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Strange symptoms - for sick gall bladder?

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Old 05-07-2007, 07:31 PM   #1
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sophie2007 HB User
Red face Strange symptoms - for sick gall bladder?

Hi. Has anyone else had the following symptoms that ended up being gall bladder disease? I know some of the symptoms are common, but there are a few I have which the doctors cannot figure out. I have been ill since March 10th.

1. Heart rate rises extremely fast after eating. (Doc's can't figure this one out.)
2. Restlessness to the point of anxiety with immediately after high heart rate. (Doc's can't figure this on out either.)
3. Diarerrea and constipation.
4. Green stools and vomiting when bowels move.
5. Pain in right upper quadrant.
6. Blood in urine. (This just happened last weekend, and there is no urine infection. I got the results back today. Everything else read ABNORMAL in urine.
7. Extreme achiness in legs and back.

My ultrasound was normal as was the hida scan however, when they injected the dye to make my gall bladder contract I became extremely ill with the first two symptoms showing up alone with lots of pain and the pain lasted all day. But my gall bladder showed a normal percentage upone release of the dye.

The only thing that is keeping my symptoms at bay, especially the high heart rate and anxiety are pain pills. Nothing else works now. I have lost 33 pounds since March.

Please help! I can't work and on some days I am so weak I can hardly walk.

I just did a series of 3 stool samples to rule out a bacteria in my digestive track. But the pain stays in the gall bladder area, and lower.

Thank you everyone!!!

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Old 05-08-2007, 10:51 PM   #2
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beautifulmess7 HB User
Re: Strange symptoms - for sick gall bladder?

Hi I had my gall bladder removed a little over a year ago and I had gall stones and all sort of things wrong with it but I never had any of these symptoms with it all I had was PAIN PAIN PAIN chronic pain everytime I ate and I lost about 15 pounds due to it because it was so terrible my symptoms stumped the doctors also but they were going to do a scope he ordered an ultrasound instead and there they saw the problem so you just have to give the doctors some time to figure out what it is because there are so many health issues that it could be just dont let it bother you as much because they will figure it out. Good Luck!

Old 05-12-2007, 05:20 AM   #3
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Phlox HB User
Lightbulb Re: Strange symptoms - for sick gall bladder?

Sophie I have been experiencing something very similar to what you are describing (not everything the same, but alot of it). I have been having the high heart rate or what feels to me like "heart pounding out of my chest" that has scared me quite a few times. The difference for me though, is that it doesnt have to be when I have eaten, it can be several hours after I have eaten---and instead of the restleness you describe, I get extremely fatigued like I have to lay down (and do so if it wont stop). The achiness in the legs is the same for me, it feels like an ache in my leg bones, the way they ache when you feel sick with the flu or something. Ive also been having on and off pain in my RUQ as well.

I had a Doctors appt. yesterday to get the results of a CT Scan I had, and it has left me just as confused as before! I had an XRay (abdomen) last month that showed Large Intestine partial blockage from chronic constipation (yet I have diarrhea at times, strange, since you mention this also), and a "spot" near my left kidney. Yet the follow-up CT Scan showed a "growth" that looked closer to my diaphragm. The doctor said this could be a Gallstone, but the location was a bit off, and the UltraSound I had a few months ago showed my Gall Bladder as being clear. Still, she said based on the CT she is "leaning toward Gall Bladder problems, but wants to make sure because some things dont fit" like a few symptoms as well as the Scans not jiving with each other.

So....I am waiting for her to "discuss it with other doctors" (I wonder who she means, exactly, lol) and let me know what to do next. In the meantime, I have also for the last two months been experiencing a recurrent Gout problem (2 weeks of which were absolutely painful). My doctor thinks these things are all related, as issues with both Kidney (directly) & Gall Bladder (indirectly) can interfere with Uric Acid levels and its removal from the body (Gout, leg cramps/achiness); I believe she is on the right path--that they're all related somehow.

I might be forgetting some other details, but I think those are the main points, and they sounded similar to your description Sophie. Perhaps we have some common problems...or else theyre different but causing similar symptoms! Let me know where you stand or if you learn anything new Sophie, and I will do the same? Maybe together we can get closer to finding out how to take care of these problems we have, and get back to feeling a bit healthier!!

Last edited by Phlox; 05-12-2007 at 05:28 AM. Reason: Spelling, and it's still probably wrong, lol!

Old 05-12-2007, 06:35 AM   #4
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sophie2007 HB User
Re: Strange symptoms - for sick gall bladder?

Thank you for your responses. Phlox, you are the first person who has identified with the achiness in the legs. I am sure that the gall bladder causes numerous werid symptoms and is not always a perfect text book malady. My CT Scan was normal, as was my barium enema, ultra sound, most lab work...(I have a high platelate count which I really don't know what that means)...and now I have somehow aquired a bladder infection along the way. Other than that, pathologically I seem to be very healthy. But everyday I am nauseous no matter if I eat or not, and now I have eaten so little that I have become extremely weak. The pain in my RUQ is still there and when it is bad, I begin to vomit. Then I have to take a narcotic to ease pain and stop vomiting. I see the gasterinternologist on Tuesday. Phylox, have you had a HIDA Scan on your gall bladder? My regular doc is treating this as an ulcer over the weekend to see if it helps the sick feeling I always have. I am even being tested for porphyria.
Thanks for the information...later!

Old 05-12-2007, 06:39 AM   #5
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Join Date: May 2007
Location: South Dakota
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sophie2007 HB User
Re: Strange symptoms - for sick gall bladder?

By the way Phylox....I also had a blockage a few months ago, (they called it fecal loading) and had diarrhea with it. That happens with blockages because of the nerves in the intestinal wall, and your gut unable to absorb nutriants due to the trauma of the blockage.

Old 05-13-2007, 04:59 AM   #6
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Phlox HB User
Lightbulb Re: Strange symptoms - for sick gall bladder?

Hi Sophie, thank you for the replies! I hope youre feeling better today?! For some reason , I felt good today---the first day in a long time where I felt close to normal. I *think* the reason might be that today was a good *bathroom day* if you know what I mean (sorry not sure how to word those kind of things, lol!) Now if it could only stay that way, hehe.

I havent had the HIDA scan you asked about, but my Doc did mention it may be something I will have to do if they are still leaning towards gallstones as the "growth" in my abdomen. Its strange that you got sick from the dye when you had yours, yet the tests came back normal, unless the dye makes you ill in general? If it affected your GB and that is why you became so sick, then wouldnt that point to the GB again? With the tests claiming normal GB for you though---is that the reason your doctor is suspecting an Ulcer? Or were there some other things that made him/her think it might be a stomache Ulcer (or different kind of ulcer)?

When you had the blockage/constipation did you have alot of fatigue---like an abnormal/not just from not eating---type of fatigue? You mentioned that you felt weak from not eating, but when you had the blockage did you ever get so tired that you felt like you absolutely had to lay down or take a nap?

I remember you saying that you experienced restlesness after you have the Heart symptoms--is it ever seperate from that, like maybe *before* the heart symptoms? Or, have you ever had sudden fatigue on those days? I am asking because for me, the days when I have the hardcore fatigue are usually on the same days when I have that problem with my heart & the leg symptoms that we both have. The weird thing is, I dont know if the heart & leg problems cause the fatigue, vice-versa, or if theyre all just symptoms from one main problem! Another reason I ask, is that my doctor mentioned that fatigue is also a symptom of blockage/chronic constipation.

Sorry if I asked you too many questions, Im just trying to arrange the pieces of the puzzle I guess. As I said before I do think they are all linked somehow, Im just not sure how. Guess thats also why I wondered about your doctor considering Ulcers....but I do feel that every new thing learned is one step closer to figuring it all out!

Anyways, thanks again for comparing notes with me Sophie, hehe! Talk to you soon, have a good day!

Last edited by Phlox; 05-13-2007 at 05:28 AM.

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