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Frustrated with heavy bleeding!

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Old 12-06-2010, 10:42 AM   #1
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48tooyoung HB User
Frustrated with heavy bleeding!

Dec 6, 2010

I'm 48 and have been cramping, bleeding, and clotting heavily since the first week of October! I've had all the standard tests; I don't have cancer, I don't have a thyroid problem, or diabetes. I don't have an iron deficiency, or high cholesterol. I'm generally healthy and have led a very active life before all of this. What I do have is a thick uterine lining as well as 3 ovarian cysts. So.. 4 weeks ago, after all the test results, my doctor put me on birth control pills for a wait and see approach. She said doing a D&C or hysterectomy was an "Old School" approach. My understanding is that the hormone is supposed to trick my body into a regular period again. Well, I've been on the pill for 5 straight weeks with no placebo week and the bleeding has only gotten worse with more cramping, bleeding, and huge clots. Last week the doctor put me on a stronger birth control pill and assured me this would stop the bleeding. Well, I'm afraid to go anywhere as I'm constantly leaking and gushing. Exercise seems to just make it worse, perhaps I just need to trust my body more?!? I'm experiencing migraines and just feel tired, yucky, and since I started this higher hormone a few days ago, very emotional....I'm very discouraged as after all this time and all these tests I am still experiencing the same problem! The doctor wants to do another ultrasound in February and go from there. This wait and see is driving me crazy! I don't know that I can continue to get up every 2 hours to change my pad every night. I went to a movie on Saturday with my husband and ended up leaking EVERYWHERE! I don't want to wear diapers to hold the blood in! I'm exhausted and frustrated!!! I want my old life back! I should be snow skiing right now!!!! UUUGGGGHHHHH!!

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ck3mills HB User
Re: Frustrated with heavy bleeding!

Sorry you are going through this. I m 46 and on January 15th, 2010 I started bleeding. In a 10 month span of time, I maybe had 3 weeks of no bleeding. I couldn't take it anymore! I, like you did not have cancer, thyroid problems or any health problems. But I couldn't go anywhere for fear of embarrassment from leakage. My dr finally suggested a D & C and Endometrial Ablation (with heat and water). This was 2 weeks ago and it so far has been the best decision I have EVER made!! Had one day of bad cramps, 1 week of light bleeding and now nothing!! It is heaven! I suggest you talk to your Dr about his/her old school views - I wish you well...

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estria HB Userestria HB Userestria HB Userestria HB User
Re: Frustrated with heavy bleeding!


A D & C might be all that is needed (ie. no endometrial ablation).

With the ablation method one has to be careful because if in future you have abnormal bleeding (let's say, for example, that once you hit menopause and stop bleeding altogether you at some point begin to have irregular bleeding) they will not be able to do an endometrial biopsy to rule out cancer. This is because an endo ablation, essentially destroys all or most of your lining so the cells cannot be tested properly by a pathologist. There is at least one woman on these boards that has experienced this (this is how I realized that indeed this is something that the docs don't tell you before the procedure).

A D & C is a short day procedure and it does not destroy your lining. It should be enough to stop the bleeding on its own and I have known many women who around the age of menopause had this heavy bleeding problem which was solved by a simple D & C. My own mother actually acquired this problem after the doctor put her on hormone replacement therapy. She began to bleed a lot and stopping the hormones did not stop the bleeding so she had to have the D & C. I myself have had irregular bleeding problems from being on the birth control pill for many years (endometrial atrophy where the lining is actually too thin and begins to bleed ... athletes sometimes also have this problem and the progesterone in the pill is too harsh so it makes things worse). Speak to your doctor about the possibility of a D & C as it may be all that you need. I am totally agreed that a hysterectomy is truly a last resort as this type of abdominal surgery comes with risks and is quite often not necessary.

Take care and I hope your problem is solved very soon so that you can get back to living your life properly again.

All the best.


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Re: Frustrated with heavy bleeding!

Tranexamic acid can help stop the bleeding - its taken oraly as capsules, it isnt a hormone, so it might well be effective where hormones arnt, or taken in combination with hormones) - might be worth asking your doctor about.

It wont help cramping, but Advil or another NSAID should help there.

i guess both of these are short term fixes while you convince your doctor to do a D&C

You should start taking iron tablets (65mg) every day to prevent anemia becoming an issue.
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Re: Frustrated with heavy bleeding!

Hello. I'm sorry you are bleeding so badly. Its scary I know. I am 46 and have always been healthy and had normal periods but this past year things have gone haywire. I have had perios so light that they were barely there and some where I thought I would hemmorage. I bleed so heavy with cramping and clots. It scares me. I have cramps like back in my teenage years. I have been up half the night with bad cramps I can't get rid of. So what do you take or do to help relieve that? I think I will end up missing work today. I can't work with this pain. I have been using biodentical progesterone creams throughout the month to help with peri symptoms. Right now I just think my body is going haywire. I have itchy flashes and I stripped everthing off of me in the night ..I was soaking wet. I am weary. So are these things you are experiencing? I hope you are finding relief. Let us know how you are. Take care!
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Old 12-13-2010, 05:14 AM   #6
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hartsdc HB User
Re: Frustrated with heavy bleeding!

BE VERY CAREFUL!! I bled like that all my life, but the bleeding got worse as I aged. It was so bad that I was sometimes "stuck" in the shower for over an hour because I was bleeding so badly. I went to the mountains..on the way down I kept falling asleep on the back of a motorcycle. I knew something was wrong. My next cycle I was so weak I couldn't walk. I went to the ER. The doc wouldn't let me leave. He told me if I fell asleep or passed out I would never wake again. My hemoglobins (sp) were only 5...death for most people. I had to have a blood transfusion, my uterus removed and intro iron. I normally lay down to recooperate when having heavy bleeding. I did this every month for YEARS. If I would have laid down this time I would have died. I don't mean to scare you, but if you are suddenly having this heaviness in bleeding don't let your hemoglobins get too low. Have you ever given thought to having your uterus removed? It changed my life, I now have my life back.

Old 12-13-2010, 11:13 AM   #7
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Re: Frustrated with heavy bleeding!

Thanks for letting me know about all this. I am keep a VERY close eye on my bleeding and energy level. I will make sure and have this delt with. I am not gonna put up with it. I hope I don't have to have a hysterectomy. I have only had a few periods this year with the heavy bleeding. It just scared me because it was so unusual. Last month I had egg sized clots. This period I have only had a couple dime sized clotty stuff. I am more just feeling more achy and cramping than I have in years. I used to have that in my 20's and then went 20 years without many cramps. Now at 46 and in perimenopause the periods seem to be changing. I will see what my doctor wants me to do. Thanks! I am so glad you are ok.
Hypothyroidism, Chronic Allergies, Acid reflux, Arthritis in jaw, Perimenopause,Panic and Anxiety disorder

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