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Wobbly eyes - nystagmus - medications???

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Old 04-30-2003, 01:25 PM   #1
Spaced out
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Question Wobbly eyes - nystagmus - medications???

Hello all my wobbly friends

It's occurred to me today - through the fog of my dizzy existence, that if I could just get rid of my wobbly vision, I would feel so much better.

I think it's the nystagmus that accompanies vestibular disorders, and I assume that I do have a vestibular disorder as I also have on and off ear pain, fullness, dizzyness, vertigo and I think my hearing is getting worse - or rather it seems worse during an episode.

Has anyone been prescribed anything that appears to help the wobbly eyes? I know that vestibular rehabilitation will help eventually - but I'm getting impatient!!

I'm just fed up with feeling drunk all the time, without having consumed the copious amounts of alcohol that normally goes with this feeling!!


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Old 05-01-2003, 03:19 PM   #2
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kippers HB User

Spaced Out

What do you mean by wobbly eyes?? I don't think i've had it, but sometimes objects shimmer in the distance? i thought nystagmus was when the eyes moved not the vision?? I really don't know.

cheers kippers

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quincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB User


What you are describing is called oscillopsia. When you have that, you see stationary things moving up and down, side to side and back and forth.

I've had BPPV (positional vertigo) for 38+ years (in my right ear). Four years ago, my left ear was also affected, although I suspect in different canal(s). At that time, my right ear, and left ear were symptomatic.

I had 3 years of almost 24/7 symptoms. The worst was 2 years ago when I felt like I was walking on a swinging bridge. Whatever, or affected my gait too. I also had "bouncing vision" know like in the movie "Traffic" where people are videotaping something while running? Awful.

Anyway,. this year has been good. I was x-rayed for sinus infection (2 years ago), found out that I had one and again the next year. After the second time and on antibiotics, my 24/7 symptoms started to clear, and I've been vertigo free for 5 months. I'm pretty much "off" everyday, but I can live with that.

Maybe some searches will help you to get more info re: this symptom.

What have you been diagnosed with?

Best to you,
It's all a matter of perspective!
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quincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB User

Hi, I forgot to add that I take one Sudafed everyday. The ones I take are 60 mg. It helps to clear the foggy brain stuff. It also keeps the eustachian tubes and sinuses open. I don't get that clicking or blocked feeling like I did. I have read somewhere that the adrenaline helps. This was after I started to take them...I think I noticed the improvement.

I also drink coffee. Maybe the buzz helps?

Anyway, I know what works for one person, certainly doesn't work for another.

I find it disheartening how many people suffer from a vestibular disorder..and don't even have a diagnosis.

I wish we were like cats. One shake of the head and everything vestibular is back to normal.

Maybe through evolution?????????
Yeah, right!

It's all a matter of perspective!
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Old 05-02-2003, 01:37 PM   #5
Spaced out
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Hi Quincy and Kippers

Thanks for replies, by wobbly eyes, I mean as Quincy says - stationary objects move up and down, side to side and sometimes spin away like with vertigo. It's been getting steadily worse this time (have been feeling bad since end Feb - although ear pain and stuffiness has got gradually better - the tinnitus and wobbly eyes has got worse)

Quincy - I've been diagnosed as having labyrinthitis - started in 1999, had it twice then, and 2nd time with ear pain and stuffy ears - so my GP referred me to ENT and about 6 months later in 2000 I had all the tests! Everything came back clear so was discharged from Outpatients! Felt Ok then apart from tinnitus and odd spin, but then wobbly eyes and ear pain came back twice last year and then this latest episode has included both ears, and is making me quite fed up as I can't get over the wobbly eyes!!

I bought some Sudafed today, as I read your message whilst at work - so I've just taken some with a glass of wine!! I do drink coffee - not loads, but I don't think I could give that up - or choccy!! I have cut out smoking - but feel absolutely nooo different! Still - I've done it now - so I'm going to stick with it! I have cut right down on alcohol too, as I already feel tipsy!

I too feel disheartened - when I first found this board a month or so ago - I felt elated. At last - I thought - a load of wobbly people just like me - who understand and we can share experiences, etc etc - buuuut - it also means there are an awful lot of us suffering these symptoms and there aren't many answers. My husband has hurt his back really badly this week. he NEVER takes time off sick - so it's REALLY bad - but he went to a Chiropractor - has an imediate diagnosis, treatment, excercises and prognosis etc - and I feel JEALOUS!!! How sad is that?

Ho hum!! Got to laugh! My colleagues at work have been great. They witnessed me have a small vertigo attack yesterday, and they could actually see it in my eyes and the colour drain from my face. I've been feeling like they must think I'm such a bore.

How have you coped having BPV for soooo long? Do you work? Do you take time off when you're bad? Do you drive??? Do you take anything else besides Sudafed, and have you ever been prescribed Serc, or Beta-histine? (I don't know if you can get it in Canada - I know it's considered a placebo in the States)

Sorry for all the questions!

Spacey xx

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quincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB Userquincy HB User

Hi Spaced out,

I know what you mean about those wobbly eyes. That was the absolute worst symptom I ever had with my BPPV. I'm thinking back, and that was when I had my sinus infection...I don't know if it's related, tho. One can also have other things along with the BPPV too. I haven't had the wobbly eyes since last summer.., and I hope I never experience that again.

I've not really checked out labyrinthitis. Is ear pain always one of the symptoms?

I'm wondering if a search of oscipillia on the Internet will come up with some treatments like exercises you can do at home. There are some eye exercises I do for BPPV and that "off" foggy feeling. It seems to work. I think also from guarding the eyes so much, the muscles don't get the everyday workout they should. I can check it out too.

You're right, there aren't many answers for the "ear" related dizzy/eye wobbly disorders. Seems there's a lot the medical profession needs to research.

There's a lot that we as humans adjust to. For me, I was 11 years old when my BPPV hit. It was called everything under the sun....but the symptoms have been the same my whole life (until the left ear came in to join in the fun). So, I've adjusted to it, but everytime it has arrived, I cry, get depressed and take the day to get readjusted.

I still drive, I have never thought about not driving. On the days I feel really bad, I don't go out. It seems to not have affected my driving. Interesting. When the oscipillia hit me that few years ago and last summer, like I said, I wouldn't go out if I was bad. Even the effort to get ready was too much. I did a lot of sitting or lying down elevated drugged on Gravol to take away the nausea.

I've never been on Serc. With BPPV, my specialist I had in 1975 (who also had it) said it wouldn't do me any good since I had to keep the brain in thinking the dizziness was normal. I agree with his philosophy, and I think my coping has been because of his attitude.

I was a sign language interpreter up until 3 years ago, and when I was dizzy 24/7..I didn't really have the mental energy it took to focus on the task when I felt so crappy.

I also have a small hairdressing business (been a hairdresser since 1973). I'm a mobile hairdresser and go to people's houses. I have done hair when I've been really dizzy. If I was really nauseous..I would only take a half Gravol to take the edge off. Always took a Sudafed to keep me "up"and "open" which seemed to help a lot.
I at least have the flexibility to cancel if I have to. Can't have that pleasure interpreting. I do miss it, but have the opportunity to use my skill on occasion.

The only day, as I said before, that I have problems with is the first day. I find that I'm over guarded and my walking isn't as sure. By day 2, I'm almost back to normal walking, moving..etc, but still somewhat guarded. I just have to be aware. I start my exercises...trying to dislodge the crystals from the part of my ear. I try different things.

I've given up going to the doctor about it because there isn't anything he/they can do. I refused to consider surgery to have the brain/ear nerve snipped. I'll stay dizzy, thankyou! Thankfully my family doctor took an x-ray of my sinuses and put me on meds.

The only time the doctor can do anything is when I'm symptomatic. There are maneuvers that can be done, but that means that the "hench wenches" at the front desk have to LET YOU GET IN. Not acceptable when the only appointment is in two weeks. BPPV is spontaneous in its arrival and departure. So, I say (well, I can't really say it here)...the heck with the doctors, since I've lived with it for 38 years, I think I know more about it than they. If it changes in any way that is different or abnormal, I will seek ANOTHER doctor out. I don't think I can deal with more problems other than the myriad I'm already dealing with.

Congratulations for quitting smoking. Chocolate....NEVER, hahaha! I agree!

Does salt exacerbate the laberynthitis symptoms? I'll have to read other messages on this to get a better perspective on it.

No, you don't ask lots of questions. Besides, that's what the boards are for.

Hope tomorrow is a good day for you.

It's all a matter of perspective!
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Old 05-08-2003, 12:53 PM   #7
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Hey Quincy

Cheers for words of wisdom - I've decided that I'm going to take your philosophy that at times my world is just going to be a wobbly one - and I feel so much better already.

I think I've been getting so bogged down wanting a diagnosis, or a reason for my symptoms, that I haven't yet just accepted them.

I shall ask my ENT about some specific excercises for my eyes - I'm still doing the ones set to get me over the dizzy spells - and they have improved.

My ears have been feeling less bunged up - so that's great! I'll just take each day as it comes and if it's a wobbly one - then so be it!!

Cheers everso xxx

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