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Had Gardisil and still High-risk HPV positive. questions and advice please?

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Old 04-29-2011, 08:04 PM   #1
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flwr90 HB User
Question Had Gardisil and still High-risk HPV positive. questions and advice please?

I have recently found out that I have tested positive for high-risk HPV. I had an abnormal pap and had a biopsy yesterday. They found something small (about 3mm in circumference) between 12 and 1 on my cervix. I guess I am just confused and have a lot of questions that the nurses can't seem to answer. I had the HPV shots when I was 17, before I was sexually active in any way shape or form, and have always used a condom. How did this happen to me? Should I be scared, because I am honestly terrified? I have done a lot of research on it, but I guess I feel as though I can't trust the internet and would like to talk to someone who has actually experienced what i am going through. Is it common for someone who has had the gardisil shots to still contract high-risk hpv? I mean I know it only guards against strains 16 and 18, but still. Also, is there a way for the doctor to tell me if I did contract strain 16 or 18? The nurse told me no, but I have a hard time trusting that. Is there anyway to help prevent developing cervical cancer? ( things I can do) Is my immune system shot because of the HPV or am I still semi-healthy? I do not smoke and only drink on occasion, is that a problem? Should I be worried about throat cancer? Since I am only 21, if my biopsy comes back positive for dysplasia am I bound to get cervical cancer sometime in my life and does this mean my body is having a difficult time with the virus? Should I be ashamed or embarrassed? Will I still be able to find someone to accept me for who I am and live a happy life with a family? I know those are a lot of questions, but they are running through my mind non-stop. Someone please give me something to go off of.

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Serendipity27 HB User
Re: Had Gardisil and still High-risk HPV positive. questions and advice please?


I don't think I can answer many of your questions but I just wanted to say that I am also looking for experiences in the same scenario. I also got the gardasil shots before being sexually active and just a couple weeks ago the doctor tells me my pap is abnormal and is likely caused by hpv. I have to go in for a colposcopy to find out more details in a week.

I can't wrap my head around the idea that even with protection one can still contract the hpv virus. Because of this, a large majority of people can contract hpv and never know since it rarely shows symptoms and they used protection. Also, there is no FDA-approved test for men to find out their overall hpv-status which makes it harder to prevent infection. Doctors only test women for it after they develop abnormal cells.

I would not be ashamed or embarrassed because having hpv is not a good judge of character. Like I said before, even with protection, even one time, you can contract the hpv virus (at least this is what I have been told and understand).

I told my fiance that I had an abnormal pap and it may be caused by an infection with hpv even though I also had the gardasil shot. He is being very supportive and helping me through this difficult time. The doctors have told us that even if I come back showing positive hpv results, there is not reason why I would not be able to have a healthy life and family with him, especially since any concerning results are usually treatable.

I hope this helps!

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flwr90 HB User
Re: Had Gardisil and still High-risk HPV positive. questions and advice please?


I cannot wrap my head around that specific idea either. Honestly everything you have stated are things that I have thought about constantly and am truly kind of angry about. One would think that doctors would have found a way to test men for it before coming out with a vaccination. At least that is how I feel. You make a valid point. Since men cannot be tested there is a higher chance of contracting the disease because they are not even aware they have it. I think that is what I was most upset about after i had researched the disease, myself.

I am slowly realizing there is no reason to be ashamed or embarrasses. With the support of family, and some friends, I have come to cope with the fact that it really could happen to anyone and the fact that it happened me was luck of the draw.

I am glad to hear that your fiance is understanding and supportive. That is very caring of him and he must truly love you. I suppose I am only worried that, since I am not in a relationship, finding someone to accept me rather than judge me is going to be harder. I have read comments where people state that you do not have to tell them, considering it is so common, but I do not see that as fair to them. One should always be given the choice. I did not have one.

I hope your colposcopy goes well and I thank you so much for responding. I do hope you are not tested positive for this, but it is also a relief to know I am not alone. I am sorry to say that. Please, keep me posted!!

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Serendipity27 (05-02-2011)
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Serendipity27 HB User
Re: Had Gardisil and still High-risk HPV positive. questions and advice please?

Hi Flwr,

Don't get me wrong telling my fiance was a very scary thing. Sometimes I still feel like the relationship will fall apart pending these results. He has been very supportive so far but sometimes I think it's because we have no absolution yet. He is a great guy but this is even very hard for me to handle so I wonder how it is on him.

But then I tell myself that regardless of any tests or diagnosis, relationships that don't work fail because it wasn't working out. Basically, if it's not meant to be than it's not meant to be. I sound more optimistic than I actually am because it's easier to say than to do. So yes, so far he's been very supportive and we love each other very much. But how much can love do? I'm only 23 and what if he doesn't want to deal with this?

Life is full of what-ifs and maybe situations. We just have to wait and see who will be strong enough to stick by us through the difficult parts of life as well as the easy. I think that when you meet someone you will know whether or not the person will accept you for who you are and understand that this does not change you. And if that doesn't work, who's to say it would've worked out regardless?

I hope this makes sense, I'm just blabbing today lol

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sarberrie HB Usersarberrie HB Usersarberrie HB Usersarberrie HB User
Re: Had Gardisil and still High-risk HPV positive. questions and advice please?

I opted not to have the gardasil shot, because I was questionable of the vaccination when it was brand new. Unfortunately, I ended up with HPV. I've had 2 colpo's, many paps, and most recently, cryosurgery. The cryo did not get rid of everything, I still have low grade cell changes with a low viral load present, so it's frustrating. As for things you can do, don't smoke or abuse alcohol, exercise on a regular basis, eat healthy (especially dark leafy green veggies like spinach for example), take a multivitamin that has 150% folic acid and 100% carotene as vitamin A, get enough sleep and try to keep your stress levels low. I have also been told that cactus pear jelly is very good for cervical health. They sell it on amazon and I have ordered a jar. Also, even though condoms don't fully protect, continue to use them. I have read things saying that even though partners don't ping pond the virus back and forth, having unprotected sex in a monogomous relationship can cause an increase in the viral load present. Using condoms may give your body a chance to deal with the present viral load better than continually being topped off. Lastly, even though people say you don't have to tell your partners because it's so common, I recommend saying something. I made the mistake of not telling a boyfriend about my hpv status until we were 5 months into our relationship and he broke up with me on the spot basically because "i didn't give him a choice" in getting the virus. Granted, he had been with 5-7 other women prior to me and had had unprotected sex before so chances are he was already exposed, but, it didn't change his mind on ending our relationship. I have been with my current boyfriend for just over a year, and I told him about my hpv before we were sexually active. He's very supportive and I feel good about the fact that I told him before things moved forward sexually in the relationship.

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