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bowel cleanse before hysterectomy? is it needed?

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Old 10-15-2005, 08:08 AM   #1
NY 1009
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bowel cleanse before hysterectomy? is it needed?

did any of you who had their hysterectomies this year have to have do a colon cleanse and have just a liquid diet the day before their surgery?

I called my doctors office to ask if I had to do a fleet enema the night before surgery. the nurse stated that the nurse at pre-op should've told me if the dr. wanted me to do it or not.
she said they probably don't do this anymore like they used to.
I disagree and am going to get out the stool that is in there because I heard that the bowels kind of freeze up just from being touched in there. that's why it takes so long for gas to pass thru or to have a they want you to before you leave the hospital.
the last time I had my tubal done and they wound up doing emergency surgery the next day because I was fillled with blood internally from hemmorahing, they literally had to take out my intestines and hold them in their hands out of my abdomen to search where the bleeding was coming from. they said it wasn't at the site they performed surgery.
I was oozing in multiple spots they said.
they even called in a blood specialtist to see if I had a bleeding problem which I didn't.
I almost died of going into shock.
my kidneys were failing. my heart and pressure were effected adn they had to put me in CCU unit for days. it was the worst time of my life. but nothing was as worst as when I went down to the regular floor and I had to eat something. the intense pain as if there was a blockage will be forever stamped in my memory banks.
I had to pull the curtain around my bed closed scrunched up into a ball with such pain that I'd cry. I tried to hide this from my room mate.
the old stool was stuck inside. it wasn't moving.
there fore trying to put food into the stomach made it worst.
I am definetly going to do a fleet where you drink this clear solution and it cleanses you. it's like having diahreeah. but at least you get squeaky clean.
if for some reason they find cancer inside on anything they touch the intestines and feel for any growths. not a good idea to have stool sitting in there which can confuse them from wondering if it's a growth from my rock hard stool.
the medication that I take makes my stool very bulcky. I sometimes take a bowel cleanser to cleanse my bowels good. it's not healthy to have stool sitting in your bowels releasing toxins into your sytem for a long period of time. If I don't have caffeine to assist me into going to the bathroom in the morning that will be sitting in there for days. I'm not allowed to have my coffee the morning of the surgery.

now that I grossed all you lovely ladies out with such vivid descriptions of my bowel habits, I would like to know the answer to my question.
did you have to prep yourselves the day before?
and if you did, why did my dr not tell me to do it?

should I have a clear liquid diet the entire day before plus drink the fleet phospho soda that they prep you with before a colonoscopy?

thanks for all your input

Linda S.

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Old 10-15-2005, 10:53 AM   #2
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Lil'Pea HB User
Re: bowel cleanse before hysterectomy? is it needed?

Hi LInda,

My doc had me do a Fleets Enema a couple hours before surgery. He told me that it lessons the chance of infection, and also makes that first post-op bowel movement alot less painful. Also, if you clean yourself out before, you won't have to go for a couple days after the surgery since you won't be eating much other than soup and such. If I were you, I'd do it. It won't hurt you either way.


Old 10-16-2005, 04:16 AM   #3
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Re: bowel cleanse before hysterectomy? is it needed?

Dear Lintek

Here in the UK they do not advise us to bowel cleanse, but then they dont say not to either !!!!

It was something that worried me a lot as I lost my mum last year to bowel cancer and my husband is also a bowel cancer survivor. I was more worried that they would find something and have to do more surgery which would have been a problem if I had not cleansed out. In the event I was OK.

What I actually ended up doing was to go on a light diet for 2 days prior and use the stuff they gave my husband for his colonoscopy. In the UK it is called Picolax. This was the early evening prior to my morning surgery the day after. My last meal was a light broth. I did however drink a couple of sports drinks as I read on the colon cancer boards on how to cope with the whole bowel cleane thing.

If you do not like the idea of bowel cleanse then I would seriously recommend that you at least take a mild laxative to ensure that you do evauate your bowels prior to surgery. The stress leading up to surgery can put a stop to regular bowel movements. This will save a lot of immediate pain straight after surgery. You must however ensure that you drink plenty of fluids so you are not dehydrated. That is important.

Good luck

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NY 1009
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Re: bowel cleanse before hysterectomy? is it needed?

I thank you both for you input on this.
do you think there's really any difference in the type of cleanser I use?
what's the difference between a fleet enema and drinking the fleet phospho soda?
they both clean out your system.

I will take your advice also on having a liquid diet all day tomorrow and not to forget to drink plenty of water. especially after the cleansing process.
I remember the day of my colonoscopy.
my blood pressure was so low due to the dehydration process.
it's such a salty substance that fleet phospho and makes one extemely thirsty. especially the morning of the surgery.
I'd really do anything not to have to go thru the discomfort of having sluggish bowels after surgery.
thanks again ladies.

my boss wants me to go into work tomorrow in the morning to train the temp who's taking my place temporarily.
I was going to go to work originally but one of the girls there said it wasn't necessary to come in and already assumed I wouldn't come in the day before surgery. I guess she thought i wanted to get things organized at home before the surgery.
I'm not making a big deal out of the surgery.
I'm not worried in the least.
as a matter of fact, the least amount of things I bring with me to the hospital the better.
I am bringing alittle fluffly down feather pillow to hold against my stomach if I cough. and I will bring my own sleeping pillow since the hospitals is so hard from the plastic or rubber covering they put over the pillow to protect it from fluids.
My significant other suprised me the other night when he got home from food shopping because he made a stop at the clothing store to suprise me with a brand new thick pink robe, fuzzy maroon colored slippers that's like putting my feet into a cloud, and a pair of lounging pants with draw string, and a night shirt that says' " he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me"
he even picked up a package with new underpanties which I needed desperatly.
he really suprised me because I thought we both agreed that I'd just use the hospital gown they give you and even the sock slippers they give you while in the hospital. I have to save every penny to go towards the bills.
but he suprised me.
he really made me feel loved and thought enough about me about what I'd feel like with new things to wear at the hospital.
he's the best.
my children are already stating how much they are going to miss me while I'm sleeping there for the few days. I told her she, (alicia, age 21) can call me anytime she wants.
she can even visit.
it's only 3 days, not a week.
she even said she'd do the cooking for the family.
she was so sweet to say that.
my son even asked me today if I was going to go out today to enjoy the outdoors before the surgery being that I'm going to be on bed rest for awhile when I get home. he's 23 yrs. old
they have no idea what surgery is like. I'll be up and about and doing my normal things before you know it.
My 16 yr. old is talking much about it. she seemed alittle worried that I needed the surgery but I told her it's nothing.
my 19 yr.old son who lives with his dad just found out the other day that I'd be having the surgery and he got nervous there for a second and didn't know what a hysterectomy was.
we were eating dinner at the time so I told him I'd explain it later and that there's nothing to worrry about.
kids are amazing for sure.
I love each one. each one is so different than the other. it amazes me.

thanks for chatting with me ladies.
and for making me feel comfortable.

linda S.

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Lil'Pea HB User
Re: bowel cleanse before hysterectomy? is it needed?

HI Linda!

Your Hubby sounds sweet like the hospital, he also surprised me with some new pj's and slippers. The pj top said "I'm out of bed, what more do you want!?" How perfect huh? lol...

You'll do just great. We are all thinking of you and I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. You'll be glad when its over and you can just focus on getting well and living pain free!


Old 10-19-2005, 01:01 AM   #6
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ktee_uk HB User
Re: bowel cleanse before hysterectomy? is it needed?

hi lintek

hope all goes well for you. You have a great family. take care in the hospital and try walking about asap as it helps relieve the gas pains.

when you get back home, do not start trying to do anything for a couple of weeks and then only light duties. definitely no bending, standing on your feet in one position for too long, and nooooooo lifting.


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