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Anybody else?

I am new to this pain although everything I read makes me say " yup that's been going on for years" I just have to wade through all the different tests before someone tells me that I "officially" have fibromyalgia. My question is among all if the new symptoms that have popped up has anyone ever felt like there is a knife in their spine? Not the whole spine but just one area and it is also tender to the touch? Also has anyone had pain along their jaw line that is also tender to touch? I have had the spine pain for months, the jaw pain is a new one. I have been through all of the heart tests, spinal X-rays, head ct, neck ct, etc... No MRI yet... Doctor keeps calling it anxiety, I am in pt but it seems to make it all worse I also feel like the muscles in my rib cage and my spine and my collar bone are swelling. Some of these bones seem to be more prominent than others and more painful to touch as well. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Did anyone feel like they were going absolutely crazy waiting for someone to tell them what was wrong with them to no avail? Did anyone turn into a hypochondriac thinking they must have cancer or something awful wrong with them and their doctors are just stupid? I am freaking out and feeling so alone anyone out there have any of these symptoms I have along with all over pain? These things are zo prominent and I am scared thanks for reading me...

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Re: Anybody else?

Well I don't know about the waiting too much. My PCP ran a couple of blood test and sent me to a rheumy. So he ran some blood tests and said it was fibro, but I never did get any x-rays. My spine hurts so bad my mom wonders if I have arthritis too. I definietely have the knife in my spine problem. Sometimes the pain is right under my shoulder blade too. First thought it was indigestion or something, but it hasn't gone away. The dr doesn't seem to worried about it really. I wish he were. So now I'm waiting some more too now wondering if it's also from the fibro like you. But I ended up with a fibro dx in two or three visits to the rheumy. I wish he'd check my spine for arthritis.

It sounds like you're in a lot of pain and I hope you get the dx you need and the treatment that would help you! Hang in there!

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Re: Anybody else?

My bone pain is more in my legs and arms, altho I do have arthritis in the spine.

My pain isn't stabbing but more a radiating ache type of pain. Both in spine and limbs.

I was recently told by a doctor I am not entirely comfortable with that he feels I have fibro. I have tons of blood tests done, an abdominal scan, but what I really want is a bone scan. I have a fear that this could be something horrific like bone cancer and it is being missed.

My doctor tells me if it were a cancer the tests I'd had already would red flag. Again, I've not much confidence in him.

I hope you feel better and get some answers soon.

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Re: Anybody else?

Yes I can relate to most of what you are saying including the knife in the spine. I too was convinced that I had something sinister that they were missing in tests, I was in so much pain I could not believe it was fibro, I now know different. This is a condition that at times can really lay you flat out, but thank god not all the time.

Everything you are feeling is perfectly normal, it takes a while to process it all.

Good luck,
Rheumatoid arthritis?

Old 08-13-2012, 11:58 AM   #5
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Re: Anybody else?

I am sorry to hear about all you are going through ! I also was extremely frustrated, depressed, and feeling all my doctors were idiots and they were missing something terrible and not seeing the big picture.
I have the stabbing pains in my spine between the spine and my left shoulder blade. When the doctor pressed that spot, I screamed (and was really
I also have osteoarthritis in my spine.
I have the pain in my jaw too...well, it's not really pain...more of a feeling of tension that is very my jaw and neck muscles are tense and I can't relax them. It is an aching, very uncomfortable feeling.
I hope you can get some relief from your symptoms !!! I have been stated on medication but have not been on them long enough to see results.

Good luck !!! Feel better soon !!!

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Re: Anybody else?

Keep going to doctors til you find one that listens to you. I went years dealing with the same issues dealing with doctors and never got anywhere. My neurologist is who diagnosed fibro back in 2009 but we tried so many meds and I have chemical sensitivity so if I would have reactions to meds they were severe and he pretty much is clueless anymore and I told him recently I dont want to try any more meds and plus he continues to prescrib muscle relaxers and I cant take them because of the bad side effects I get from them.

Last year I finally found my primary doc who has done more for me in less than year than my neuro has in 3 yrs. You are your advocate and deserve to have answers. Please continue to find a doc that you are comfortable with. Also I have been lucky and all of the specialists Ive seen in the last few months really believe fibromyalgia is real and they have told me things that I didnt even know and so I understand it better. Memory is a bit bad right now so dont remember it all.

As far as bone pain. In the jaw I have TMJ and my jaw usually always hurts but majority of the time the pain isnt too bad and tolerable. My spine has always been painful and in the last few months my legs have been hurting alot. Had arthritis panel ran and it came back negative but yet a MRI I had done last month showed arthritis in my right knee that has caused me severe pain for a year now. So not sure how that can be.

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Re: Anybody else?

I am 32 mother of 3 ages 7, 21 mid and 5 mos. I have been prescribed everything under the sun and have not taken any of it because I too am sensitive to mess and also feel taking a med to "see if it works" for something undiagnosed is just plain stupid! I also don't want to start the Cymbalta or gabapentin and then have it be something different so I just sit in pain anxious I have a spinal tumor or something anxiety and panic are daily now, I just sit on a heating pad and move it from site to site through the day. I feel like my kids are robbed of the time they need from me and I push myself through agony to try to give what I can. I was totally fine on June 4th then June 5th I woke up with pins and needles in my left arm but though no big deal until 9pm when I realized maybe I have a pinched nerve and went to the er to see if they could suggest something, they threw me into so many tests I became over anxious... Then said it was just anxiety but I wasn't anxious til they checked me for a stroke! So my arm was numb and tingling for 6 straight weeks non stop and finally I got relief but it still comes and goes. The pain in my back began the day after, I went back to the er and they ran more tests and a neck ct showed muscle spasm... Prescribed a muscle relax and Xanax didn't take them... Now I have had all heart tests, spine xray, all bloodwork except lyme which I will ask for next... I am going to ask for an MRI soon but I want to get some insurance things in order first to ensure I have the means to take care of things if it's something bad. The spot on my spine does radiate to my muscles but I literally can't wear a bra, sit with my back touching anything, my clothes hurt, shower hurts, blankets hurt... If anyone touches the spot I literally drop to my knees involuntarily! It's so scary! I refuse medication until I have an official diagnosis! I will not play guinea pig to my own body. This is not anxiety it is only causing anxiety! The worst part is it is such s lonely pain, no one understands it or believes it... Even my own mom who has fibromyalgia brushes ne off like I am a nut job! I have listened to her cry about her aches and pains for years and I even apologized to her for acting the way I did when I did not know what she was going through. No one can understand until they know, right? Well I know and I'm sorry! I was a perfectly healthy 32 year old until June 5th and since then I have been in agony! If I think back to my pregnancies I had similar back symptoms but not sore to touch and it went away after the weight was off. I also developed dizzy spells while I was pregnant with my daughter born 3/3/12 I started tests then because my chest was heavy and I had a thundering noise with vibration in my left ear and heart beat in my right... Both went away right after labor... My epidural was scary, I heard it grind into my spine when she put it in, but it's not anywhere near the site of my pain, my pain is in the t7 t8 area. Now I'm riddled with pain and frantic about what could be as soon as I have diagnosis I will happily take mess but until then I'm going to stick to my guns! Hopefully things turn out fibromyalgia and not something mote serious... Can anyone be more specific on the exact pains they feel and where? My whole chest feels bruised right up to my collar bone which makes breathing seem hard even though it's not. I do have the "fog" I sleep just fine for a person with a new baby. My left shoulder feels sunburn most of the time and I also feel like there is a knife through the top of my shoulder and through the shoulder. My feet and left arm and hand fall asleep constantly, I feel like someone is trying to rip my left thumb nail off with pliers! Sometimes stomach ache, some times ibs, neck pain, a few mild head aches but I do get avwierd tingling sensation on my head, my hair hurts to be down or up, I just want to cut it off! There is more but I will save it for another post, I have homework sitting at my desk is agony!!!

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Re: Anybody else?

Check out the post called "Please list your fibro aches/pains list for newbies like me". Lots of people listed their symptoms in detail there.

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