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Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

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Old 05-23-2005, 05:54 AM   #1
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KT57 HB User
Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

Hi everybody. I am 46 years old and last year I started to experience digestion problems for the first time in my life. Saw a gastro surgeon, had endoscopy and mri scan and was told there was nothing wrong. As I was not convinced I went back to my GP but she then said I needed to see a psychiatrist because I was worrying over nothing. She has now labelled me a hypochondriac.Since discovering these boards I realise that I must be perimenopausal. Have missed periods, had 2 periods in one month, basically never know when the next one is going to be. Also indigestion with lots of burping, diarrhea alternating with constipation and horrendous gas. Also noticed dry mouth recently and lots of joint and muscle pain. Sleep problems too. So why didnt my GP tell me about the perimenopause. Thank god for these boards or I feel I would be going nuts.
Love to all.

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Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

Because you should be going to a gyno for that dx. Also, some of the symptoms - the digestive problems - sound like possible gallbladder. Have you had any pain after eating fatty food?

Old 05-23-2005, 09:04 AM   #3
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LT1215 HB User
Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

Join the club.....I have had similar problems with my GP and have even asked him twice straight out if my issues could be the result of hormonal problems. I have informed him since my first visit with him last fall that my periods are irregular/skipping. He just gives me this clueless kind of glaze.

I know we can't expect our GPs to be experts in everything, but they should be able to consider everything and point us towards some possibilities. Why is it that most aren't even thinking about this, even when they have a forty-something woman coming back with various issues again and again? If our GPs are supposed to coordinate our care, shouldn't they be a little more aware of a process that every woman goes through? It appears that most of us are figuring this out on our own and finally out of desperation for answers. That is just not right.

You are not a hypochondriac......this is all very real.

Old 05-23-2005, 09:42 AM   #4
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rmc12 HB User
Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac


If you are a "hypochondriac" you have a lot of company on this board and me included!! It is not hypochondria, they are very real symptoms of perimenopause so don't feel badly as you are not alone in how you feel.


Old 05-23-2005, 09:55 AM   #5
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twanger HB User
Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

I agree with rmc. Join the club. By the time you are finished with this transition, you will feel like a hypochondriac. During this period of time in our life, our hormones are all over the place and that can cause all of the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Like you, I had every one that you described and they have lessened in the past year. Your symptoms will also level off when the hormones level off.

Old 05-23-2005, 11:06 AM   #6
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kittenlover HB User
Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

Your doctor is an idiot (pardon my language). Yes, hypochondria is usually labeled when someone is checked for what they are concerned about but they do not believe the diagnosis and CONTINUE to get it checked, checked, and re-checked. Hypochondria is not just worrying about your health.
I cannot believe that after doing all these tests AND being unable to relieve your symptoms, you then received that label. How many people are willing to suffer with nagging gastro upset? NOT many. She should have told you to seek a second opinion or at the least, TRIED to treat the symptoms (now that she felt assured there was no immenent health threat).
I would be livid...though I have no way of knowing that MY chart does not label me as such either . I agree, you are in good company here.
If you are still having symptoms, I would not let this doc scare you from trying to resolve your symptoms.

Old 05-23-2005, 02:01 PM   #7
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anita4pets HB User
Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

Dear KT57,
I am incensed and furious at your MALE Dr for diagnosing you as a hypochondriac. All you have to do is take a few moments to read this wonderful board and you will seel that peri and menopausal symptoms are real.

We just moved to a new state and I lost my wonderful female MD (who, I might add was going through peri as well). Had my first visit with the new Dr.. Basically he was clueless about menopause and gave the the Jerry Seinfeld "Good luck with that" speech. Needless to say, I am searching for a female GYN.

Until you get in the rhythm of this thing, you feel as though you may be dying on a monthly basis. I had two emergency room visits in 6 months at the onset of the worst of my symptoms. I've had brain scans, bone scans, treadmill tests, blah, blah,blah. All have indicted I am "just fine". Right, walk a mile in my peri-menopausal shoes and tell me that!

Our hormones are going crazy. Our bodies are changing and for those of us who refuse to go the synthetic hormone route, we just have to learn how to mitigate the symptoms and get on with life until we are through this walk down hormone lane.

Hang in there and do what I have been doing the last few years. When a new body strangeness starts, I head right to the Board for some comfort and reassurance that I am not losing my mind after all!

Old 05-23-2005, 04:02 PM   #8
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jacqbu HB User
Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

If it wasn't for these boards I would have went crazy. What makes me livid is when they suggest a psychiatrist. You would think these doctors would get a clue. If someone could come up with a cure for this they would be a trillionaire.
Hang in there.

Old 05-23-2005, 04:15 PM   #9
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Sissypie HB User
Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

It's very irritating that doctors want to consider every diagnosis in the book before they will even consider the obvious. Even the specialists miss the boat on coming up with peri/menopause being the cause.

It just adds frustration to an already bad situation.

Old 05-23-2005, 05:07 PM   #10
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kathyt1235 HB User
Talking Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

hi -i found this board a little bit ago and i am soooo glad to know i am not "losing it"!!!! i have the same symptoms- i am 45 yrs old never had indigestion ( till this am- the burning in the throat kind). For the past mnth- month and a half or so, i have had terrible stinky gas. i tried everything- gas -x chewables, phasex, charcole pills, cutting out foods, and now i have been relativly "gas free" for 2 days. hopefully this is the key for me- i take extra strength gas-x, the little green pill, before every meal and an occassional rollaid. right now i think the coffee i drink every morning may be causing most of the problems, i haven't had any for 3 days and boy do i crave a cup !!!! does anybody else think coffee aggravates it too??? well like i said the gas appears to be gone for now---i can put up with the indigestion and the headaches- anything is better than passing gas (ripe) in public!!!! ( extemly humilating!!)

Old 05-23-2005, 08:52 PM   #11
Senior Veteran
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rmc12 HB User
Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac


I can totally relate to the gas issue!! I am 51 and started with peri symptoms in my mid to late 40s as far as some irregular periods, closer together and shorter flow. But the gassiness and gastric issues in general cropped up last year for a few months on and off. yes, I did feel that caffeine aggravated it. Also I have to be careful with taking my vitamins with food , like at lunch or dinner and spacing it out as it seems to affect me.

This year I had the gassiness rear its ugly head again in March a bit and April. It was like I was waking up every morning with it. I do think my anxiousness over it made it worse. I was told by the dr. that when we fret it causes more acidity in our stomachs and I think it was true as it was worse when I was fretting more.

I have not had the gassiness in a few weeks and like you I am glad when it is gone!! It was not constant and I know that alot of women get it but it just to me has been the most frustrating symptom along with the anxiety.

There is a book I know I mentioned called the Pause and it goes thru each symtpom, it mentions gas and gastric issues being something a lot of women deal with. So it helps to know we are not alone.


Old 05-24-2005, 08:41 AM   #12
Join Date: May 2005
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KT57 HB User
Re: Diagnosed as a hypochondriac

Thanks for all your messages of encouragement. Its great to know that I am not alone. I have heard of the book called 'The Pause' and have ordered it today. I have had my gallbladder checked and was told I have a small polyp on it but nothing that would cause all these symptoms!! Anyway I feel a lot more hopeful after reading all your positive feedback. We all have to stick together thats for sure!

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