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Herpes on back

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Old 09-11-2004, 06:46 PM   #1
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JamesV HB User
Herpes on back

I've had simplex type 2 for 18 years. I don't get bad break outs, a couple small spots 2-3 times a year. However the past couple years I've broken out with them on my mid back. These are much worse than in the genital area. Larger, more painful and itchy. The first time it happened they diagnosed it as "Shingles". The second time they took a culture and it turned out Herpes simplex type 2. Now its back again and I'm starting to wonder if there is some underlying cause. I've had recent bouts with chronic nasel staph infections and my immune system must be lacking something... I've also had cancer several years back and that keeps entering my mind. Although I show no other symptoms that I could contribute to cancer. Anyone else out there get herpes breakouts on their back? Should I bring this up to my cancer doctor on my yearly checkup or take it to another type doctor?

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Old 09-12-2004, 03:52 PM   #2
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movingrightalong HB User
Re: Herpes on back

I don't personally, but it doesn't seem all that surprising. People seem to get them everywhere. One girl who posts here gets them on her knee.
I guess I don't have much input here, but considering your chronic staph infections, it does seem like something's amiss. Also, if any of the staph is being left behind in your system--hence the chronic problem (things like staph and strep can live in the nose even after antibiotic treatment), then your body is probably too busy dealing with it and/or other things to deal with your herpes..
Just a thought,

Old 03-02-2005, 09:38 PM   #3
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Cressida HB User
Re: Herpes on back

JamesV - I was very interested to read your post. I have had HV2 for about 15 years and started to have what I suspected were outbreaks on my mid-back maybe 5-6 years ago. My doctor said it was shingles, but I always thought differently. I've never had the OBs on my back tested, but they sound just like the ones you described. I thought I was the only one! My OBs (back and genital) were for years occasional and mild until I underwent chemo and radiation therapy last fall. The treaments whacked my immune system, so I'm getting severe outbreaks again - I'm taking Valtrex to help. How're you doing?

Old 03-02-2005, 11:36 PM   #4
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Audrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB User
Re: Herpes on back

I'm no expert, but i tend to agree with Movingrightalong. Cancer must take so much out of you and your body can do only so much and fight only so many things. So i too would say that the ob's would be a sign of you needing to help your body keep your immune system up and running.

I have always found garlic to be fantastic for my immune system and have recently returned back to taking it due to my genital herpes. I also smear the garlic oil directly onto the spot i would normaly get ob's and it seems to keep them at bay. You may wish to try doing that too as it is very soothing. Just buy the garlic gel capsules and cut one open and use the oil from that.

Old 03-03-2005, 05:19 AM   #5
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lbp35 HB User
Re: Herpes on back

My hubby always wondered about this too. He had a bad ob years ago behind his knee. The doc said it was shingles. Is herpes type 2 and shingles two different viruses or would the ob behind the knee just be an bad OB and they called it shingles because of its location? Just curious???THanks guys!

Old 03-03-2005, 07:38 AM   #6
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sdl121 HB User
Re: Herpes on back

So what exactly is shingles? Is that something the HSV-2 causes? Or is it completely separate?

Old 03-03-2005, 08:07 AM   #7
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Stillhope1 HB User
Re: Herpes on back

Ok guys it migrates to different spots on your body. I just had one on my back also. The only thing I did different was when I started feeling it up front I hit the L-lysine, VitaminC, Oil of oregano and like two different topicals. Nothing happened in front then my back started itching like it was nobody's business. Then one spot scabed on my back and went away. I have read it migrates but is weaker the further from the source it is, like a cell phone signal. I would rather have it on my back than on my lower abs. Less complications for sex.

Old 03-03-2005, 10:56 AM   #8
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littlebo HB User
Re: Herpes on back

Please don't tell me it can come out on other places of my body?!? How can this be possible if you have gh for it to all of a sudden start obs on the back or knees? Granted I don't want to have it anywhere, but at least when i have a gh ob no one else knows about it or can see it...i've had it almost 4 years and just curious about what to expect?

Old 03-03-2005, 11:27 AM   #9
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Stillhope1 HB User
Re: Herpes on back

It is not a guarentee it will happen to you, so relax. No one will know what it is anyway. The OB is not like it is down their like I said it is weaker. It never blistered really it just itched so bad I think I scratched through it before it had a chance to. If anybody did happen to see it say it is posion oak or ivy or a rash you scratched at.

Old 03-03-2005, 12:43 PM   #10
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backpacker HB Userbackpacker HB User
Re: Herpes on back

Shingles is the second recurrence of the chicken pox virus. It is not the same as hsv--it is herpes zoster. It does look like sores and is very painful, but probably won't recur in most people and not more than, say, twice if at all.

Old 03-09-2005, 11:31 AM   #11
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littlebo HB User
Re: Herpes on back

In regards to spreading the virus to other parts of the body...I have eczema on several of my fingers that gets pretty severe (especially during the winter). I've had it longer than gh. I follow the advice of trying not to touch my known ob area, especially if I'm having symptoms. If I do touch my perineal or vaginal area, I wash my hands immediately with soap and water.

My thought is: how would I know if I spread the virus to my fingers. Eczema is really dry skin; it gets so dry it cracks, looks inflamed and red. It never itches and only hurts if I get a really deep crack from the drying out.

Does anyone know if I would be able to tell if I had a herpes ob on my
fingers/hands? Would it look differently? Itch? Burn? Tingle?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I don't believe I've spread it to the skin on my hands/fingers, but it has crossed my mind that I need to be extra

(PS. I am so grateful to everyone who contributes to this board. It has helped me soooooo much!)

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