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Old 10-22-2012, 11:43 PM   #16
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JeffUK HB UserJeffUK HB UserJeffUK HB UserJeffUK HB User
Re: Atenol

It's lovely to read your feedback and for taking the trouble which will help reassure people going through what you have gone through.,

I'm very envious of your BP readings - particularly as you get such a good reading at your doctors - something I have never been able to achieve.

I very much agree about taking things into your own hands. It's really important to understand as much as possible. For example the origins of "140/90" and where most of the research comes from, who pays for it and how selectively that research is presented. You need to make decisions for yourself based on the best information you have rather than simply do unquestioningly what a doctor during a short consultation tells you.

When you think of how you felt a short while ago compared to now it is really great to hear.

Good luck.

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Old 10-28-2012, 04:57 PM   #17
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Boy252 HB User
Re: Atenol

Hi Jeffuk and everyone on this site. I have now been almost 3 weeks off Atenol and generally feeling good. BP and Heart rate is stable and i feel a hell of a lot better. I got some palpitations today and have had a strange mild electric shock like feeling around the chest over the heart area very briefly once or twice since yesterday which has got me a bit concerned. I know my lipid numbers are very good. If i had a few bad days food wise before now i eat very healthy exercise and generally try and eat very good and healthy all the time. I am wondering could the palpitations and the strange feeling i described be linked to the withdrawal of Atenol as the heart tries to find its normal rythem and speed etc or could be something more which i should investigate with a cardiologist. Appreciate your feedback when possible.

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Old 12-07-2012, 05:12 PM   #18
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MX6guy HB User
Re: Atenol

If I had BP 130/90 i would be happy, mine is usually 155/100 when i first walk in then settles to 140/92 after 5 min. Sometimes, its as high as 180/105 after a salty meal and a hard day !

I take 25mg of Atenolol because i have a lot of (PVC's) skipped beats (some days 1 out of every 10) Atenolol isn't a cure but softens then beat so they don't hurt as much. (they hurt in the neck because blood of forced backwards up the vein)

Do you have a fluttering feeling across your chest ?

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Old 12-11-2012, 11:33 PM   #19
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Location: Nadi Fiji
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Boy252 HB User
Re: Atenol

Hello everyone. I just thought i fill everyone in on my progress so far. I am now off the Atenolol for close to 2 months and i can say that i may have finally gotten rid of the side effects in general. I still have a bit of speech difficulty on and off which is a side effect of this drug however all other issues have gone. I am now in control of my BP and my average numbers have gone down to 125/80 with rare spikes up to 140/90 when i am angry or mentally stressed but this comes down within a few minutes of resting, and sometimes in the morning i get as low as 118/75. My resting heart rate is now 56 average however it does climb to the low 80's after a heavy meal. Here is what i have done. I used to weigh 151kg. Even considering a height of 6ft 3 inchs it simply was too much. Over the last 2 months i have lost about 10 kg. I now plan to loose about 20 kg next year and another 20kg the following year essentially getting to about 100kg before my 42nd birthday. I am loosing weight the right way by healthy eating and exercise. I walk vigorously for up to 1hr a day and climb up as many hills as i can find as many times as i can. I am taking no medication or supplements except 1200mg of Fish Oil a day. I try and keep myself busy and active all day although i run a fairly large company and my job is usually behind the desk i now even join the boys when emptying shipping containers as this helps me sweat and that gets rid of a lot of salt from the body. I have not become obsessive about salt but i keep a close eye on it and have simply started avoiding things like takeaway Chinese food, fast food and anything that comes out of a packet or Tin. I also drink a couple of glasses of red wine everyday and a lot of water and light red tea as this helps me stay calm. I stopped caffeinated coffee and smoking 4 months ago. When i want a coffee i opt for decaff. I believe i can control my BP like this for a long time and will not need drugs as i feel much much better and healthier then before. I am writing this so that any one reading this can see that their is light at the end of the tunnel if you are willing to work for it. Making changes in your lifestyle can help one avoid drugs like Atenolol and for those who have been on this drug and have stopped let me say that whatever you are going through will pass and their are better days ahead. Lifestyle changes while initially hard become a way of life in a few short weeks and the good thing is that making these changes to control BP also helps you avoid so many other lifestyle diseases. I hope some one can learn from my experience and make changes in their life for the better. We all have loved ones and we owe it to them to keep ourselves healthy. Good Luck all and thank you for all your support.

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Old 12-12-2012, 03:41 PM   #20
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atengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB Useratengnr HB User
Re: Atenol

Palpitations could be from beta blocker withdrawal, sure. Cant say that for sure, but it can be the cause. Ever have palpitations before being on a beta blocker?

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