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1st visit to the endocrinologist

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Old 09-19-2009, 07:48 PM   #1
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1st visit to the endocrinologist

Hi, I am 22 and have not had a period for 8 months and I have been gaining weight rapidly 26 pounds since mayand have also had bad fatigue. My GP set me up with a reproductive endocrinologist based on my some labs she did, the only thing she told me about the blood work was that my testosterone was too high. My appointment with the RE is in two weeks. What should I expect? Just a consult? Blood work? pelvic exam? any information that I should keep track of? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Re: 1st visit to the endocrinologist

My doctor is an endocrinologist and i am a lot younger than you, but every time I go to her they do blood work and just the usual checkup and like you said possibly a pelvic examine. but with you they might do more...not sure lol.
i would keep track of what they say and remember some specific details of what you eat, do in the day

since its an endocrinologist, they might feel your thyroid because its possible you have hypothyroidism which would explain they weight gain, fatigue and the endocrinologist

i have hypo and you know thats usually what my endocrinologist does

Ooh sorry if my message didnt make sense lol

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Re: 1st visit to the endocrinologist

High testosterone and menstrual issues are common with thyroid problems. Once medicated, the testosterone self balances.

Your doctor or the Endo should be checking your entire thyroid panel eg: TSH, Free T3, Free T4 and Thyroid Antibodies to check for auto immune thyroid disease such as Hashimoto's or Graves. Thyroid and any other form of hormone testing should be done first thing in the morning and no later.

The tiredness can be thyroid related but can also be due to Adrenal issues, where your adrenals produce either too much or not enough of the hormone Cortisol. Adrenal symptoms are very much similar to thyroid symptoms. There are some good articles on the net on high/low cortisol levels, you should do a read and you will most likely identify with a lot of the symptoms. For adrenals, best test is a saliva test where you depost a small amount of saliva in a tube 4 times in a day eg: 6am, 12noon, 6pm and 10pm. This way they can see what exactly your cortisol levels are doing throughout the day.

A lot of doctors don't bother with the adrenals, but often people with adrenal issues have thyroid issues and vice versa. They tend to go hand in hand and you can't treat one without treating the other. Also if you are only on thyroid treatment, but you have an adrenal problem, the thyroid meds wont work properly unless the adrenals are addressed too.

A lot of people who have these issues also have menstrual issues, digestive issues, low ferritin or anemia, low vitamin D and some with low B12 levels. You should get these vitamins check too via a blood test which can be done any time of day.

You need to keep copies of ALL medical results and don't let doctors fob you off and say your results are within range or normal. I got spun that line for 9 years. I even saw and Endo and he ran tests and felt my neck and told me i was fine. The problem is i've never had swelling or anything else at the neck which would indicate a thyroid problem, so feeling my neck was a waste of time. He also only ever looked at my TSH results and even though my results showed i had sky high thyroid antibodies and that i had the auto immune disease back then, he told me i was ok due to my TSH not being too high.

Since joinging the healthboard i've learnt a lot and now know what to ask for and wont let anybody fob me off so easily, especially when i know i do have a problem. I'm no expert and have lots more to learn but at least i know what's what now.

Good luck with your appointment and if this doctor acts like he/she doesn't care then don't stand for it. Either demand the right tests or find another doctor as these types of health issues don't simply go away if ignored. Take care and best wishes

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Re: 1st visit to the endocrinologist

thanks for the info I've been doing some reading and I really have a feeling this is a thyroid issue, My regular doctor said the only level that was off on my blood work was my testosterone. She checked B12, TSH, progesterone, and a ton of other stuff. I never go the actual numbers. She said that she thinks it may be thyroid or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. The reason I was refered to the endo is because my regular doc said she's no expert on hormone issues and feels Id be better treated by an edno which makes sense. I don't think I have polycystic because, I have always had regular periods from age 12 and I am not significantly over weight. This all happened very suddenly. I havent had a period since january but before that they were perfectly normal, I have also maintained a healthy 125-130 pounds size 6 for the past three years and nothing has changed with my diet or exorsise yet in May at my physical I weighed 130 and at my last appointment sept 8th I weighed 156 and now I am in a size 10-12 dress size. It's so depressing I have a closet full of clothes that fit a few months ago and now I cant wear any of them what makes me more upset is I am already doing 6 hours at the gym a week, I go about an hour a day sometimes more, except weekends and it used to be enough to keep me at a normal weight now. I don't really have time in my busy life right now to do more. I have college work and a social life too so 12 hours a week in the gym is not gunna happen.

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Audrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB UserAudrey-B HB User
Re: 1st visit to the endocrinologist

Sounds like a thyroid issue to me too.

First rule, ALWAYS get a copy of your test results as a doctor simply saying blah, blah, blah is okay or within range or normal is not on. Sure it could be normal, but it might not be. So many people on these boards have been told by their doctor that such and such was normal, yet they were at the low/high end of the lab range which isn't necessarily good either. eg: a lot of people with low end B12 have been told it was fine, same goes for ferritin and Vitamin D, when in fact all these need to be at the high end of the lab range. This is why you need to have a copy of your labs so you can post your results on the healthboard and get added advice. It's also good to keep these results in a file at home as it's your medical history.

The out of the blue weight gain, higher testosterone and period problems is common with hypothyroid, but not every person gets exact same symptoms. I'm hypo and i have hashimoto's, but i hardly put on a bit of weight and i eat healthy and have a good appetite. Everyone thinks i'm hyper rather than hypothyroid.

So go see the endo and make sure the endo doesn't base it solely on your TSH as often TSH doesn't tell the full story. My TSH was never way out and doctors based my results on TSH alone and all the while i'd been suffering from hypo for 9yrs. Makes sure they check your Free T3 and Free T4, which are your thyroid hormones. Also they ought to check your Thyroid Antibodies in case you have a thyroid autoimmune disease like Hashimoto's or Graves.

PCOS is often linked to higher testosterone and thyroid. Not everyone with PCOS has the same side effects either.

I hope it all goes well with your endo appointment and make sure you get a copy of your latest labs too. I'm sure your GP will give them to you as you are entitled to them.

If the endo puts you on medication, it can take some weeks to kick in. I know you want to lose your weight fast, but you might need to be patient. Once the meds have kicked in and you are eating right and doing exercise and the weight refuses to budge, you ought to ask the endo to check your cortisol levels. Actually they ought to check your adrenal cortisol levels even before medicating you for your thyroid as often adrenal and thyroid issues go hand in hand. Adrenal issues, producing too much or not enough of the hormone cortisol, can lead to weight gain too, especially around the middle area.

Good luck with your appointment and let me know how you go.

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Re: 1st visit to the endocrinologist

Sounds like you have PCOS. Polycyctic Ovarian Syndrome.

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