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HPV from a swimming pool???

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Old 04-10-2001, 09:07 PM   #1
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college_dude HB User
Post HPV from a swimming pool???

Looking back, I have about decided that I contracted the HPV at a swimming pool. Last July 4th weekend, I went to a pool party at my college apartment complex swimming pool.

Several days later I developed this itching in my anal area that just would not go away. I thought at first the pool chemicals had irritated me. After about a week of enduring it, I went to see the the doc at the student health center, and he looked at it, and said he thought I had jock itch, and gave me some creme for it.

Well the creme did absolutely no good, and I went back to the same doc a week later, This time he told me that I had some hemoroids, but that was all he saw that could be causing the itching, because the redness had cleared up. He gave me some Preparation H cooling gel, and for a month or so, thought the problem had gone away. then several months later, I noticed a bump or two, that kinda itched, and though it must be the hemoroids again.

Well, I finally got the nerve to go see a proctologist about the hemoroids, and he immediately tells me that I have anal warts. The weird thing is the exact areas that were inflamed when the doc said I had "jock itch" is where the warts were.

I read that planter warts, are often spread in swimming pools because pool chemicals do not kill HPV, and the virus thrives in the moist environment. Can genital warts be spread this way too? It just seems like a weird coincidence to me that started having the itch down there after being in that pool.

On top of that, I have often wondered whether they put enough chemicals in that pool, because you can't smell the chlorine.

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Old 04-11-2001, 11:30 AM   #2
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sferg HB User

It seems like a logical conclusion to draw, that since you can pick up plantar's warts why not HPV? I've even thought about whether or not this could be picked up from having your bikini area waxed since I don't know what the aesthetician has been up to lately, or whether she may be a unknowing carrier.
This is very complex and frustrates the hell out of me.

Old 04-11-2001, 08:31 PM   #3
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Snuggles2u HB User

I see no reason in driving yourself crazy with trying to figure out how you got HPV. All that matters now if that you have it and that you have to learn to live with it. Going over it in your head trying to figure out how you got it is not going to make it go away.
And I have read that the only way to get it is thought skin-to-skin contact or by using a sex toy that someone with the virus just used, I even called the CDC help line and they said that’s the only way you can get it. Don’t be crazy you didn’t get it at the pool, unless you were messing with someone there.
If you can’t give it to someone by using the toilet how in the world would you give it to someone by using the same pool?

Old 04-11-2001, 09:54 PM   #4
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college_dude HB User

No, I wasn't messing with anyone in the pool, but I did sit on the side of it where it was wet, but I was wearing swim trunks.

Everything you read about HPV and what docs say seem to be so contradictory. I too have read that you can only get it from skin to skin contact during sex, or from sex toys, yet I have not had any sexual contact, or sex toys stuck back there where the warts are.

I have had a lot of planter warts on my feet, and warts on my hands though. The docs attribute them to the fact that I take a lot of immune suppresant drugs due to having a kidney transplant. Maybe these are the same sort of thing.

I have read several articles on the Net about people catching planter warts by from swimming pools, and gym showers. Your feet certainly don't usually come in direct contact with someone else's feet in the swimming pool, or shower, unless you are playing footsy with them LOL, So how can the HPV virus be transmitted that way? It just dosesn't make sense.

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Old 04-12-2001, 09:28 PM   #5
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Snuggles2u HB User

I understand what you are saying. The way I figure it is that different types of HPV are contracted different ways example planter warts in comparison to common warts, and genital warts. From what I have read I have come to the conclusion that the different types of HPV out there are so different, that different types are contracted a different ways.
In the book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing 2nd ed.” and I quote (pg522)
“Highly contagious, the virus that causes common warts is acquired through breaks in the skin. It may be contracted by going barefoot in a locker room or other public areas, or by using another person’s comb or hairbrush. Common warts can spread if they are picked, trimmed, bitten, or touched. Warts on the face can spread as a result of shaving. Common warts typically do not cause pain or itching…. Planter warts do not tend to spread to other parts of the body…[genital warts] are sexually transmitted and are highly contagious: because warts do not usually appear until three or more months after an individual becomes infected with the HPV that causes them, the virus can spread before the carrier is even aware that he or she has it.”

Old 04-14-2001, 01:20 PM   #6
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jordan31 HB User

i assure you..............
Skin to skin contact or sex toys are "not" the only way you can contract HPV..... We
all have done frenzied research and reading after getting this stupid virus... and the
reading is inconsistent but all the "doctors" seem to agree that it is only skin to skin
contact..... "THEY" "ARE" "WRONG"
I don't think you understand what college dude and i are experiencing when we are
told that over and over...... I am straight! there has never been a toy in my anus...
i don't stick my fingers in there.... and no sex partners have ever stuck their fingers
there... Nothing has been stuck in there... but there is HPV inside my anus...
"without" any skin to skin contact what-so-ever.......... you can read what all the
health professionals "opinions" are.... but don't believe everything you read..... but
you can faithfully read what i am writing about my experience.... because i am
being completely honest about my experience.....
a virus is fought by your immune system.... but the best way a doctor can tell me i
can get rid of this virus is to violently burn and cut the inside of my anal canal..... i
don't believe that they know everything they NEED to know.... hopefully soon.. they

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Old 04-14-2001, 05:47 PM   #7
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Join Date: Feb 2001
Location: VA , USA
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college_dude HB User

On reason I might have gotten these things is that I have a suppressed immune system due to having had a kidney transplant.

Since going on immunosuppressant drugs, I have had warts burned off of my feet, hands, legs, stomach, chest, and even my face.

I guess this just the last place I have left that I haven't gotten them.

[This message has been edited by college_dude (edited 04-14-2001).]

Old 04-14-2001, 06:16 PM   #8
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Join Date: Jan 2001
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Snuggles2u HB User

Jordan...A doctor told you that you “can get rid of this virus is to violently burn and cut the inside of my anal canal?” Your right in saying that you don’t believe doctors know every thing they need to know. Isn’t HPV incurable so how can he get rid of the virus? Do you mean the visible signs of the virus?
I understand your frustrations and I believe you and college_dude when you said you never stuck anything up you butt. Do you not have them on your penis too?
I do not believe everything I read; there are always exceptions to the rules. But you have to understand that it is possible that you contracted HPV through sexual contact and some how it got in your anal canal and that that is the only place where you have visible signs of the virus. Has a doctor ever swab (think the insert it a little into the penis. Well something like that) to test to see if you have the virus there too?

College_dude Sorry to hear you get so many warts.

Wanna know a weird place to get a wart?
I have broken out twice under one of my breast and I have no clue how I got them there. My dermatologist wants to take a biopsy of one of the warts when I break out there again (I hope I don’t break out there again). I guess that I got them there because I sweat a lot there (I’m not fat just sweat a lot hee hee) I have read that warts like moist places. Prior to breaking out there my boyfriend (got it from him) and I did not do anything with my breast and his penis.


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