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ennovy1318 01-18-2013 04:56 PM

How do I tell my next BF
I'm new here too (female.) I was diagnosed when I had a PAP smear last week. From what I've read the past week, having the warts is considered low risk. Mine is high risk. Plus we never get rid of the virus once we have it. I'm sick about it too. How do I tell my next BF, if I ever have one?

Wolfocean 01-26-2013 07:04 PM

Re: How do I tell my next BF
I was in your boat several months ago. I have HPV - with precancerous cells on my cervix. After I found out I had HPV they did a biopsy cause of the abnormal cells. I was worried that I could never and no one would ever want me because of the STI I have. But all of that is not true. It won't be easy to talk about to a new partner or even bf. Read up on sites about it so you ca have a informed talk with him. That's what I did. I read up on it when I started to talk to my now bf and I had told him how I felt diseased and no one would want me after that. Luckily he knew of HPV and some of the info that's out there. We researched it together which helped us bond as a couple. He stood by me and told me that I'm not diseased or ruined. Yes it was scary to talk about because of what society makes us think when we hear HPV but it is far worse to not tell someone and go through life alone because of something we carry in our bodies. If your future bf cares for you he will take the time to listen to you explain HPV or research it himself. He won't think you diseased or gross or anything like that and if he does he doesn't deserve you. HPV doesn't change who you are inside or out. So don't ever let anyone tell you differently. If you need to talk or anything I will try to help if I can or direct you to sites that helped me.


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