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Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

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Old 10-23-2004, 09:17 PM   #16
Join Date: Sep 2004
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jhoward HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

My brother just had his GB removed 1 month ago and he is complaining that he can feel bile shooting out and has bile attacks. Anyone else experience anything like that?

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Old 12-02-2004, 08:44 PM   #17
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hallmatt HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

About a year ago I began experience weird "pressure from the inside" under my LEFT ribs. I was 29yo at the time, so (surprise) that makes me 30yo now.

It freaked me out at first. I thought it felt like a huge cancerous tumor was growing inside trying to bust through my ribs. Since it was new to me, my fright only added to what I'm sure was a digestive issue. They gave me the HIDA with CCK and I failed it miserably. I had passed a bunch of upper GI barium swallow, abdominal U/S showed nothing, etc. So the surgeon said Gallbladder first, then see what happens.

Well, operation wasn't too terrible. I do get some dumping and bile salt business going on. Not good, but to be perfectly honest, it was already happening before gallbladder surgery. So that really does give me comfort that my GB was to blame.

Now 10 months later, I'm getting similar sensations. Again, mostly left side, just tucked under my left ribcage. Splenic flexure, stomach type area. I put off a colonscopy because the gb surgery made everything good for 9 months. And frankly, it's not nearly as much pressure feeling, but it's strange that it seemed to start about 12 months after it started the last time. I've thought maybe the fact that I become more sedentary in November due to cold weather may play a role.

This time it's to the point where if I stop thinking about it, I'll stop noticing it. Last year, it was just always there and I couldn't stop thinking about it.

It's strange that last year I found a LOT of people with very similar symptoms and they were really in the same position as everybody in this thread is now. Some people had ideas, some thought maybe it was another condition they had been diagnosed with. But really nobody had any definitive answers. That seems weird. I can't believe doctors all over the country haven't figured it out.

Or maybe they have. Most of them fall back to GERD and sometimes IBS. Maybe they're right.

Old 04-22-2006, 10:15 AM   #18
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ginny19843 HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

I had my gall bladder removed 14 days ago and have had 2 rushes to the toilet in the past week is this going to get worse. can anyone tell me.

Old 04-23-2006, 12:38 PM   #19
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Titchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB UserTitchou HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

What did you eat before these happpened? You should still be on a no fat least another 2 weeks before you start intorducing fat back into your diet slowly.

Old 04-28-2006, 02:13 AM   #20
cheer up
Senior Member
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cheer up HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

Ginny, Titchou is correct, you should be on a very low fat diet for a few weeks longer, most likely. I recall a few episodes of rushing to the bathroom a couple of weeks post-surgery. Finally got back to a routine after resuming a somewhat normal eating pattern.

That was almost two years ago now and the only big problem I have, and it's also common in people my age WITH their gall bladders, is gas (sorry, TMI, I know). The gas problem just gets worse all the time, depending on diet, that is.

As for your bathroom woes, that should abate within a couple more weeks. If not, tell the doctor as there are several drug remedies you've probably read about here on the web site. Let us know how things progress.....

Old 07-05-2006, 07:41 AM   #21
Florida GB
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Florida GB HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

Hi, everyone, I just found this site and it's very encouraging to see that I'm not a hypochondriac. I had my gallbladder removed four weeks ago. I see my doctor for a follow up this afternoon. My ultrasound had shown I had "sludge"...Well, when the surgeon went in, he found a six inch long by 2 inch wide stone which took up my whole gallbladder. He says I probably did not have a functioning gallbladder for years. Of course, one of the incisions had to be much larger in order to get that "brick" out. I have to say that my gallbladder discomfort before the surgery was occasional and really not that bad. I had the surgery because my doctor and my husband both felt it would be better to do it now than at a later time when it could be more of an emergency. I have to say I have yet to feel myself. I'm still pretty tired and I have a lot of discomfort around my incision area. There is still a hard mass all around the incision which I hear can happen up to six weeks after the surgery. I'm hoping that it will eventually disappear. My digestion is not great. I have a sense of fullness right in the middle of my abdomen even if I just have a cup of yogurt. I have alot of bloating and am very gassy all the time. I see from your postings that this is not unusual but I do hope that it will go away. I'm feeling very wimpy as other people I know report feeling sooooo much better after surgery and having had a very short recuperation period. Any encouragement from fellow sufferers is truly appreciated.

Old 07-05-2006, 09:38 PM   #22
Senior Member
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anxiousinnj HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

Florida GB,
I know what you mean about feeling "wimpy". I had my gallbladder out on 4/20/06, a thursday, & my boss expected me back to work the following Monday.............I have still not gone back to work. My boss had her GB out a few years ago & said it was a piece of cake surgery & no problems since.

I felt worse after the Gb came out than before surgery--sick, weak, pain...OMG I could feel that darn bile duct squeezing like heck. Then developed new pain to the left under my ribs and upper left stomach--unbearable pain. I have been through every test imaginable sincve 4/20--- CT scans, upper GI with small bowel ( which did show inflammation in my stomach which was not there when I had an endoscopy in early April PRIOR to GB surgery), gastric emptying study ( normal), and 2 trips tp the ER- plus 2 day hospital stay for cardiac work up ( ok). Then told I have severe anxiety ( ya think? ) & should get "help" with that. OK, so I went to a psyche doc because I was having bad panic attacks at this point. Now on antidepressants which I don't want to be taking.

Had an MRCP to check the ducts & wating on those reults. I am very annoyed with my gastro doc--does not answer calls & does not call with test results. I asked him about being tested for pylori because of the gastritis & he said "not neccessary". I am going to push for that thnough because now I am getting nauseated & pain after I eat, like an old fashioned tummy ache.

The gallbladder area pain has finally become only minimal just the past week. I was so afraid I had the spincter of oddi disorder & sooo afraid of an ERCP as I have Lupus & more prone to pancreatitis.

Sorry this is so long--but this has been the worst 2 months--like a bad dream. So I guess I''m a wimp too ! Oh, and I've lost a ton of weight , was down to 104 & finally just gained a few pounds, but with much difficulty. I am eating plenty of calories & prior to thie GB surgery would have gained 20 lbs with all I have been eating, so that is worrying me also.

I am a bit better, except the gastritis type pain & nausea is still driving me crazy !
Glad to join the GBGB club--not really, just glad not to be alone with all of this.

thanks for listening : )

Kate- anxiousinnj

Old 07-07-2006, 07:13 AM   #23
Florida GB
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Location: Port St. Lucie, FL
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Florida GB HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

Hi, anxious, there is some comfort in at least sharing with others. My doctor cancelled my follow-up until next week so I've not been able to discuss all my symptoms with him. Unfortunately, something tells me he'll say "it takes time". Easy to say when you're not the one not feeling well. I spoke with a girlfriend last night who said everyone is different and not everyone recuperates at the same speed and it's taken her longer that some with her problems. She's had several different surgeries so I'm counting on her "expertise" and trying to be patient as I sit here with this sense of having a blimp for a stomach after just having yogurt for breakfast. Anyway, for whatever it's worth, let's hang in there and communicate and hopefully we'll all eventually feel better.

Old 01-05-2007, 03:45 PM   #24
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KayBr HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

I had my gallbladder out 6 weeks ago-thank heavens the pains have stopped. I did really well up until a couple days ago-am still doing well I guess but I get a feeling of gas fullness in the area where the gallbladder used to be.

Now I wonder why now when it wasn't doing that before? It's not pain, just a feeling of a balloon blowing up...

Old 01-09-2007, 03:28 AM   #25
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Location: Australia
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mlr78 HB User
Talking Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

To Lynne and the other regular crew,

To repeat Lynne's sentiments, thank god you all exist and thank god for this message board.

I too suffer from all the symptoms of post operative gall bladder removal (pains, cramps, back pain, colon issues, diarrhoea and iron deficiency to boot) Unfortunately, it has affected my life so much that I have missed out on jobs and the opportunity to be with the man that I am crazy about because of it.

I have my good days and my bad days...

Am working very hard with a doctor to try and manage this, although at times I think she thinks that I am over-reacting...

Hang in there everyone!

Yours in gallbladder-less-ness,

mlr78 :-)

Old 01-09-2007, 09:35 AM   #26
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wonderingtoo HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

Everyone's pain seems to be on the left. Does anyone post-gallbladder have abdominal/side/back pain on the right?

I had my gallbladder out 13 years ago. I had a lap done. At the time I was doing habitat restoration, and was back out in the field a week later working. I was never told to eat a fat free diet for a few weeks, or any alteration at all was needed in my diet. In fact, the next morning in the hospital they gave me pancakes and sausage for breakfast! I never had any problems at all after my surgery.
But now I am in constant pain on the right. It's a burning pain, from my pelvic area to up under my ribs. This has been going on for a year. I had a CT scan, an ultrasound, and bloodwork. My doctor suggested I take paxil for my pain (basically it's all in my head). Another doc. said there's nothing wrong with me and go home and enjoy my life and play with my kids. They did not refer me to a GI doctor or anything like that.

Old 01-09-2007, 09:37 AM   #27
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wonderingtoo HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

I forgot to mention that I have weird bowels also. Diarrhea for several days in a row, then flat stools, then constipation, then feeling that I'm not done varies.

Old 01-20-2007, 07:58 PM   #28
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rhocke HB User
Smile Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

I'm a 41 year old male and I just had GB removed January 2nd, 2007. Been experiencing wierd upper back aches between my shoulder blades (primarily of left side). Can't say I've never had pains like these prior to GB surgery but rarely. Ever since GB surgery it seems to be a daily thing. The pain is not dehibilitating or anything but just enough that it lets me know it's there. Has anyone felt this type of Post Gall Bladder Symptom? If so, what can I expect. And yes, the doctors don't tell you anything about post GB life but at the same time I really couldn't live with the GB anyway. Hope this post helps someone if they are experiencing the same thing - at least you will know you are not alone.

Old 01-21-2007, 01:24 PM   #29
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aage HB User
Positive story here.

I´m 45years old male. I had a gallbladder attack at 30st of Descember 2006 and the gallbladder was removed at the 31st of descember (good timing) haha. I only wanted you to know that I have had almost NO problems after the operation. Well few times a little loose stools but its just about it. Well I hope I will just continue to feel as good as I do and I really feel for you people writing about your pain and problems.

I have taken very good care of what I eat these 3wheeks since the surgery. I eat mostly Brown Rice and usually mix it with shrimps and vegetable. I also eat whole wheet bread with nothing on. I dont eat anything made out of milk like cheese, yogurt or anything like that. I mostly drink some fruit juce and water. I have had few drinks like Gin and Tonic with no problems.

I said Almost no problems. Well I once woke up with pain in my chest not unlike the gallbladder attack pain but much much milder. The evening bf that I did eat a dark chokolade.

I only wanted to write this so that people going to have this operation can also see post from somone thats almost trouble free after the operation. But I know its only 3wheeks now so I have no idea about the future waiting for me. But I wish you all good health and that you will get well again.

Best wishes from Iceland.

Old 01-21-2007, 11:13 PM   #30
Junior Member
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auxano HB User
Re: Strange symptoms/pains, months after gallbladder removal

I am so glad to have found this forum. I got my GB out 10 weeks ago. My mother and two friends have had theirs out and are all OK...which makes me feel a bit crazy having problems that I do.

I found I was having diarreah every morning. My Dr said to try Metamucil morning and night and that has done the trick. However since being on Metamucil (about 7 weeks) I feel like I haven't had a "decent or normal" bowel motion - always just a little here and a little there most days. I was expecting them to be as they were prior to surgery - "normal" and full. Is this normal do you think while taking Metamucil?

I was also wondering if after being on Metamucil I could wean myself off it to see if my bowels have sorted-out? It would be nice to not have to continually take it.


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