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Herpes is doing more to me than outbreaks

Don't know which I have, oral or genital. I break out on my lip & also get a hard bump in my genital area. I have tested positive for it though.

Throughout the course of having this, everytime I'd break out, I'd get really run down. Doctor thought I was full it like this can't do anything to cause symptoms other than the pain/tingling involved with the sores.

I kept getting recurring outbreaks. Like every 4 to 6 weeks. They finally gave me an anti-viral, Acyclovir, and I was 15 mths before I had another outbreak, first oral, and then genital bump a couple of times including right now.

My paresthesia, (my neuro said was my autoimmune disease attacking my nerves), went insane recently (stabbing tinging pains widespread). I deal with it daily but it went into a serious flare.

Went through my meds and found I had one Acyclovir left, took it and unbelievable how much the paresthesia calmed down.. Which leads me to think I have neuralgia from having HSV.

Doctors claim it won't do anything, but what happens when it attacks your body continuously. I went a long time and didn't get treatment.

I have symptoms of MS, some symptoms of dementia. Found a website that says this virus can cause MS and Alzheimer's. Seriously? WOW!

Why would I keep getting outbreaks? Because my immune system is messed up??

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Re: Herpes is doing more to me than outbreaks

I have hsv 1 for 9 years. ive had constant outbreaks all that time but i wasnt overly concerned because it was on my tongue and no one could see it. ive been celibate and date less the whole time i had it. Personal choice. i just didnt want to have that conversation with a date and i was very busy with my Autistic son. Well anyway i had oral sex with the person who infected me (thinking he gave it to me already it cant get worst then it was). WRONG. I got the worst outbreaks ever. Even when i first got it it was on the tongue and a slight red at the lips but no one but me would notice. this was different i had it all around the mouth bright red. It was on my gums, my chin causing sinus problems and ear aches. Even when i wasnt having outbreaks i would feel it burning and tingling on my face this went on for 4 months.I tried many things. I hit the internet to research.Finally i found probiotics.
Not all probiotics are created equal or are effective. You have to pay attention to the amount of cfu (colony forming unitis of good bacteria in the product). It needs to be a theruputic dose not a maitnence dose.
Maitnence is what you do when your body has good balance and you want to keep it that way so you take doses of 10-25 billion cfu a day (a good maitnence product is Integrative probiotic pearls advantage 5 billion cfu guarentee delivery $ 50 dollars for 60 capsules which can be one to two month supply at 1 or 2 times a day doses no refrigeration needed Keep in mind the body has trillions of bacteria in it good and bad so even though billions sound like a lot its not really. it needs to be high numbers to be effective.
Thereputic doses are needed for out breaks. This when you have a immune suppressing condition and need something to unsuppress your immune system.(signs of these are herpes outbreaks, allergies, sinus, acne colds, yeast infections, vaginosis constipation, a white tongue, diarea). look at your tongue is it more white then pink? that white is the bad bacteria over running your body. 70% of our immune system is in the gut. The gut is also where most of the bacteria lives both good and bad. We need good bacteria it helps the immune system and keeps bad bacteria in check. That is why antibiotic are bad. they kill all bacteria good and bad then the unbalance allows bad bacteria to over populate. bad bacteria eats your vitamins and sap your energy, cause bad breath and weight gain/loss and depletes the immune system.The bad bacteria over runs the good bacteria and the body spends more time fighting effects of bad bacteria and doesnt have time to help fight the other conditions so you need to replenish the good bacteria. A therapuetic dose is a minimum of 25 billion cfu 2 times a day(although for me 50 billion twice a day is what worked or 100 billion cfu once at night worked ( vsl3 is the name of one good probiotic it has 112 billion cfu it needs to be refrigerated and is shipped in a refrigerated delivery truck fed ex $50 for 2 month supply buy from to make sure its refrigerated properly or theralac probiotic 50 billion cfu be careful that your supplier for theralac has it refrigerated although it can be out for 7 days b4 bacteria dies this is $30 for 30 capsules). If your out breaks are really severe vsl3 is for you their products range from 112 billion ($50 for 60 capsules) and go as high as 450 billion if you are willing to pay the price for it which I think its $86 for the 450 billion product.
Second thing You need to pay attention to wether the company guarenttees the cfu to time of manufacture or guarentees delivery to stomach.Integrative therapuetics, theralac and vsl3 all guarentee delivery to gut as long as product hasnt expired (integrative therapuetics probiotic pearlsadvantage 5 billion doesnt need refrigeration) ( i started out taking 5 of the integrative pearls advantage at night and 5 capsules in morning not wanting to worry about refrigeration but it got to expensive so ordering vsl3 from is better and ultimately cheaper)integrative theraputics advantage, theralac and vsl3 guarentee to the gut vsl 3 and theralac need refrigeration). what ever product you choose wether you take my recommendations or not has to guareentee deliverie to the stomach at least to expiration date. Also please be advised that even though a product is made by the same company not all formulas are the same or come with the same guarentees so read the labels. So there are many different types of integrative pearl probiotic made by that company but different formulas do different things guarentees different cfu etc. Get the specific one I mentioned. Hours and hours of research and buying the right products has resulted in no out breaks for me. Also pay attention to wether or not product needs refrigeration if you buy it on line and they dont deliver product in a refrigerated truck then the bacteria can die if refrigeration was needed and you waste money, or if you buy from a store and its on shelf and not refrigerated you are wasting money (although not all brands need to be refrigerated. There are cheaper brands that will say 1 billion cfu and say they guarentee some of the billion will get to the gut but the brands i mentioned guarentee all the bacteria will get to the gut(example enzamatic pearls 1 billion and enzamatic elite pearls 5 billion $20 for 30 on these are better then most but they say they deliver more bacteria then most brands but doesnt say how much will be delivered so cheaper doesnt mean better and labels will seem to be the same but the wording of the guarentee will be different. After using the sugguested products I felt a difference in 1 day whereas m 4 or 5 areas would tingle i only felt it in one area.After day two my out breaks were healing, after day 4 no more tingling no more new out breaks. I had a few risidual outbreaks that had been trying to show up for a while but that was supposed to happen the virus has a process it has to go through. tingling, eruption crusting and healing. So those few had been tingling prior to probiotics. After constant out breaks for 4 months it has finally stopped thanks to probiotics. I havent had a out break since not even the ones i used to have that was just on my tongue and i had that every day for 9 years. therapuetic dose has to be done 30-60 days then you can go down to maitnence or try to go without probiotics if you acheived proper balance. So what works temporarily in the meanwhile? While you are waiting for delivery or trying to get toghether the money for probiotics? lets face facts $50 for a two month supply of a 112 billion vsl3 could get expensive. plain yogurt as a topical treatment. as soon as you feel tingling put a generous amount on the area that is tingling. it will stop almost immediatly. the downside? it looks weird. Not all yogurt is created equal. and peach, or pianapple or apple flavors to eat (these fruits have more lysine the arginine. Arginine feeds the virus, lysine depletes it). The best brands for people with cold sores/herpes are fage, chobany, and baby or toddler stoneyfield. These are healthier for a few reasons. No artificial sweetners, no gelatin (causes outbreaks) , offers more live active cultures (good bacteria)at least 4-7 strains then other brands, no fructose syrup, or high frutose corn syrup (also causes outbreaks). The down side? they are not as sweet as other yogurts and cost more like $1.79 for one but are way healthier (my favorite healthier brand is fage fruyo pinapple (taste closest to dannon which is my favorite brand but not at all healthy with all the junk in it)or cobanny apple cinnamon both are greek yogurts). Basically yogurt is high in lisyne even without fruit, it has alot of good bacteria so when you are putting it on your face you are applying lysine and good bacteria right at the sorce of the problem. As soon as you feel that tingle put that yogurt on the site of tingle and eat that yogurt. It helped me while i was waiting for my probiotic delivery. I put it all over my lips like i was spreading mayo on a sandwich and went to sleep with it on my face..Good luck hope it helps.Last two peices of advise that tooth brush can be a kiss of death. You could be reinfecting your self every time you brush. after brushing wash tooth brush in antibacterial soap then put it in a cup of peroxide for at least 45 min to kill any virus remaining on the brush. make sure the brush part is completly covered by peroxide.Change to sensodyne pronamel tooth paste. Common tooth paste has sls in it which is what makes the froth when you brush. that is soap. it makes the gums sensative there fore making you suceptable to canker sores, mouth sores, herpes in the cheeks, gums, chin. any brand with out sls is fine had 2 or 3 brands but sensodyne proenamel was easy to get in supermarket .

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Re: Herpes is doing more to me than outbreaks

I had MS long before I ever had HSV. The HSV virus does not cause MS.

You may keep getting outbreaks because of your diet and your stress level, both of which will also effect your immune system.

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Re: Herpes is doing more to me than outbreaks

I took priobiotic a while back to stop diarrhea. It helped, and my immune system does not need something to unsupress it, I take prednisone to try to do the exact opposite but I had these recurring like that before the prednisone.

Thanks, maybe it doesn't.

I don't know what would trigger it, the only thing I've noticed is if I am up all night, and get really run down and fatigued.

I do believe it's messing with my nerves. Asking my neuro for long term treatment with an antiviral tomorrow to see if it helps. No harm in trying.

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