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illmakeit HB User
high cholesterol sometimes means thyroid problems

According to the National Cholesterol Education Program (never heard of this) hypothyroidism is the most common secondary cause of high cholesterol after diet. Interesting!!

This came from an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution newspaper from January 16. I don't always believe the newspaper but had read it elsewhere and since I had that experience, also see others the same on the thyroid board, think it is a truth.
In the article they mentioned when the body's metabolism starts to slow down the liver's ability to process blood slows down. This was said by Dr. Paul Jellinger who is president of the American College of Endocrinology.

"The sponge-like activity of the liver to soak up excess cholesterol from the blood doesn't work as well as it should with low levels of thyroid," Jellinger said.

This increases the risk for heart disease since it causes an increased risk of cholesterol build-up in the arteries and around the heart.

They say that 90% of people with hypothyroidism have increased cholesterol of 30-50% higher than it should be. Could your thyroid be causing your high cholesterol? I think it is mine.

IF you decide to have your thyroid checked to rule it out, be sure they do not just check the TSH - but also the FREE T4, FREET3, and anitbodies in case it is hashimoto's or Graves. BTW, TSH guidelines changed about 2 years ago but some docs still go by the old ones. Your TSH should be no higher than 3.04 - and some think no higher than 2. The NEW guidelines are from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

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Re: high cholesterol sometimes means thyroid problems

ALSO just got a reply while talking about this on the thyroid board.
Originally Posted by midwest1
I have no intention of defending Big Pharma's reputation here, but to be fair... The prescribing information for physicians of every statin brand does connect hypoT and high cholesterol. It even states that testing for hypoT must be done before a statin is prescribed.
That's what gets my goat the most! My former PCP kept pushing that poison in my face at the very same time he refused my request for a TSH test!

Every MD who accepts the kickbacks that these companies offer for Rx'ing their statins risks losing money if he would ~
a) acknowledge that hypoT is the second leading cause of high cholesterol
b) test their patients routinely for hypoT upon finding elevated LDL levels.

Since the kickback system is so widespread, and since the majority of MDs profit from the huge growth of the population taking this stuff, is there any wonder why it's all kept so hush-hush?
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JaneM HB User
Re: high cholesterol sometimes means thyroid problems

The connection between thyroid and cholesterol is an old one, although today many doctors either aren't aware of it or choose to ignore it. I've read that during the first half of the 20th century, if you were diagnosed with high cholesterol, you were given thyroid to lower it.

Doctors saw that high cholesterol was an indication that there was an underlying problem. With the invention of cholesterol-lowering drugs, I wonder if most times they're treating the symptoms rather than treating the disease. It bothers me thinking that cholesterol may be a signal to us that something is wrong, but instead of digging deeper to find what that may be, we are given medication to bring down the numbers. However, I don't have have an "MD" behind my name, so that is just my feeling.

Borderline cholesterol was a signal that I was hypothyroid. When I am on the correct dose of Synthroid, my cholesterol numbers are in line. However, it is easy for some of us with hypothyroidism to experience fluctuations in thyroid function. It makes sense to me to follow a diet that is purported to keep cholesterol in line for those times of fluctuations. It's healthier, so it just makes sense. Also, since I cannot be sure how the thyroid and cholesterol connect, following a good cholesterol diet might in some way help my thyroid.

I always try to persuade anyone just diagnosed with high cholesterol to get appropriate thyroid tests. Many doctors only want to test TSH, and I know many thyroid conditions are missed because of that. I have a friend who has perfect TSH but high antibodies, and it took forever for doctors to test for antibodies and then finally admit that she was, indeed, hypothyroid.

Old 04-04-2006, 08:50 AM   #4
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illmakeit HB User
Re: high cholesterol sometimes means thyroid problems

This is a quote from the thyroid board dicussing high cholesterol today:
Originally Posted by SHMILY
My cholesterol was up when my thyroid was very low..............think it was around 220. After taking increased med for just a few weeks it was down to about 195.

I thought this was very interesting..........I listened to a cassette tape on nutrition by a doctor. He said that alzheimers was a "doctor induced disease." His theory was this. He said that the brain was made up (a large %) of cholesterol and that so many doctors were excessively prescribing statins, (which had not been proven to increase you life span). He said the statins pull too much cholesterol from the brain and that this was the main cause of alzheimers. I don't know if this is true, but it sure makes sense to me. Not too many yrs. ago you didn't hear of alzheimers.

Scientific reports and doctors of nutrition are already beginning to say that cholesterol is not the main culprit of blocked arteries. They are talking more about inflamation in arteries and other things that cause them to get lesions that then cause then to be narrowed and that is when they get blocked. Look up Dr. Reginal Cherry's website. I might not have described this theory exactly as I remember reading but this is very interesting, like all the yrs. people suffered from ulcers and then they found out it was caused by a virus, I believe that's correct.
I find it interesting - haven't check it out yet.
"I'll make it"
Jewel TT 1/26/06 -Levothyroxine 75-88

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