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Old 10-08-2004, 07:40 AM   #1
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Tireshred HB User
Dizziness and alcohol and sucralose.

I'm new here, but have found it very informative. My story is that I've had ear infections off and on for about 10 years (I'm 44 now and exercise everyday), but 3 weeks ago was my first bout with dizziness and lightheadedness and brain fog (I used to have a quick wit, but now I find it hard to just talk without stumbling over words). Recently, I had an angiogram due to chest pains, turned out negative. I still had the pains, which turned into anxiety, and no doc had helped, so I removed all processed foods from my diet. I slowly started to add them back, and when I had a Diet Rite, I knew what was causing it, Splenda. I've been pain free for a couple of months now (Nexium helps too), but now this. I've found my dizziness is much worse after a night where I have a drink or 2. Anyone else have this? I haven't gone to my doc yet, I just don't want to go thru more tests (this year I've had: endoscope, echo stress EKG, thallium EKG and angiogram). I researched this and I believe it's due to the ear infection I fought up until early September, but I should go see an ENT I guess, I'm hoping and praying it just goes away, but it's been almost 3 weeks. Great site by the way.

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Wowwwweeee HB User
Cool Re: Dizziness and alcohol and sucralose.

Hi Tired,

Welcome to the Boards.

Many posters may have their vertiginous symptoms for different reasons - but there are many posters on here who find that alcohol definitely exacerbates their symptoms. I don't overdo it on the refined sugars for this reason, too.

I stopped drinking alcohol solely for this reason. If you know that things like Sucralose and alcohol increase your symptoms, maybe you should refrain or at least cut down?

Going to your doctor is a good idea - just to get a medical point of view for what's going on.

If you're having symptoms from anxiety (chest pains), you may want to find a way to combat your anxious feelings. Sometimes it's easier to deal with a physical symptom (like dizziness, which is anxiety provoking in itself) if you are able to cope with it calmly. Just a thought.

Best of luck to you.

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BennyGibb HB User
Re: Dizziness and alcohol and sucralose.

Hi, and welcome..

There could be several different causes for your dizzy symptoms (including anxiety) but as it followed an ear infection then an inner disturbance is a possible cause. Avoiding alchahol (a least in the short term) could help things... The vast majority of people with inner ear symptoms recover sponteanously within several weeks (so 3 weeks is not unusual), but a few carry on having symptoms which need to be addressed (usually through stabilising the problem then providing vestibular rehabiliation therapy). If it is an inner ear problem, then the key to recovery is to keep active without overdoing things. If you are having pain or hearing loss then you should contact a doctor asap (to rule out active infection)...

I hope this helps..

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Tireshred HB User
Re: Dizziness and alcohol and sucralose.

Thanks for the replies, they did help. I haven't had Splenda since June (that's hard since so many foods have it now) and my alcohol consumption is low, but once in a while I'll have a drink or 2, then I feel terrible the next 2 days (dizzy). My chest pains are gone, and my anxiety was gone, until this dizziness started, but's it's mild compared to the anxiety I had before from the chest pains. I've found antihistimines help, but I try to only take them if the dizzys get too bad. The Splenda would make my heart race to 150bpm, my blood pressure to skyrocket, and sweat massively. I'm so glad I figured that out, and there are many people who it affects the same. Thanks again for the replies.

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studyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB User
Re: Dizziness and alcohol and sucralose.

Hi Tireshred,

I'm interested in what you say about Sucralose. I've had many questions asked to me on this at a site I manage regarding its glycemic index (which is zero). But had never heard of it causing side-effects as you describe. I wouldn't be surprised though as some animal studies showed toxicity in high doses. I"m not suggesting it caused your ear disturbance but probably a good idea to stop using these artificial sugar substitutes. Glad to hear you are attempting to limit the processed foods in your diet. Can I suggest you learn all that you can on the glycemic index and adjust your diet accordingly? I study the effects of carbs on chronic disease and following a diet based on mainly low glycemic index carbs will help to give you the results you're after.

More on Sucralose by Dr Joseph Mercola:

Splenda, also known as sucralose, is an artificial sweetener which is a chlorinated sucrose derivative. Facts about this artificial chemical:

Pre-approval research showed that sucralose caused shrunken thymus glands (up to 40% shrinkage) and enlarged liver and kidneys. The manufacturer put forth two arguments in an attempt to claim that sucralose is not toxic:

1) The dose of sucralose in the experiments was high. However, for chemicals that do not have generations of safe use, the dosage tested must be adjusted for variations in potential toxicity within the human population and between humans and rodents. In order to this, toxicologists estimate a variation of effects in the human population of 10 times. In other words, one person may not have effects until a dose of 10 mg per kg of body weight (10 mg/kg) is reached, while another person may have chronic toxicity effects at 1 mg per kg of body weight (1 mg/kg). In addition, it is well known that many chemicals are much more toxic in humans than in rodents (or even monkeys). For example, the chemicals that the sweetener aspartame breaks down into vary from 5 to 50 times more toxic in humans than in rodents. Therefore, toxicologists estimate a further 10 times the dose for differences between human and rodent toxicity for a total of 100 times.

2) In order to estimate a potential safe dose in humans, one must divide the lowest dose in given to rodents that was seen to have any negative effects on their thymus glands, liver or kidneys by 100. That dose is then known as the maximum Tolerable Daily Intake (TDI) for lifetime use. Keep in mind that the TDI is just an estimate. Some chemicals are much more than 10 times more toxic in humans than in rodents (or will cause cancer in humans in low-dose, long-term exposure and do not cause cancer in rodents at all). A person ingesting the TDI for some chemical may find that it causes cancer or immune system or neurological problems after many years or decades of use. So, if the manufacturer claims that the dose was equivalent to 50 diet sodas, then the TDI would be one half (1/2) of a diet soda, and even that dose may or may not be safe.

The manufacturer claimed that the sucralose was unpleasant for the rodents to eat in large doses. They said that starvation caused the shruken thymus glands. From the New Scientist (23 Nov 1991, pg 13).

Recent Research
A possible problem with caecal enlargement and renal mineralization has been seen in post approval animal research.

Sucralose Breaks Down
Despite the manufacturer's mis-statements, sucralose does break down into small amounts of 1,6-dichlorofructose, a chemical that has not been adequately tested in humans.

Independent, Long-Term Human Research
None. Manufacturer's "100's of studies" (some of which show hazards) were clearly inadequate and do not demonstrate safety in long-term use.

Chlorinated Pesticides
The manufacturer claims that the chlorine added to sucralose is similar to the chlorine atom in the salt (NaCl) molecule. That is not the case. Sucralose may be more like ingesting tiny amounts of chlorinated pesticides, but we will never know without long-term, independent human research.

While it is unlikely that sucralose is as toxic as the poisoning people are experiencing from Monsanto's aspartame, it is clear from the hazards seen in pre-approval research and from its chemical structure that years or decades of use may contribute to serious chronic immunological or neurological disorders.

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Old 10-11-2004, 07:46 AM   #6
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Tireshred HB User
Re: Dizziness and alcohol and sucralose.

Thanks for the advice on low glycemic index carbs. I've googled it and am intrigued.
My sucralose experience started when I tried to limit my sugar intake over a year ago. I used it in place of sugar and within weeks was depressed, had heart palpitations, and high blood pressure. 20 minutes after eating Splenda, I would have a major attack (racing heart to 150bpm, sweating, severe chest pains, blood pressure to 160/110), which lead to panic, since no one knew what was causing it. After I figured it out, I've had 2 more attacks because I missed sucralose on the label of 1: Bread 2: Pasta. This stuff is in a bunch of different foods, with more on the way. I now read all labels twice and then again before eating. Sucralose looks too much like sucrose on a label with #2 font. But I knew after having these last attacks and then seeing the food I consumed had Splenda, it wasn't just in my head. And I've chatted with dozens of people who had the same or worse reactions. One guy in NJ had gone all over the country to specialists who diagnosed him with anything from N.A.S.H. to allergies, but he did the same thing I did and figured it out on his own. He said it took a year to completely get over it, I think that's about right as I'm about 4 months away from Splenda and feel a bit better every day. My BP is back to below 120/80 and my resting heartrate is back to 70-75bpm. But oh what an evil trip it was! My beautiful wife of 27 years stuck with me, and without her support, I may not have figured it out. Again, thanks for the advice.

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studyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB Userstudyin HB User
Re: Dizziness and alcohol and sucralose.

Hi TS,

Glad you've found the GI concept useful and you're off the sucralose. I haven't seen it in Australia yet but the low-carb Atkins craze going on in the US at the moment is causing companies to come up with new sugar alternatives, and sucralose is one of them. There are a number of good books out on the GI. It's good sound science. You can ask me a Q on any of it if you like should you not understand something about it.


Old 10-19-2004, 09:09 AM   #8
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Tireshred HB User
Re: Dizziness and alcohol and sucralose.

I broke down and went to my GP yesterday. Doc said my left ear is infected and pink, but my right is glowing red, the ear drum is sunken which signifies inner ear infection and my glands are swollen. I told him I've had vertigo, dizziness and lightheadedness which makes my thought process very slow and retarded. He said no doubt and gave me Augmentin and Zyrtec. I hope I feel better soon.

I had a martini Sunday night to no worse ill effects. Maybe if I use moderation, yea, that's the ticket...

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