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Homeopathy to treat Herpes

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Homeopathy to treat Herpes

Hi all,

I have not posted on this site in probably 1 or 2 years, but before that I posted and read LOTs of posts about herpes, mainly. I've suffered from genitals type 2 herpes for about 5 years and NOTHING has helped like HOMEOPATHY!

I've been going to see a homeopathic for 1 year now and it's taken time to see results, but I definitely give her credit for how much better I'm feeling. I have symptoms every day, yes, every day! I've tried SO many things, from OOO, ozone therapy (vaginal, rectal, and injected in my arm), monolaurin/coconut capsules, BHT, colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide, all kinds of vitamins, and I even bought ointments online for herpes, but nothing has made my symptoms milder, except homeopathy. Other things have helped ease the symptoms like the burning and itching, but nothing has systemically made the subsequent outbreaks milder, except homeopathy. I must have spent about $2000 or more on so many things.

If you suffer constant, frustrating symptoms, I highly suggest you give homeopathy a try. I'm so convinced I'm thinking of becoming a homeopathic myself! It's given me back my life! OMG, the pain, burning, redness, sores, bumps, stinging I've suffered every day! Ok, I still get symptoms everyday, but SO MUCH MILDER, that I can actually cope with it! My homeopathic says it takes time and it has, to get results. I no longer get symptoms that just keep getting worse and worse into the evening that it keeps me awake at night and makes me so moody it's unhappy. Now, at least, my symptoms are all still there but from a scale of 0-10, it's now about a 3 on average, instead of a 7 or 8 on average, which it was for years!

My initial homeopathic visit cost $300 for about a 2 hour consultation in which she interviews you and asks you all sorts of questions. Then she researches in the next week and figures out what my "Constitutional Remedy" is. She figured it out for me on the first try. Each person's remedy is different and there are thousands of different ones out there. So finding my constitutional remedy is not based on my health problems, but by who I am as an individual. My homeopath says I should be about 70% or 80% better after 3 years of treatment, and like I said, I am just finishing my 1st year. The remedies are very inexpensive, only about $12 for a vial that lasts months. I started by taking 2 tiny pellets in 1/2 cup of water every 4 weeks, then once every 3 weeks, then 2 weeks, then 1 week, and then 2 capsules straight under the tongue, 1x/week and now I take 2 pellets under the tongue 3x/week. Next, I will start the same remedy at a higher strength and take that once a month and then the same pattern as above. It's a slow process, and knowing when to increase the dosage and/or strength takes time and visits with your homeopath. If you go too quickly, your symptoms will get worse instead of better, so it's a balancing act to take enough to help and not too much too soon.

I will post updates as I see more progress. I definitely find this the best route of treatment for me. Oh yeah, I've also taken antiviral medications and they didn't help as much as homeopathic has, and without any risks or side effects. Homeopathy has helped me in other ways as well. I get better sleep, my mood is better, and I have more energy, and better focus.

I still having some burning, itching and some tiny sores that you can't see, but I can feel and I use a product called "Colloidal Silver Plus" directly on it. It's in a spray bottle that I buy at my local health food store. This is the only other product I use anymore, besides homeopathy. Well, I also sometimes put a tea tree ointment on my genitals, but the colloidal silver plus works better, after the initial stinging goes away. As opposed to in the past when I tried so many things at once. Oh yeah, I also used to drink hydrogen peroxide, the type you can drink, so yucky! And it only made the virus more angry! OMG, the outbreaks were so much worse, covering one or both my buttocks, and even up my back! I haven't had any bad outbreaks like this using homeopathy.

I also haven't had a major sickness in the last year, since starting homeopathy! That means, I haven't been so sick that I have had to stay home from work or get any kind of antibiotics. That's probably the first year for me without getting sick in about the past 4 years! So yeah, I credit homeopathy for making my immune system stronger against invaders, including the herpes virus. If you'd like to learn more about homeopathy I'd do a search for Dana Ullman. He's a good expert on the subject. And just to ease your mind about my intentions, I work in the medical field using regular Western medicine, so I'm definitely educated and am not biased or trying to sell something. I am purely basing it on my own experience. I would recommend homeopathy to anyone and I have convince some people in my own life to try it! My sister is the one who initially convinced me to try it, based on her own good experience.

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Re: Homeopathy to treat Herpes

So many people have read my post, but NO one has any questions or comments? Oh yeah, homeopathy has helped with my chronic athletes foot problem too. I'd love to answer questions. I'd highly recommend a homeopathic who finds your constitutional remedy, if you decide to go see one. I don't know how common or easy it is to find one who does that method of treatment. It simply means that they find the one remedy that is best for your body that can help strengthen your body and immune system to make you stronger and healthier. And remember, finding the right remedy can take time. So finding a really good homeopathic is highly recommended, just like a doctor, they're not all equally good at what they do.

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Re: Homeopathy to treat Herpes

Thanks for sharing, it is great that you have found something that is working for you!

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Re: Homeopathy to treat Herpes

Just another update...

The homeopathy remedy I'm on is working better and better against herpes! I increased my dose from 30cc to 200cc, as recommended by my homeopath, and my symptoms have gotten even milder.

I also wanted to add that before taking homeopathy I struggled with acne and over the years it had gotten worse and worse. The worst years were in my 20s. I had to take stronger and stronger antibiotics as my skin seemed to get used to the milder products until finally my dermatologist said the only thing left was Accutane, which I refused to take because of the severe side-effects. Anyway, that's what led me down the path of alternative treatments. Acupuncture worked the best for my outbreaks that usually occurred due to high stress in college that caused the cystic acne, but it didn't prevent future outbreaks. It did help to heal them faster though. However, after college, my second college degree that is, I still got outbreaks around the time of my period. I no longer get those AT ALL, ever since being on homeopathy!
Anyway, I won't go into all the details about all the things I've tried for my acne and herpes, but homeopathy has been the best thing for both I've used! I even went to a naturapathic doctor and had injections in my genitals! That's how extreme I got! I even took gross tasting herbal powders from an acupuncturist for my herpes. It did help, but I had to drink it every 4 hours or the symptoms would come back! No lie! I've been trying SO many things! I'm just trying to help others out there from trying all the things that didn't work and go straight to what DOES work...homeopathy!

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Re: Homeopathy to treat Herpes

Ok, another update about my use of homeopathy to treat genital herpes. I recently decided to go to a new homeopath who had more experience. I felt that I was not improving as fast as I would like or could. It was hard to tell my homeopath who I had been going to for 1.4 years that I was leaving to see another homeopath. She didn't like that and tried to make me feel guilty for leaving. I had been on the same constitutional homeopathic remedy the whole time, just increasing the potency, and I didn't feel like I was as better as I should be after so long.

So to recap, I am one of the very rare types who suffers from CHRONIC genital herpes symptoms, meaning everyday since I contracted it, about 7 years now. It's absolutely horrible! The symptoms rise and fall during the day, with evenings being the worst. Basically, the symptoms get worse and worse as evening changes to night. I've tried everything I can get my hands on that was recommended on this site by others, and they either aggravated my symptoms or just helped relieve the current outbreak. But nothing prevented future outbreaks, which was my problem since I would just go from one outbreak to the next, with no single day clear of all symptoms: itching, burning, soreness and possible eruptions like bumps, redness, lesions and sores.

I have been going to my new homeopath, who has a doctorate degree from South Africa in homeopathy, and more than 20 years of knowledge acquired, for about 2 months. She put me on one remedy for a few weeks, and I really didn't notice it was working. You have to really try to listen to your body and see if there's any improvement, which can be hard for some illnesses that tend to come and go and get worse and better from week to week on their own. So it can be difficult to tell if it's better due to the remedy or just the natural course of the illness. For me, since I have symptoms every day, I think it's a little easier to tell. However, my original homeopath did improve my symptoms greatly, but my goal is to not have ANY symptoms for weeks or months at a time and then hopefully never again! That is why I decided to see a new homeopath. So the first remedy I saw virtually no improvement. Now I've been on a second remedy for 2.5 weeks and am DEFINITELY SEEING IMPROVEMENTS ALREADY! I swear there are hours in the day where I don't feel any symptoms! I am still feeling some symptoms in the evenings and night, but they are less intense as well. I am taking 1M of Sepia. I don't want others to just rush out and take Sepia though without seeing a homeopath because there are several remedies in homeopath used to treat herpes, but they won't all work for you. You have to find the right remedy that matches your overall constitution: your mental, physical and emotional symptom picture. Also, for some people starting at such a high potency might make symptoms worse at first, if you are a sensitive person. You need an experienced homeopath who can figure out what is the best potency and how often you should take it. I take a dose of the the pellets under my tongue about every 3 days, based on when I feel my symptoms are getting worse again. Sepia is great for women with hormonal problems. You can search on the Internet to read about the profile of someone who needs Sepia, if you want to try to self medicate. Homeopathy is generally very gentle with little side-effects, but it can still cause old symptoms to emerge which can frighten some people. But old symptoms returning can actually be a good sign that this is the right remedy for you. It just means you should wait a while before taking another dose. It signifies a healing process is going on in your body. Or you might just feel like your herpes outbreak feels better or goes away quicker by using the remedy. I started off by taking the 1M once/day for 3 days in a row as directed by my homeopath, and then take it as needed.

I'd love to hear comments or questions. Has anyone else used homeopathy for their herpes or any other illness and seen good results?

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Re: Homeopathy to treat Herpes

It's great you found something that works for you. I don't believe in homeopathic medicines, though I have found over time symptoms and outbreaks greatly decrease and even cease for long periods of time. A healthy diet and lifestyle with the right vitamins and supplements can work for many people as well. Everyone is so different, that different things will work for different people.

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Re: Homeopathy to treat Herpes

have u tried Cimetidine in the past?

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