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God, I really feel like CRAP this evening (a rant)

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Old 08-04-2007, 01:17 AM   #1
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ghunt HB User
God, I really feel like CRAP this evening (a rant)

So the last 2 days/3 nights I've felt pretty rough, had tonsillitis, couldn't sleep laying down (difficulty breathing, couldn't swallow excess saliva in mouth, etc). Slept less than 8 hours over all three nights, probably much less, as I think the longest continual span I actually slept was 1 hour and I had to sleep mostly sitting upright on the couch.

Today I was feeling a good bit better, I went to work today, and then after work I went to a local fair for a couple hours to check out some stuff and it was very hot and muggy.

Well, I felt pretty crappy ever since, I was having some annoying recurring symptoms from the tonsillitis for no apparent reason (pain in ears, excess mucus/saliva in mouth, throat was overly sore) but finally got those taken care of. I also had heartburn for no apparent reason, which I don't have a history of (have to wonder if it happened because of the meds I've been taking for above symptoms).

Now here it is almost 10 hours after I first started feeling the symptoms of this heartburn and it feels like it's finally going away after 3 doses of antacids (again, had to take some meds during, probably didn't help). In the meantime I can't sleep because the discomfort from this is keeping me up.

I swear, if it ain't one thing, it's another. At least it's the weekend...

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Old 08-04-2007, 02:02 AM   #2
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penybobeny HB User
Re: God, I really feel like CRAP this evening (a rant)

Hi there... I am sorry that you are not feeling well... do you have a recliner or anything like that? If not you can go and pick up a bean-bag chair (I kid you not... I have been unable to sleep laying down at times due to breathing issues and heart issues)... those horrible throwback bean things of the 60's actually come in pretty handy, they keep you proped up enough to handle the drainage issues and let you recline enough to get a little shut-eye.

As for the Heartburn/Acid reflux, it might be from whatever you are taking for the throat... once again proping up will help with that.

From one medical insomniac to another I wish you a good weekend and hope that you get the rest you need.
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Old 08-04-2007, 02:07 AM   #3
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ghunt HB User
Re: God, I really feel like CRAP this evening (a rant)

I do have a recliner, I tried it the other night, but it's basically one of those ones where you can only keep it full upright or have it completely laid back and neither was the position I was looking to sleep in.

I have been sitting/standing most of the evening and this pesky heartburn feeling still just doesn't want to go away. It's just a mild gnawing discomfort in the middle of my chest and so annoying.

Thanks for the good wishes, I will be glad when I kick this tonsillitis, that's for sure!

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Andrea84 HB User
Re: God, I really feel like CRAP this evening (a rant)

Hope you are starting to feel better. Maybe take it a little slow this weekend. Probably going to the fair on a hot, muggy day right after being sick might not have been such a good idea and could have set you back a bit. So use this weekend to get some extra rest and don't overdo. All the best.

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Re: God, I really feel like CRAP this evening (a rant)

anti Bs are just horrific for me to have to take as they cause this horrible unrelenting burning/gnawing in my stomach 24/7 while i have had to be on the like whole ten days of therepy.the heartburn stuff you are feeling is most likely related to that,the anti Bs.just what are you taking?the only anti B i have ever been able to take is zithromax,the Z pack?five days and you are done but the medication actually runs the full course,you just don't have to be taking pills every single day several times a day.but what i started doing long before the zithro became availiable is just getting a pennicillin shot moment of pain and a bit of soreness on my butt is 100 times better than having my stomach exploding and burning for the next ten could still do this if you called your doc about the burning problem.also,just an FYI here,some anti Bs you cannot be taking heartburn meds with.they negate the effects of the anti Bs by slowing or stopping the actual should call your pharm and find out if this is an issue for what you are taking and what you are using for can make an impact and all of this suffering could be for nothing if the two meds are not compatable just need to make certain they are okay when taking together.but i would,if i were you,get thee back to your doc for that really IS the best way to go if you get that burning crap in your stomach like i do.

i am just wondering about the actual Dx of the tonsillitis?do you or did you actually have those charachteristic white dots in the back of your throat and on the tonsils?i am just wondering since what you are describing with symptoms really does sound more like epiglottitis?i know children can get this but i am not too sure about adults.but your symptoms really do sound alot like that to son has had tonsillitis before and his symptoms were classic,with the very first symptom/sign being those white dots in the back of his throat.just wondering,thats must be awfully hard to even swallow those pills with your throat being like it is right now? i seriously would end your agony and get that really is sooo much easier on you.i do wish you luck and hope this is all a distant memory very soon.have you got some of that chloraseptic spray or any "numbing" type of lozenges to help with the pain?they really are a godsend for throat pain.please let us know just how you are doing,K? **
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Old 08-04-2007, 11:44 PM   #6
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ghunt HB User
Re: God, I really feel like CRAP this evening (a rant)

No, this is/was tonsillitis, I had the telltale swollen tonsils with the white gunk on them. I went to the doctor Thursday because my tonsils became swollen to the point that they were touching each other, I could barely speak and solid food was out of the question (I was barely able to swallow a couple Excedrin tablets). They swabbed me for strep and it came up negative, I didn't really think it was strep since I didn't feel like I had a fever. I had actually hoped to get a shot, or at least an inhaler, for more immediate relief from the swelling, but the doc prescribed me tablets (and I was in no position for a lengthy discussion on the subject)

Today marks a week since I saw the first symptoms (tonsils first became swollen) and I am feeling SIGNIFICANTLY better today than I was yesterday.

Anyway, I'm not sure about the heartburn...Doc prescribed me Augmentin for the infection, which must be taken with food, and prednisone for the swelling which must also be taken with milk or food. I have also been alternating between generic excedrin and aleve for painkillers (mostly excedrin though), which I know can both also cause acid indigestion on an upset stomach.

Last night I had split pea soup for dinner, took the Augmentin and a couple excedrin. I was feeling discomfort almost immediately after I finished eating and it stick with me through almost the whole night.

I didn't sleep much, at 7 AM this morning I had to take my meds again so I took them and drank lots of milk and it seemed to help out quite a bit.

So, I felt pretty good most of the day, then for dinner I had some of those teriyaki boneless wings at KFC, which I shoulda known was a mistake from the get-go. I ate my coleslaw, mashed potatoes, biscuit, potato wedges and two pieces of the chicken and was already getting that same odd mild burning feeling from the evening before. At this time, it was almost 7 PM and I had not taken any meds since 7 AM except the excedrin. I ate some yogurt a little while ago and I feel better than I did last night, although when I belch I get this burning sensation in my esophagus so who knows. I'm wondering if it's a combination of the meds and salty food?

I'm so beat from no sleep that I'm hoping I'll actually be able to sleep tonight. I've been dealing with some kind of drainage I think from my tonsils all day (i.e. always feel like I need to "hock up" and spit), but maybe tonight that won't bother me as much.

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