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Old 07-24-2005, 02:53 AM   #1
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chat2brooke HB User
can anyone help

hi i hope someone can help me. I'm not sure if i have an inner ear problem or not because everyone seems to describe there symptoms as dizzy whereas i feel like i'm on the deck of a boat or drunk (but not). i've been suffering with this for almost a year and it really gets me down. My doctor has given me vertigo tablets which haven't worked and has recommeded seeing a neurologist. I suffer with this 24/7, some days are better than others. I also feel detatched from the world which is v.upsetting. I now find the most simple things confusing such as shopping or reading. I can't stand buzy places it makes me feel worse. I'm desperate to talk to someone who has had or does have the same sort of problem. I also had my son at the same time as these symptoms started. he was born by c-section as i had a raised temperature and the Dr's thought that as my waters had been broken over 12hr's that i may have caught a infection. i had all sort of drug such as diamorphine(which totally knocked me for six) epidural, gas and air and antibiotics. So i wondered if this could have had any connection as i didn't have this problem prior to having my son. Please can anyone help?

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tooobuzi HB User
Re: can anyone help

Are you having any other types of symptoms? Do you get headaches? Have you been prone to headaches in the past? What types of tests have you had done?

When it comes to dizziness alone it could be sooooo many things it is unbelievable! I had the type of dizziness you described for a year and a half before I was finally dx with vestibular migraines.

I strongly suggest that you get to a neuro and get tested, they may refer you out ot an ENT for some inner ear tests.

I hope you feel better soon.

Old 07-24-2005, 06:32 AM   #3
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chat2brooke HB User
Re: can anyone help

yes i do get headaches now and again and i get pressure in my head as well and alot of brain fog. I used to suffer from migrains when i was a child and had to take medicine daily. But i don't remember feeling like the way i do now back then. i've had tests done at the hospital on balance, hearing and eyesight(i had to wear some funny goggles and watch a red light) but all came back normal. I'm only 24 and i'm finding it very disheartening to read some peoples testimonials who have had similar symptoms for years. There seems to be no hope!
Has anyone recovered fully?
Are you on any medication now to help with the symptoms and do you feel any better for it?


Old 07-24-2005, 06:47 AM   #4
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hbep HB Userhbep HB Userhbep HB User
Re: can anyone help


Most people on this board can relate to the symptoms you describe. The sensation of being on a boat is described as vertigo. A lot of people on this board have one of two diagnosies (although there are others but they tend not to present in the way you describe.) One of them is vestibular neuritis (also called labyrinthitis when it includes hearing loss) - damage to one or both of the balance nerves often caused by a virus. The other is migraine associated vertigo. This is a form of migraine that presents as vertigo and/or dizziness. I would strongly suspect from what you say that hormonal fluctuations after the birth of your child may have triggered a childhood migraine problem that is now presenting in a different way. People are either seen by specialists called neurotologists (different from a neurologist) they are super specialists in the field of dizziness. People with MAV are often either seen by a neurotologist or a neurologist. The suggestion you see a neurologist isn't a bad one. It would probably be a good idea totry one of the daily migraine preventatives of the type you were probably given as a child.

I would recommend you read the post by Wowwweee called 'I think I have my diagnosis' which gives a great description of this migraine associated vertigo on this healthboard. Here is the link e#

If the link doesn't work, go in to advanced search and put Wowwweee (make sure you get the spelling of her name correct or it won't work) in name search and migraine in word search and it will take you to it.

There is also an article by Robert A Battista on the net. If you do a search on the net with that name it will bring the article up.

Don't worry that people often refer to dizziness, much of the time they mean the sensation you describe - people don't always use the word vertigo. Dizziness can be a catch all term for many symptoms, ranging from feeling off/spacey and disconnected to feeling like you're on a boat and being pulled about, to a spinning feeling. People on this board often only experience one type, some all.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. If it is MAV, then people often respond extremely well to the drugs. If it is vestibular neuritis, then generally people go through a process called compensation, where the brain learns to cope with the damage to the balance nerve and slowly (it can be very slow) start to feel normal again. If you read a lot of posts on the board you will get the hang of the different conditions and explanations. Many people have felt as you do and got better.


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Old 07-25-2005, 02:38 AM   #5
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tooobuzi HB User
Re: can anyone help


Migraine does not always mean headache. A migraine can cause dizziness, tingling in different parts of your body, constipation, etc. All kinds of crazy things. The list goes on and on. I had no idea until I was seen at Johns Hopkins what a migraine really was. Migraines can be triggered by so many things and your threashold for your triggers could have been lowered when you had your child. Children naturally bring on some added stress and that in itself could have brought on some of your symptoms.

You might want to read the book that was recommended to me. It is called Heal Your Headache, The 1-2-3 Program For Taking Charge Of Your Pain. I was completely amazed at all the information it provided. One of the biggest parts of this book is that it shows you how to try to gain control of the symptoms without medication first. That is what I have done by changing my diet and cutting out medications that were actually making my symptoms worse. (BC Powder, over the counter migraine medication.) It has changed my life!! I am very rarely dizzy, the tingling in my feet is almost never there and most importantly the fatigue is gone and I can think clearly again.

I had also gone through all the balance tests, Visual field tests etc, everything was normal. Seeing how you have a history of migraines this could very well be your problem. You really need to see a specialist and make sure you let them know that you've had migraines as a child.

Fingers crossed!

Old 07-25-2005, 11:43 AM   #6
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xbombshell31x HB User
Re: can anyone help

hi all,
tooobuzi,did you have ENG in that horrible rotary chair???I have vestibular migraines but have had trouble with my ears since i was 18 due to viruses.My Results showed that i had a nystagmus to my left.I was supposed to have the caloric test but declined coz that chair made me feel like i,d just come of a ride at the fun fare.

Old 08-06-2005, 05:45 PM   #7
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tooobuzi HB User
Re: can anyone help

Yes, I had the rotary chair AND the caloric (that the one with the warm and cold air right?) The rotary chair was not treat, but the other was far worse! I had to grab on to the table because I thought I was going to fall off. All tests of course came back normal. That is when I was refered to Johns Hopkins.

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