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xrayvison HB User
Unhappy Oral Complications. PLEASE HELP. I am desperate for advice.

Ok so this is the deal. I am a 22 year old male with hpv, the kind that causes genital warts. I have never really had any problems with the warts besides my initial out break which wasn't even that bad. I have had HPV for 2 and a half years. One day i was just looking in my mouth to notice that I have all these bumps at the base of my tounge and going down into my throat. I don't really have any kind of pain but often find my self coughing to try and clear my throat, kind of like if I had a real mild case of bronchitis. I am not weezing and have mild to no throat pain. I don't have any hoarsness or trouble with speech or breathing. I also seem to get a dry mouth and throat easy, especially when i sleep and sometimes the tip of my tounge feels dry. Idk if i burned it but i can't recall doing so. When I brush my teeth I also scrub my tounge and rinse with mouth wash. When i use the mouth wash (Listeriene) I tend to get some green gunk when i spit it out, and it turns my tounge a bit blue green for a little bit and the linning of my cheeks to turn whitish/grey. Idk if thats normal but I am so freaked out all i want to do is cry. I have had 3 physicians so far look at this. The first being a Nurse Practitioner. She sad It looked normal. Secondly I had the dermatologist look and he said He thought it was normal, and went on to say the webbing of my mouth was just a bit bigger in growth than others. Then today my dentist. I asked her to look into my mouth and give me an oral cancer screening. She didn't do anything but look at my mouth with a mirror. She says everything looks normal except seemed a bit puzzled by the bumps on the back of my tounge/throat. She basically made it seem like she had never seen anything like that and described it as a cobblestone apperance. And reffered me somewhere else. I scheduled an appointment with an ENT but can't get in till next wednesday. When I brush my teeth I also scrub my tounge and rinse with mouth wash. When i use the mouth wash (Listeriene) I tend to get some green gunk when i spit it out, and it turns my tounge a bit blue green for a little bit and the linning of my cheeks to turn whitish/grey. Idk if thats normal but I am so freaked out all i want to do is cry. It seems like I notice something new in my mouth everyday. I honestly I am heartbroken and depressed over the this issue. I am even scared to make out with my girlfriend.I am freaked out bad. I am scared to death I have oral cancer, oral warts, or even RRP. Whatever it is definately doesn't look normal. Please help me figure out what this could be. I am not asking to be diagnosed but just any advice or anything. I am so lost.

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Serenityisbliss HB User
Re: Oral Complications. PLEASE HELP. I am desperate for advice.

First thing you need to do and I'm serious about you doing this.... Deep Breath and calm down... you are fine.

#1--there are 100's of strains of HPV and about 30 types that effect the genitals.
#2--Oral Warts is Rare! soo rare that on websites it states that usually the condition is not seen unless the patient has an Immune Disease like AIDS.
#3-- Take a look in almost anyones mouth and you will see similar bumps.. You do have taste buds back there afterall. some people get what is called lie bumps, they can have a cobblestone appearance. They are harmless and go away on their own and have nothing to do with other diseases or conditions. They are not an STD.
#4--Are you a smoker? or do you have allergies? even people who don't have allergies can be annoyed by pollen or polution and get the seasonal equivalent to a smokers cough! I have the same thing right now and the pollen has been bad around me for 3 days...
#5--Don't breathe with your mouth open... You can't exactly help it when you sleep but guarentee that's the reason why you have dry mouth and throat.
#6--Is the listerine the mint kind? when you brush your teeth you loosen plaque when you use the mouthwash the dyes that give the mouthwash its color actually dyes the loose plaque. therefore when you spit you get colored plaque. Try using it before you brush.. and look at your teeth/ tongue. that's normal.
#7-- Listerine is not actually an edible product. look at the ingredients they are not exactly natural ingredients. this being said I bet tons of people have that reaction on their cheeks but never notice it. remember it kills germs and has the power to dye, it also "stings/burns"
#8--webbing of your mouth being bigger in growth... means you have bigger webbing.. everyones varies. (hands are all sizes so are fingers. so are feet and some people have long toes others short and ether can have webbed toes. some people can touch their nose with their tongue (bigger webbing) and some can't (smaller webbing)
#9-- Remember that your mouth is the fastest healing thing on your body. Your taste buds are ever changing, You constantly use it (eating, drinking, talking etc..)
#10--You have been to multiple doctors and everyone says your mouth looks normal. Maybe that dentist hasn't come across those "lie bumps" before, they can have a cobblestone appearance. If there was something wrong it would have enough pain to let you know. think about it.. toothache= pain. canker sore= pain. cough too much= pain (to tell you to stop)
#11--Oral warts look nasty You would know it if you had them
#12--Oral Cancer can have sores and lesions (painful), rapidly growing dark spots. Notible "those aren't supposed to be there" signs
#13--RRP It causes tumor-like lesions to grow on the larynx and, in some cases, in the trachea and lungs (usually transfered in the birthing process to an infant when passing through the birth canal, when the mother has an active outbreak of genital warts But it is Very Rare and you would already know you had it if you got it during birth)
Larynx is your vocal cords (too far down to see, you would lose your voice too)
Trachea is behind the "dimple" under your adams apple (larynx) (also too far down to see)
Lungs.... lets hope you know where those are and that they are too far down to see lol

No I did Not just diagnose you... but from all the information you gave.. everything can infact be explained.

Now take another deep breath and say "I'm OK" put a smile on your face then go sweep your girl off her feet.

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