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Constant Left Ear Pressure- No Clear Reason

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Old 10-03-2010, 12:22 PM   #1
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collegestud HB User
Constant Left Ear Pressure- No Clear Reason

Please take the time to read this, I will be as brief as possible.

I woke up one morning Feb '10 (8 months ago) with really full pressure feeling in my left ear. I had not been sick or anything before.

Went to student health (I'm a college student) three times- saw 2 PAs and 1 doctor and was given antibiotics, steroids, and was told there was definitely fluid in my ear. The third time I was referred to University ENT.

Went to the University ENT (the previous August he had diagnosed me with mild Otosclerosis in my left ear). He said that I had NO fluid in my ear and that if was a manisfestation of otosclerosis and recommended a stapedectomy.

I did not have confidence in his diagnosis because I can tell the difference between the sensation of a plugged up ear caused by muffled hearing and fluid in my ear. (For example, I still had the pressure when I was in complete silence, when I used nasal spray and sudofed I can feel fluid draining down the back of my throat, etc.)

2nd ENT told me my Turbinates in my nose were blocking the Eustachian tube and wants to do surgery. This also didn't make sense, because both sides were equally blocked but only my left ear was affected? He also said swollen turbinates are caused by allergies and are why my nose is stuffy (except that I don't have allergies and my nose is just fine).

That brings us to today. I have no idea what to do. Here are my current symptoms:

1. Pressure (which changes throughout the day but never goes completely away) in my left ear.
2. When around loud noises (college bar, or even a loud talker closer by) I get a static sound in my ear.
3. When in a classroom of students speaking amongst themselves my ear makes a popping noise.
4. I've told the drs that any hearing loss I am experiencing (which is minimal in my mind- like the sound of a ceiling fan at night) is not my concern, it's the pressure that is the concern.
5. The symptoms listed in #2, and #3, are extremely annoying and have caused me to not be as sociable as I normally would be because it becomes difficult to hear when static and popping noises are present.
6. I feel drainage down my throat when using nasal spray and sudofed, which reduces the pressure enough for me to fall asleep.
7. When I swallow the is no reaction whatsoever with my left ear.
8. When I close my mouth and push my tongue up against the back top of my mouth/throat my left ear makes a squeegee noise which my Mom has said she can hear when standing next to me.

If anyone has any experience with these symptoms PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help! It is driving me crazy. I've had it for 8 months now and have gotten NO where except spending hundreds of dollars on ENT appts and medications.

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Old 11-20-2010, 10:51 PM   #2
Lindy lou
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Lindy lou HB User
Re: Constant Left Ear Pressure- No Clear Reason

a number of things could be causing this . Maybe you should be getting a second opinion as it could be TMJ, or fluid in the ear even menniere disease which also can give you the feeling of fullness in the ear . Normally you feel sick with mennieres or dizzy Doctors dont know too much about TMJ if they rule out everything else see a good dentist to comfirm it Hope you are feeling better soon.

Old 12-02-2010, 08:56 PM   #3
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Re: Constant Left Ear Pressure- No Clear Reason

I second looking at the TMJ option. My right ear has been "stuffy" since May 2009. It took visits to various specialists and a lot of internet research to figure out it was TMJ. They kept telling me things were normal, aside from some new hearing loss. At one point, they even offered to put in ear tubes even though they said my eustacian tubes were good./

I found out my discs had slipped and my jaw was pushed back towards my ear causing my ear stuffiness. I also ended up with lots of ear pain from muscle spasms due to the TMJ about 6 months later.

Please look at the TMJ board and read the sticky's at the top on TMJ and symptoms. THere is a section dealing with the ears. There is also a lot of information on the board regarding the qualifications of good TMJ doctors.

Old 12-18-2010, 10:15 AM   #4
Lindy lou
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Lindy lou HB User
Re: Constant Left Ear Pressure- No Clear Reason

do you have dentures as this can be the cause of it as well if the bite isant correct.
I too suffer withTMJ and its no joke .Mine came a from an injury when I knocked my head and jolted my neck causing me to damage my 7th vertabrae in the neck. My dentist has told me alot of it is the bite at fault so having this corrected at the moment. I also have the stuffy ear sometimes but just had them cleaned out and they seem alot better. I had menniers ,years ago but been free from this complaint for quite afew years now. I used to take serc for that but now whatch my diet hardly use salt and drink alot of water to flush the inner ear it has worked for me. When I am under alot of stress the TMJ symptoms seems worse so try to see the osteopath for a cranal treatment which works for me.. everyone is different Bowen treatment also works. If you use a physio they must be trained in this field mainly with myofascial release. Gentle yoga is another as well to try. If anyone is thinking of having an op for the TMJ avoid it as can make the suituation worse. Did you know that alot of TMJ problems can start somewhere else in your body like your foot , shoulder, neck. head , teeth grinding, posture trigger points and of course stress. to name a few. For me stress is my major cause having just lost two sisters within two years with cancer and my mum having a stroke whom I look after so I can indentify my causes which make my problem worse. also look up fibromyalgia syndrome which is a painful debilitating condition that affects many areas of the body and causes fatigue . women suffer more then men with this but they say it goes hand in hand with tmj . I am reading a very good book at the moment and one worth buying called "Taking control of TMJ" by Robert. O. Uppguaard. If you can buy it get it as it covers everything . The excercises are great and I use them as part of my daily program and have to admit the clicking has gone in my jaw with doing them. It covers everything . A book I refer to all the time and call it my bible. You arent alone out there with TMJ but I belive also you have to work in with a good dentist as well for the problem who understands it . Hope this helps in some way .
Have a very merry christmas and hope with the new year things improve..

Old 01-29-2011, 05:26 PM   #5
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EarPressures HB User
Re: Constant Left Ear Pressure- No Clear Reason


One thing I can tell you it's not is the enlarged turbinates. Other than that, Im in the same position as you, though both ears have been clogged for over a year. Its horrible.

Old 01-29-2011, 07:57 PM   #6
Lindy lou
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Lindy lou HB User
Re: Constant Left Ear Pressure- No Clear Reason

Hi Newbie,
I have never had the both ears clogged at the same time that must be terrible for you. What are you taking. I am alot better then I was with it but notice when I wake in the mornings when I run my fingers at the back of the ear you can feel it all blocked. I used to poke a cotton wool bud in there but the Dr told me it was the wrong thing to do but it cleared it. I had my ears cleaned not so long ago that helped but was told not alot of wax in them at all so no need to have it done for a couple of friend who is a naturpath has told me it is from an allergy like dust and chemicals. known as allergic rhinitis. I know I cant stand chemical sprays and if near them the throat burns then the ear gets blocked. Also happens when under stress. and the TMJ as well. I keep drinking plenty of water and try to avoid the triggers that make it worse. The excercises in the book of taking control of TMJ has really helped. Have you read that book? This site is good as it connects you to other people who have the same problems and that we arent alone. Doctors seem to want to give you stuff all the time to mask the problem instead of looking at the cause. I think I know enough about it now to help myself.I have also just had dental implants last week in the lower jaw and was so scared it was going to make the TMJ worse but it hasnt at all so I am thrilled about that. I hope you find a solution to your clogged ears as well as sometimes you feel like you are going deaf and you have to ask people to repeat themselves to you. Are you like that?

Old 02-07-2011, 08:38 PM   #7
Lindy lou
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Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: New Zealand
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Lindy lou HB User
Re: Constant Left Ear Pressure- No Clear Reason

Thanks for that help . I will see if the health shops sell that here. I am trying an eardrop put out by Weleda for earache and glue ear. I have found it to be very good as it dries out the mucous in the isant an ear infection as been checked for that its more allergy I belive. Anyway everything is worth a try so thank you very much for your help.

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