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Hypochondria/panic disorder: related?

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Old 06-14-2006, 01:21 PM   #1
Join Date: Jun 2006
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sweptaway76 HB User
Hypochondria/panic disorder: related?

I was just reading the thread people had written titled, "you know you have panic disorder when..." I have not laughed that hard in soo long. Not becasue they were silly but because I related to 95% of what people said and always thought I was the only one who thought these thoughts. I swear I am the biggest hypochondriac and it scares me sometimes. Any ache or pain, I swear i have a life threatening disease. And I swear it is getting worse. I am constantly looking up symptoms on the internet. Not only do I look at 1 website, i will look at 5 just to make sure all the information is similar. Is there any evidence or research that anyone knows about that relates panic disorder with being a hypochondriac? I was never like this until I started having panic attacks.

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Old 06-14-2006, 08:31 PM   #2
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tnmomofive HB User
Re: Hypochondria/panic disorder: related?

I love that thread! lol I was laughing out loud too and had to add some of my own I just knew someone could relate.So were nutty who is "normal" these days anyway lol ........As to your question I think they can relate sure.I know I dont usualy worry of being deathly ill with whatever until I feel something from anxiety or panic usualy something new ive never felt before then I wig out.I try to avoid searching the net by my symptoms now but just as you I used to do this always and id go to the 12 different sites to make sure it all matched lol.For some reason I thought by doing this I could somehow figure out for sure what was wrong with me.Of course that was rediculous thinking I was always left just as confused,or more, then before I searched.Still was sure I was about to drop dead any second.Then off to my GP to ask for all the testing.I am actualy doing pretty good lately :knock on wood:.......One of the things I do if I get a new ache or pain or weird thing now is I just breathe deep and easy and tell myself "dont you worry its just a pain or anxiety/panic" then I try to keep busy and forget about it this helps sometimes.

Old 06-15-2006, 07:10 AM   #3
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Location: Rome, NY
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sweptaway76 HB User
Re: Hypochondria/panic disorder: related?

Thanks for responding. I have been trying to not be so bad with the whole searching the internet to see if I have some kind of cancer or other terminal illness. You would think after all the tests i have had and all normal, I would be ok. Seriously, how many heart attacks, strokes and brain tumors can one have? I have lived through 2 of those in the past week. What a strange disorder this is.

Old 06-19-2006, 11:08 AM   #4
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reddoorblack HB User
Re: Hypochondria/panic disorder: related?

I constantly search the internet for things which usually sends me into a panic. That's how I found all you guys. I'm on here now because I had a panic attack about an hour ago and came here looking for the "you know you suffer from a panic disorder when..." thread to get my mind off of it. I found something that works for me. I took a benadryl (didn't have anything else). It seems to be helping.

Old 07-07-2006, 07:45 PM   #5
Janet W.
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Janet W. HB User
Cool Re: Hypochondria/panic disorder: related?

You know I have wondered that if it relates.... BUT I know the pain is real- but when I say that to the doctor she looks at me like I am a hypoc... at least that is the way I feel- but she thinks I could have FMS- fibro- which is a syndrome they are finding alot of people have- I had real pain before I started getting panic attacks- but blew everything all off- but now the pain has gotten worse mainly in my neck shoulders and lower back... It makes me miserable but I don't want to go on pain medicine, I just need to get some tests done.

Old 07-08-2006, 05:39 AM   #6
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sharon4370 HB User
Re: Hypochondria/panic disorder: related?

Yes, I read through those and was very surprised about all those who check their pulse constantly. That's me in a nutshell. I keep telling myself that it is just anxiety but that little voice says "well, it might have been anxiety all the other times but what if this is the real deal and you are ignoring something serious?" "Do I call the doctor?" "Do I go to the ER?" This is a crazy disorder but it it wonderful that we can sit back and laugh every now and again

Old 07-13-2006, 12:06 AM   #7
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daivuud HB User
Re: Hypochondria/panic disorder: related?

hello first post...this thread i simply could not pass up...i started having panic attacks about three years started at work one day out of nowhere...i suddenley felt extremley light headed and nauseated and since i've always posessed that lovley little attribute of hypochondriasis i immediatley assumed one of two things 1) stroke...2) brain tumor....this of course only amplified what i later discovered was a panic attack sending me to the doctor's office and planting in my mind that unremmiting fear we all know so well...since then i've had many...some severe some not any case i fully agree that there is a connection between these two conditions...the difficulty is in differentiating the the fear of any given illness the instigator or is the panic attack the cause in itself of these fears...i think the lines get blurred...and the frustration is you not find that despite any physician's rebuttal of your claims to disease you leave somewhat pacified only to begin questioning the diagnosis (or lack therof) all over again...and because of the uncertainty of this disorder and the manifold variables manifested from person to person any number of diseases may still be present merely undiagnosed...and it seems we can fully understand the diagnosis of panic disorder even accept it reasonably and logically and yet the moment that twitch occurs or that lightheadedness or that (insert dreaded symptom here) happens all the reason in point...last night i woke up with excruciating abdominal cramps indicating a strong need to well you know...after about five trips to the bathroom the last trip i discovered spots of blood on my stool and in the this has happened before...piles can rupture why should i fear it...this is the wonderful stupidity of bypasses all rationale and leads you straight to a full blown attack sabatoging the very organism it should be any case through lack of sleep...eating bad food too late at night and no exercise for two days these small indications of blood sent me reeling...afraid to even go to the bathroom...i stewed about it...feared it...endured a panic attack about it and finally went to my physician who told me almost word for word what my logic centre had been telling all along...and yet here's the great irony of our collective situations...the illogical somehow prevails...anyway sorry to ramble on but i hope this may be of some comfort to someone scanning the net for the latest in diseases as it has been for me reading this thread...even if the words themselves fail to cure they still may comfort...thank you everyone!

Old 07-27-2006, 07:50 PM   #8
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piperanne HB User
Re: Hypochondria/panic disorder: related?

This is HILLARIOUS! I thought "I" was the only one who did this. I too look on the internet if I get a new ache and pain. My family calls me the biggest hyperhondriac in the world. I told mom tonight I'm to embarrassed to go to the dr because they know I'm coming in with a new illness. My file is so thick.......So I decided to switch doctors and wear her out for a while. My sister calls me and says what ailment do you have today? I always have one for the day. It can be leukemia one day, going insane the next, heart probles one day and a stroke the next. It's awful! I wish I could get past this. I have to sit bac and say "You're o.k." it helps sometimes.

Old 01-30-2007, 11:19 AM   #9
vieda mcgowan
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vieda mcgowan HB User
Thumbs up Re: Hypochondria/panic disorder: related?

In response to the person suffering from chronic pain, perhaps fibro; have you tried "bikram" yoga? In April 2006 I started doing "bikram" for a severe muscle spasm that was causing migraines. I also have degenerative disc/arthritis in my neck and lower back and it has been speculated that I had fibro. The results of the yoga have been miraculous for me - besides pain management, I went from 140 lbs. to 125 lbs. without changing my eating habits (I do eat healthy foods.), went from a size 8 to size 4. I am 50 and feel the best I have felt in 15 years. My husband has known me since age 24 and thinks the changes in my body are "astonishing"! He is starting a "bikram" yoga regimen himself - I would recommend it to anyone regardless of age or physical condition. Give it a chance and try it for at least a month/3 times per week.

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