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How do I get my baby to go longer in between feedings?

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Old 11-12-2007, 05:06 PM   #1
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Sherri-Lynne HB User
Question How do I get my baby to go longer in between feedings?

Hello mommies
Okay so I am at a loss in what to do right now. My DS is 3 months old and weight 16.5 lbs. He is a big boy. He is only breastfed. Well he likes to eat. He is eating every 2 hours. Usually when he eats I only feed him off one side. Then use the other for the next feeding. So today I tried using both sides a feeding. He will go 2.5- 3 hours without eating. But still sometimes just the 2 hours. I get 5 oz of breastmilk from each side when I pump so I am assuming that is how much he is eating. But I am not quite sure. So my question is how long does your baby go in between feedings? And how much milk should he be having at a feeding? Also how do I get him to wait for the feedings? I am concedering now switching to formula. But everytime I have tried to give him formula he will not take it. I am having a difficult time for him to take the bottle but he will. But if there is formula in it he will not eat. I don't want to switch but I don't know how to get him to go so long without eating. He is sleeping at night for 10-11 hours but still wakes up twice to eat and go back to sleep. Thanks for the help Sherri

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Old 11-12-2007, 06:42 PM   #2
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neshee HB User
Re: How do I get my baby to go longer in between feedings?

Hey Sherri! Well, to switch him to formula, you basically start with part formula, part BM. I would start with like 1/2 oz of formula and the rest BM, then after a few times, up it to 1oz, and so on and so forth until he is on formula. I had to do this with DD as well. They don't like the taste! WOW I cannot believe how big your boy is! Mine is about 13 pounds (maybe 14...) he hasn't been weighed for a few weeks. I think once you get him on formula, he will go longer in between feeds. Formula fills them up longer. Mine still wants food about every 3 hours, but will sleep (without interupption) for 8 hours at night!! I have also put Hunter on cereal...that is something for you to consider. Just some cereal and BM mixed before bed MAY help him sleep longer for you. After about a week, you can see how he is doing, then add either fruit or veggie to his cereal...Hunter has been doing this for about a month now and he LOVES it. It has really made him grow quicker and put on weight. Not that your babe needs that, really! LOL! Your milk is obviously enough for him. BUT BM doesn't stay in their tummies very long, as it is easy to digest. Good luck! Glad he is doing so well!

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LauraLu HB UserLauraLu HB User
Re: How do I get my baby to go longer in between feedings?

At his weight, he could possibly take about 7-8 oz every feeding. My ped. tells me that it goes by half of their weight (this is the number of oz). So an 8 lb baby will usually take about 4 oz every feeding.
If you want to try formula, maybe you could try mixing breast milk and formula to acclimate him to it. Maybe do a little at a time, until it's just formula. Good luck, and I wish you some rest!

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SteffiM HB User
Re: How do I get my baby to go longer in between feedings?

Sounds like he is doing great 2-3 hours between feeds is normal.

If you want to go longer, I would recommend double sided feeding and then simply DO wait three hours. He will be more hungry, therefore eat more, therefore last a bit longer next time? How long are naps? Is he on a routine?

If he is doing the 3 months growth spurt, then every two hours is okay for a while, until supply has caught up.

BTW, why use formula now? It will affect your supply and it takes weeks to get back to normal...

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mcr285 HB Usermcr285 HB User
Re: How do I get my baby to go longer in between feedings?

one thing to keep in mind is that babies are a lot more efficient at emptying your breast than a pump is.... so, it's very possible he is getting more than 5 ounces when he's eating from one side. SteffiM is right, he's probably going through that 3 month growth spurt. he'll eat every 2 hours for a few days to maybe a week, to increase your milk supply, and then he'll slow down again.

i made the mistake of trying to dictate how much time my daughter should spend on each side.... it didn't go so well! take your cues from your son. if he still acts hungry after emptying one side, then let him eat from the other side. if he doesn't finish that side, then start with that side at the next feeding....

if he's only eating twice at night, then consider yourself blessed! mine woke up every two to three hours even at night and during growth spurts, they went every hour to hour and a half! it was torture! sleep deprivation is a fairly common thing among women with babies under the age of TWO!

as far as switching to a bottle..... my first was happy with whatever bottle we offered her. my second didn't love other bottles (even flo, parent's choice, gerber.... all the cheap versions!), but did great with playtex nursers (we got the parent's choice drop in liners from walmart). i pumped and gave breast milk in the bottle. in emergencies, when i didn't have time to pump, or if i was out and forgot a breast milk bottle, i used the parent's choice formula from walmart (comparable to similac) and they both did fine on it. they both hated enfamil though. it could be that your baby just hates the taste of the particular brand of formula you're using???

oh! make sure the formula isn't expired. i couldn't figure out why my daughter hated the formula so much the first time i offered it to her (when i decided to quit nursing). she was so offended and screamed so much about it, i couldn't make her drink it and had to nurse her again that day! then later that day i read on the formula can that it should be discarded after it's been opened for so long (a week, or a month? can't remember!), and it had been opened for at least two months! so dumb! i got fresh formula and she took it just fine with the playtex nurser....

Old 11-13-2007, 03:56 PM   #6
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Sherri-Lynne HB User
Re: How do I get my baby to go longer in between feedings?

Thanks. I really don't want to start him on formula just I thought maybe there was something wrong if he was still eating every couple of hours. And I am not really sleep deprived. Last night he slept for 12 hours. He woke up twice but he just eats a little and goes back to sleep. He chugs it in 5 min. Took him to the doc today for his shots and he weighs 17lbs 10oz. I just thought I was feeding him too much because he is hungry every couple of hours. My doc wants me to give him water for one feeding instead but I refuse to do it. So I just have a big boy who likes to eat. I would just like to go without having to feed him every couple of hours. So I hope he's just going through a growth spurt. But I am going to try and breatfed until at least 6 months then start him on soilds. Thanks again Sherri

Old 11-13-2007, 08:35 PM   #7
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Location: houston, tx, usa
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mcr285 HB Usermcr285 HB User
Re: How do I get my baby to go longer in between feedings?

okay.... let's just put things into perspective here.... my daughter is almost 2 years old, and at her last appointment, she almost weighed 24 pounds. your son is three months old, and weighs just 7 pounds less? yeah, he's a healthy boy!

you can actually start him on cereals next month (some doctors say 6 months, some say 4.... i say use your good judgment!). it might help stretch out some of his feedings? that's all i can think of.... check with his doctor first though. some babies just need more to eat! especially those big healthy baby boys!

Old 11-18-2007, 10:02 AM   #8
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WarGerbil HB User
Re: How do I get my baby to go longer in between feedings?

Babies are ready for solids when they can sit up unassisted, don't have the tongue thrust reflex anymore, and are interested in what you're eating when you're eating (reaching for it, etc...). I wouldn't rush to give solids just to get longer time between feedings if the baby isn't ready for them.

I think it's wonderful that you're breastfeeding. Breastmilk is the perfect baby food and as such, their system processes it very efficiently so breastfed babies often eat more frequently than formula fed babies, but not because they aren't getting enough. If you and your son are happy and he's obviously healthy and growing well, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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