asked my pain specialist to try something else: he offered the hydromorph, as he feels the fentanyl was too difficult to titrate.

If I may ask, how did your doc start you out on the patch, that is, how much did it take to stop the pain, and how long before you felt 'balanced' between pain and too much meds ? I am asking because of late I'm finding the hydromorph is not helping much, which leaves me little choice but to ask and try the patch. Although this will (hopefully) not happen just yet, it is inevitable

Good luck

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neveragain444 HB Userneveragain444 HB Userneveragain444 HB Userneveragain444 HB Userneveragain444 HB Userneveragain444 HB Userneveragain444 HB Userneveragain444 HB Userneveragain444 HB Userneveragain444 HB Userneveragain444 HB User
Re: Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

I used to use it and started out on 25 mcg. Everyone said I was so dopey, it was like I was being drugged. It killed ALL the pain I had, however after using it so many months, the pain started coming back. I was updosed to 50 mcg. I would scream so bad with the most horrible headaches you could imagine that my family thought I was dying. They even called 911 and had me rushed to the hospital. The 50 mcg made me sick, made me vomit, gave me acid reflux disease. I didn't have a bowel movement for 2 solid weeks. Very unpleasant experience. Withdrawing from it was no fun either.

If you use it, do not use a heating pad or blanket. IT WILL kill you. A friend of my ex's, his mom died because of that.

I would never use it again no matter how bad my pain was. There's safer ways to control pain.

Old 09-09-2009, 03:13 PM   #8
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sophie56 HB User
Re: Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

The first thing I was put on was the patch. My doctor thinks the patch alone is safer than all the meds that are taken. I have had severe back and leg pain for years with a very weak immune system. I have had 2 back surgeries...didn't work. I am on a 25 mg patch now but she may up it a little when I go in the end of the month. I am hoping another 12 mg will get rid of the pills and make my pain bearable.

Old 09-10-2009, 03:38 AM   #9
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wd1976 HB User
Re: Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

Hi Sophie, I am on the Fentanyl patch myself for my fibro. I'm not really sure how to use these boards yet.. I hope I am replying to the post in the right place! I also take Ultram (tramadol), Lyrica (400mgs), and Oxycodone for breakthrough. My body gets used to meds quickly. In fact, I am going to post another discussion on that topic in a few minutes. I don't want to re-type my next post, but it is going to be related to Fentanyl as well. It was the only drug I tried that worked even a little bit.. I was scared of it too in the beginning. Ha...I made the pharmacist spend 10 minutes just getting me to try to relax about taking it! I also asked him the equivalent of oxycodone to fentanyl and he didn't know. So I asked my doc and she said that a 50mcg patch is like taking about 9 (10mg) percocet a day. Seeing as I already near that dose in the ER form (oxycontin), I felt more comfortable with it. It's convenient, but you can't get into a jacuzzi or anything [hot], and it doesn't stick well either. But they do work, sometimes not for 72 hours (that's for sure!) You'll figure it out.. I circle the dates on the calendar every 72 hours so I remember when to change it..FYI

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katsie2 HB User
Thumbs up Re: Fentanyl patch and fibromyalgia

Hi! I am a new member, but I wanted to post about the fentanyl patch. I always make the mistake of calling it the Duragesic patch, when I really do know that that is just a brand name! I apologize to anybody who has read any of my posts, wherein I used 'Duragesic' (brand name), mistakenly for Fentanyl patch.

I was diagnosed with fibro ten years ago. It was a nightmare getting the proper diagnosis. I thank Katie Couric and Dr. Nye (NY City), and her show ten years ago, wherein he listed all of the symptoms. Until then, for more than six months, I though I was going crazy. My G.P. told me that I was menopausal. I was not. I did the test for it, and it came back negative.

Dr. Nye said to have a lupus test done (default test), which I did the next day, and it came back positive for lupus. My G.P. sent me to an arthritis doctor, who confirmed that it was fibro, Raynaud's, chronic fatigue, and he also found Sjogren's syndrome. I had IBS, killer migraine headaches (for years which only got worse over time), when I slept, no matter how long I slept 8 hours, or 12 hours, I woke up feeling as if I had been hit by a mack-truck. I could barely get dressed and go to work.

I have used the fentanyl patch for more than five years now, and if not for that patch, I would still be in bed. I did lay in bed for almost three years, before I decided to do something, and go to a Pain Clinic. My cousin, who is a doctor in an ER, warned me not to go to a pain clinic, but honestly, I had no choice.

The flare I was in started probably a year before I had to quit work, because I could not walk, my feet hurt, and my joints then began hurting badly, and lasted until I went on the Fentanyl Patch. He started me at 25 mcg., which did nothing, then upped it to 50 mcg., which worked for about a year.

I am now on a 75 mcg., and have been on this dose for four years. I also have oxycontin liquid for break-through pain, but I rarely need it.

I have other health problems, mostly hormonally related. I am a breast cancer survivor, twice now, and had a bilateral mastectomy last year. I still feel tired, but I just started Savella, which my pain clinic doctor said is used for fibro.

I am on the fourth day, and have increased from three days of 12.5 mg. twice a day, to 24.5 mg. twice a day. When I finish this week, I will be up to the optimum dose of 100 mg. twice a day. He told me to stop taking Lexapro, so I am a little dizzy from stopping the antidepressant, but yesterday, I woke up,...for the first time in over ten years, I felt like getting out of bed!!!!!

I have not awakened that way in ten years. Usually, I lay in bed after I wake up, sometimes up to an hour, before I can get up. I am so hopeful that this is going to help me. I do not believe in a miracle cure, but hopefully, fibro is beginning to get the respect it did not have when I was diagnosed with it.

Back then (10 years ago), g.p. did not have a clue what was wrong with me. Like I said, he told me I was just menopausal!!! Well, I settled that. I was not. When I got the proper diagnosis, I called my g.p., and rubbed his nose in his menopause diagnosis!!!

It's a pretty sad state of affairs when we have to seek help from television, the internet, and friends, which is better advice than the doctors. I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh. When I became ill, initially, I could not stand the drive (over an hour) into town to see a doctor there, so I had to depend on local doctors.

I now go into town regularly. I do not drive because I know I can't concentrate the way I used to, probably fibro-fog, but I will never take what one doctor tells me as gospel, especially if they tell me that nothing is wrong, and I know that there is!!!

I hate having to go so far for treatment, but it's better than suffering. I really hope that Savella is going to help me. I am on the fourth day, and in three days, I will be at the optimum dose of 100 mg. 2 x's a day. When I woke up feeling good the other day, I know it was the Savella. I have not felt that good in years! As far as side-effects, I will tolerate them,..I would tolerate almost anything to have my life back again! I consider it a small price to pay .

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